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04 Oct 2021 13:52:31
Devils Trade
3rd Round Pick 2022

Leafs Trade

New Jersey is looking to turn the corner this season, the signing of Hamilton says that, adding a true Top 2 Defenceman in Rielly, a very solid Defenceman in Holl and adding Mikheyev and Engvall as well makes them better with this trade off proposal.

Toronto is at that point do they look to trade a key piece in Rielly?
I believe because of Cap and Rielly and Mikheyev being UFAS after this season they do, and I like opening the door for both Sandin and Liljegren to play fulltime in The NHL as well as Dermott to play more mins as well, Wood would be a Great LWinger for Kampf and Kase as a 3rd line shutdown line.

Thoughts ?

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04 Oct 2021 16:11:58
Peddling UFA Rielly, who is a second pairing d-man that will want way more than he is worth in his next contract, a 3rd liner UFA Mikheyev and 2 players who would be lucky to make the Devils will not get a return like this. Once again another one sided trade.

04 Oct 2021 18:33:40
@islandjet rentals are still capable of getting a decent return. Think Stone, Foligno, Hall, etc. Reilly is in the category of players.

04 Oct 2021 19:24:04
If I'm Toronto, I thimk i'd want to rectify the Reilly situation ASAP. to lose this guy in the off season would really hurt., and I also believe trading him at the deadline would also really hurt, as Leafs are in win now mood, and he's a huge part of that team.
So, maybe trade him now, Severson would be a decent addition, deffinetley not Reilly, but better than nothing. ( i'm not sure his contract status however, but Leafs need to make sure they replace him somewhat adequately in order to make a run., so deal with it now., and make changes during the season, if moving one of the big 4 also needs to be done. well, so be it. But don't lose this guy for nothing, like Habs did with Danault. Deal with it now.

Pinball, i'm not sure this deal works, but something along these lines aren't to bad.

04 Oct 2021 19:24:07
I don't understand how this is one sided at all, Justin Holl is just a step below Severson with the same term of Contract left, Rielly is still the best player in this, and Mikheyev is on there roster for sure, Engvall I will admit might be a depth player in this proposal yet it's one sided you?
Strange way of looking at it don't you think?

04 Oct 2021 19:31:04
Ah yes Justin Holl would be lucky to make the New Jersey Devils. Of course.

04 Oct 2021 19:35:22
Foligno only got a good return because Toronto's GM always overpays.

They'd overpay Reilly too except they don't have any money left and nobody else is going to trade a whole lot for a player who's probably going to ask for a lot more than he's worth next year.

04 Oct 2021 20:10:33
Toronto vs the world lmao. MoxNix reminds me a lot of Richard Ramirez in terms of being extremely high functioning but lack of social knowledge to back up conversation. ( taking a character study on him in my 3 year psychology ) .

04 Oct 2021 22:09:27
Foligno got a late first and Hall a second right? Stone came with a contract so not comparable. Even though Holl is a pretty decent D, looking at the Devils right side he probably wouldn’t make it. Lol and Reilly is realistically a 2/ 3 D but he’s a UFA and just because the Devils signed Hamilton doesn’t mean there looking to trade guys under contract for UFA’s.
On the high end the Devils would probably be looking for a Ristolainen type return for Severson and a Goodrow return for Wood.

05 Oct 2021 12:27:40
This trade would look better if subban wasn't still making a ton.



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