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10 Oct 2021 05:52:59
The Eichel rumors are heating up again. It sounds like Treliving is going to do something stupid. I hope the Flames don't get him but if they do maybe Tre is smart enough to put conditions on the trade. Something like this.

Buffalo trades:
Jack Eichel

Calgary trades:
Johnny Gaudreau
Milan Lucic
Oliver Kylington
2022 first
2023 first

Lucic is only in there to free up cap space for Eichel.
The 2022 pick is conditional on Jack playing at least 40 games for the Flames in 2021-22.
The 2023 pick is conditional on Jack scoring at least 80 points in 2022-23.

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10 Oct 2021 10:23:36
Bro that’s waaaay too much.

10 Oct 2021 12:20:02

It's less than your proposals and has the necessary conditions which your's don't.

10 Oct 2021 13:38:03
Buffalo has no use for an expiring contract and Lucic cap dump.

10 Oct 2021 14:37:18
You undervalue Gaudreau a lot.

10 Oct 2021 16:09:06
@NotAcasual he has the same value as Reilly, which according to you isn’t much.

10 Oct 2021 18:36:01
I would try to keep gadreau, since eichel might convince gadreau to stay, or raise deadline value.

10 Oct 2021 18:56:56
Gaudreau has a bit more value than Reilly simply because he's only looking for over 7 mil/ yr on his next contract while Reilly wants around 9 mil/ yr.

Otherwise yeah they're pretty close in value. Gaudreau has a 5 team trade list but I believe he'd waive for a lot of team if they're either a top contender or he thinks they'd be willing to resign him to a long term contract at the salary he's asking for.

If Gaudreau comes with an extension already signed or an agreement to sign one with a new team then he's worth quite a bit more than Reilly.

11 Oct 2021 01:55:29
@Monkeyful That's true, but then they'd have to add someone else. If it was up to me adding Lindholm, Tkachuk, Andersson or even Hanifin would be a deal breaker.

Monahan maybe, but I'd much rather hold onto Monny than Johnny. If Eichel doesn't work out, they'll need Monny at center. If Eichel works out at all I'd move Monahan to LW in Gaudreau old spot.

11 Oct 2021 07:17:20
Guadreau is a cap dump in Buffalos eyes. Wont resign and they are worst team in the NHL. It’s like giving a gold fish a Rolex. What’s a fish going to do with a damn Rolex and what’s Buffalo going to do with a player nearing the end of his prime.

11 Oct 2021 12:28:08
Don't be ridiculous. If Gaudreau waives to go there in the first places it'd be because he is willing to resign with them.

Like I said earlier I believe he'll waive for a lot of teams if he thinks they'll pay him what he wants.

He just turned 28, that's 2 years into his prime, not nearing the end of it.

11 Oct 2021 13:36:13
@hockeydad please go find me the reply then. I don’t think I’ve ever questioned Reilly’s value, and if I did then it certaintly wasn’t low. I think very highly of Rielly.

11 Oct 2021 13:37:34
@vbb how is Gaudreau a cap dump to Buffalo lmfao. He’s on an expiring deal and could be worth a lot to a contending team or any team for that matter.

12 Oct 2021 05:18:01
Cap dump is a exaggeration but I’m using that to get the point across that Buffalo acquiring a rental is pure stupidity. In nhl history has a bottom 3 team ever acquire a rental?

12 Oct 2021 05:56:21
@vbb I see what you mean but he can easily be flipped at good value.

12 Oct 2021 05:59:32
It's pretty simple really.

It wouldn't be about Buffalo acquiring Gaudreau, it'd be about making a deal for Eichel work.

Gaudreau would be just be one of several assets being traded to Buffalo. If Buffalo doesn't want to keep him long term they can always flip him at the trade deadline and fetch at least a first in return.

If Buffalo does want to keep him he'd probably sign with them if they offer around $8 mil/ yr for 7 or 8 years.

13 Oct 2021 02:20:40
I wouldn't want Eichel or Gaudreau
On my team.

13 Oct 2021 11:50:15
@bossman67 well your team would never get them anyway, any team would be lucky to have Eichel or Gaudreau.

13 Oct 2021 23:53:09
@Bossman but you do want Marner. Why is that? Is it because he gets paid nearly twice as much or because he's a few inches taller?

14 Oct 2021 08:21:27
Because Marner had more takeaways in 2019 then any flame forward in History.

15 Oct 2021 23:12:51
More hyperbolic BS. Considering the source that's not surprising.



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