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26 Nov 2021 21:49:26
To Seattle:
LW-Milan Lucic @5.25mil(UFA2023)
RW-Tyler Pitlick @1.75mil(UFA2022)
LW-Justin Kirkland @750k (RFA2022)
LW-Demetrios Koumontzis (Rights)
2022-2nd Round Pick-FLA

To Calgary:
RW/LW-Brandon Tanev @3.50mil(UFA2025)
2022-4th Round Pick-CGY
To Toronto:
2022-4th Round Pick-CGY

To Calgary:
LW-Ilya Mikheyev @1.65mil(UFA2022)

Coleman-Backlund-B.Tanev (ShutDown)
Mikheyev-Dube-Mangiapane (Energy)
Scratches: Rucizka & Duehr

Un-do the initial trade for Pitlick and compensate Seattle for taking on Lucic's Salary with a 2nd Round Pick + 2 Prospects.

-Love Lucic, but Calgary needs to shed Salary
-Toronto needs to shed salary + Mikheyev asked for a Trade
-Calgary saves 3.5mil this year and 5.15mil next year if Mikheyev walks

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26 Nov 2021 22:45:13
Seattle responds with an emphatic no.

Toronto doesn't want to trade Mikheyev. If they trade him anyhow they'll want a bit more than a 4th coming back. At least a 3rd or they might ask for a player like Valimaki, Mackey or Pelletier instead.

26 Nov 2021 23:22:16
No way Mikheyev is worth Valimaki, Mackey or Pelletier. Maybe a 3rd with retention, but that defeats the point. Toronto has to dump someone. A 4th Round Pick for a UFA2022 with 0 playoff points in 12 playoff games, seems pretty fair to me.

What’s the problem with the Tanev trade? Seattle is playing for draft position = last place. Is a 2nd RD Pick and 2 prospects not enough compensation to take on Lucic, who is still a good player and even greater team member? I don’t see it being worth a 1st RD Pick or any of our 1st round prospects. Tanev’s a 3rd line player, not a SuperStar or Top-6 remember.

27 Nov 2021 06:40:37
I never said Mikheyev is worth those prospects, I said Toronto might ask for one of them.

That second one is basically Seattle giving up Tanev taking on Lucic and Pitlick's cap hits for a 2nd round pick and a couple AHL players who will likely never make it to the NHL.

Calgary would be getting a good bottom 6 player in the deal and gaining 3.5 million in cap space. Great deal for Calgary but nothing in it for Seattle other than a 2nd round pick. Cap space is at premium with the flat cap and Seattle knows it, they won't be selling it that cheaply.

27 Nov 2021 16:39:17
There's reports that the cap will increase to $82.5 next season.

Toucher on the ask vs. value on Mikheyev. Toronto can ask whatever they want. Glad we agree he's not worth Pelletier/ Valimaki/ Mackey.

Maybe I need to upgrade my drafted prospects or add a 2023 3rd/ 4th Draft Pick, but I felt a 2nd Round Pick + a former 3rd Round Pick in Justin Kirkland (won't make the Flames, but maybe makes the Kraken) + a recent 4th Round Pick in Koumontzis would be enough.

Seattle won't be ready to compete for a couple years at which point Lucic's salary falls off the books. Pitlick can be traded at or before the deadline for a Pick or comes off the books after this season. In the meantime both fill 2 roster spots, with Kirkland possibly getting playing time there as well.

28 Nov 2021 16:42:56
You can’t get rid of all your trash and expect something in return.

28 Nov 2021 20:03:41
I do like Mikheyev and I think he'd fit into Sutter's system very well too. He's big, fast and good on the PK. He has skill too, the knock on him is he while he does some nice things with the puck and gets his chances he's snake bitten when it comes to scoring goals.

He still has upside potential though. If he ever does figure out how to score more he'll be a pretty good player.

If Toronto decides to move him I could see Calgary trading a 3rd or maybe a prospect like Glenn Gawdin for him.



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