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05 Oct 2021 15:33:39
Devils Trade
4th Round Pick 2022*

Leafs Trade

*NJ have there own plus both Edmonton and Columbus's 4th Round Picks in The 2022 Draft, The Devils get to choose which 4th Rounder Toronto gets when The 2021/22 Season is over.

I yesterday posted a similar type trade proposal and have tweeked it some to make it more of a believable proposal.
I do believe this proposal is a very fair trade and what each Team would be looking at before the puck drops to start the new NHL Season.

Thoughts ?

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05 Oct 2021 16:38:15
I don't see anything in it for Jersey. They're not in a position to be trading players with term for rentals. Especially when they already have a better all offense, no defense defenseman signed long term. Rielly wouldn't waive anyways.

05 Oct 2021 17:50:51
Severson will be a UFA after next season just like Justin Holl, so that's false information as Severson isn't signed long term.
Engvall is a RFA after this season and of course Rielly a UFA after this season.
Curious why this full season of having Rielly on NJ doesn't seem to count for anything?
Playing there and getting to know the team and players would be a selling tool to resign him, plus PK will be off the books of 9m, that's plenty to resign Rielly for The Devils.

05 Oct 2021 21:08:33
Well Pinball, Holl isn't really the issue. The issue is that Severson is under contract for two more seasons while Rielly is done after this one. Severson has been with the Devils for a while and is much more likely to re-sign a reasonable extension with Jersey since he knows the team and doesn't put up enough points to warrant high dollars.

Why give that up for a defenseman that will be looking for a huge raise like Rielly will be? Jersey already has a better version of Rielly signed long term at a big cap hit. All the prime minutes will go to Hamilton and Rielly's production will drop not getting all the prime O zone starts and PP1 time.

The Devils simply don't need Rielly as even with him the devils are a long shot for the playoffs this year and Rielly doesn't give them anything that they don't already have long term. So why would Jersey do it?

05 Oct 2021 21:08:54
Now we will see endless rumors to trade Rielly because we can't resign him from so many Leaf supporters. Unless its a sign and trade the Leafs won't be getting much.

06 Oct 2021 18:47:07
Ok memarcusjoe and islandjet
Let's make a similar trade with 2 other teams, does Detroit say no to this?

Detroit Trades
4th Round Pick 2022

Florida Trades

Very similar to my proposal tell me does Detroit say no to that proposal?

06 Oct 2021 20:31:46
It's not similar at all Pinball. Both Larkin and Barkov are younger than Rielly plus both are centers and in Barkov's case at least a 1C which are much harder to find than an offensive specialist LD. Plus Barkov wouldn't waive for Detroit.

Overall, a poor attempt at a comparison. Do you really think Rielly is as valuable as Barkov?

07 Oct 2021 04:14:10
In what world is Reilly comparable to Barkov? Certainly not this one!

07 Oct 2021 13:46:42
memarcusjoe and MoxNix
No I am comparing Rielly and Severson and comparing Barkov to Larkin.
You are both trying to sell Severson as better than Rielly when he clearly isn't is my point.
In my response I didn't compare Rielly to Barkov at all if you read it properly.

07 Oct 2021 15:41:53
Pinball, where did either of us say Severson is better than Rielly? In your example though Severson is closer in value to Rielly than Larkin is to Barkov. So the point is that you are trying to pass off two totally different trades as similar somehow when they aren't.

08 Oct 2021 02:06:32
Nobody is trying to sell Severson as better than Reilly. Severson does makes less money right now, has 2 years left on his contract and won't be looking for 8+ mil on his next contract.

Severson is a cost effective 2nd pairing RD playing behind Hamilton. They aren't going to trade him away for a rental, especially not a rental they don't even need.

Reilly is UFA at the end of this year and looking for a big contract on his next one.

08 Oct 2021 12:27:42
Ya no team needs a Top 2 Defenceman according to what you say.
Rielly hasn't played one game this season and you call him a rental, far as I know there are 82 games to be played this season plus the playoffs and yes adding Rielly I believe makes NJ a playoff team, they are much better than you have them predicted.
I agree at the trade deadline he is a rental but not for an entire season, that's where you make no sense.

12 Oct 2021 04:05:06
LOL Leafs fans.

All those upvotes for crazy talk and downvotes for talking sense.



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