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07 Jun 2022 23:35:09
BOS : Pasternak (sign and trade)

OTT : 7th Overall 2022, Joseph, Branstrom, Jarventie, ARI 2nd 2022, OTT 3rd 2024

Joseph has proven to be a nhl quality top 6 guy who can at least fill the paternak void in Boston and potentially be a huge steal.

Branstrom is going to be a top 4 somewhere but Ottawa his chances are limited with Sanderson and Chabot ahead of him. But he and McAvoy could be gold together

Jarventie could surprise everyone and be the best player in this deal in the long term

The 7th Overall is a huge piece for Boston to turn things around again

The 2nd and 3rd are just insurance

And Ottawa finally gets the superstar mentor the kids desperately need and a major winger for the Stutzle line

Big win for both teams, though it has to be a sign and trade or the 1st becomes something a lot less valuable.

Tkachuk Norris Batherson
Greig Stutzle Pasternak
Formenton Pinto Brown

And in Boston they add Joseph to Halls line and Draft Savoie for Marchand line if Bergeron walks away while pairing Branstrom with McAvoy or Carlo for a solid top 4 pairings.

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08 Jun 2022 01:19:56
Boston laughs and hangs up.

08 Jun 2022 02:42:07
Neither team does this. Ottawa could not keep Pastranak, nor offer what Boston would be looking for if they did trade him.

08 Jun 2022 09:05:19
Disagree here. Ottawa has one of the deepest prospect pools in the NHL, and they have the cash available to pay Pasta. Having said that, everything hinges on Bergeron either returning or retiring. If he comes back, Pasta isn't going anywhere.

08 Jun 2022 18:03:49
Seabass don't bother with these boneheads lol Ottawa could have the next Gretzky/ Ovi/ McDavid/ Crosby hybrid and these morons would still come on here and say he carries less value than Michael Dal Colle simply because he plays for Ottawa. Lol

Monix especially. Just look at that dumb comment. Pasternak likely to test free agency over going back to Boston in 1 year and he thinks they'd rather let him walk for nothing than accept a package this massive for him in a sign and trade lol.

FYI monix, this package is much bigger than the package Vegas just gave up for Eichel who carries more value than Pasternak due to his Center status and contract term and worth. The 1st they gave was worth roughly what Branstrom is worth, Haula value is roughly equal to Jarventie, and the 2nd. Joseph is easily worth more than Tuch no doubt about it. And the 7th overall is a deep draft like this has far more value than Krebs and the conditional 2nd combined that it ain't even close. Plus there's still the 3rd in this on top of that.

And considering Eichel still signed long term at 10 million and is one of the leagues best centers vs Pasternak who needs to be resigned in one years time, plays wing NOT center, and will likely get more that 10 million Eichel is getting now. Yeah this is absolutely an overpayment by a landslide that Ottawa can afford to do based on their current situation and that Boston would gladly accept with open arms if they had half a brain.

You should stop trying to act like you know what you're talking about on here when it's painfully clear to the rest of the world that you don't have the slightest clue lol.

08 Jun 2022 19:04:54
Why do you think people have something against Ottawa? Lol they don’t and how is Joseph easily worth more than Tuch? Also Brannstroms opportunity to be top 4 is a lot better in Ottawa than it is in Boston.
Also you can’t say Eichel has more value because his term if this is a sign and trade. Also you don’t know if Pasternak is more likely to test free agency or resign.

09 Jun 2022 05:50:49
"Brannstrom a top 4"
"Joseph easily better than Tuch"

And you called my comment dumb. The 7th OA is a good start but the rest of that package doesn't move the needle at all. Quantity doesn't make up for quality. Ottawa would have to add a player a lot better than either of those two.

10 Jun 2022 21:03:36
Ebsolutely how do you figure that Branstrom wouldn't make bostons top 4? Lmfao

That's exactly what I'm talking about with folks undervaluing Sens players by a landslide. I see both these teams play on a regular basis and can confidently say that the only dman or prospect I've seen in Boston lately that out ranks Branstrom by a lot is MacAvoy himself. Lindholm can be argued is slightly above Branstrom but after that, Branstrom definitely out ranks every other dman in boston system, Carlo included. So yeah he'd definitely reach top 4 a lot easier there than in Ottawa.

And Monix your comments are dumb. Joseph is better than Tuch and Branstrom will be top 4 quality where ever he ends up. He's way too good not to.

Joseph stats nearly match Yuchs point for point on their old teams while Tuch was playing Top 6 minutes and expected to light the goal lamp and Joseph was playing bottom 6 minutes with very little expectations. And now since both with new teams and both playing top 6 minutes, Tuchman hasn't Changed his totals at all while Joseph has been over a point a game player. So yeah Joseph absolutely better than Tuch and worth more no matter how you try to spin it.

10 Jun 2022 23:38:05
MyBad is either trolling or living in a dreamland.

10 Jun 2022 23:56:32
Alex Tuch 38 points in 50 games playing for Buffalo and that's after coming back off LTIR. 0.76 PPG
Mathieu Joseph 30 points in 69 games playing for Tampa and Ottawa. 0.43 PPG

The age difference is less than year.
Tuch is much bigger. Yes size matters especially when the player is more productive too.

NHL career stats

Tuch 177 points in 305 games 0.58 PPG
Joseph 82 points in 232 games 0.35 PPG

But according to MyBad the smaller, less productive player is the better player.

And that's the player he's overrating the least of three Ottawa players.

You said:

"the only dman or prospect I've seen in Boston lately that out ranks Branstrom by a lot is MacAvoy himself. Lindholm can be argued is slightly above Branstrom but after that, Branstrom definitely out ranks every other dman in boston system, Carlo included"

That's comedy gold!

11 Jun 2022 02:20:30
Who’s Brannstroms competition in Ottawa? Chabot and? He’s literally had no competition holding him back in Ottawa. I’m not even saying he doesn’t have value or that he’s not good, just that there was lots of opportunity for him to be top 4 in Ottawa.
Also this is what your 3rd or 4th account now? Not a troll just an agressive Ottawa fan. Lol.

11 Jun 2022 20:14:26
@Ebsolutely Exactly!

Eric Brannstrom 14 points, all assists is pretty low for a supposed top 4 offensive defefensman. He had one of the worst +/ - on the entire team at -17 (his partner Zub was +1) too. That's not a top 4.

Sure Brannstrom was filling a hole in the top 4 for Ottawa but that's only because they don't have 4 defensemen good enough to be considered top 4 guys. They have so little talent on defense they had to put Travis Hamonic on the top pair!

13 Jun 2022 01:25:48
Ebsolutely are you serious right now? Who's Branstroms competition in Ottawa? Is that a real question?

How about Chabot, Sanderson, and Klevin on the left side

How about Docker, Thompson, and Zub on the right side

How about the bums like Hamonic, Zaitsev, Mete, and any future bums Dorian keeps bringing in and Smith keeps playing over the kids who are all 1000x better and definitely better than anything Boston has on the blueline that are NOT named MacAvoy or Lindholm?

100% that is far more competition than Boston has for him. Ottawa litteraly had a top 3 future blueline league wide no matter how you try to spin things troll.

13 Jun 2022 01:38:15
Monix you and a handful of others on this page are the only ones in dreamland and you know it.

As for Tuch vs Joseph, look what you just said. 38 in 50 with Buffalo who litteral has nothing left now that Eichel and Hall are gone. Of course he's going to get points when he's literally a top 3 player there and getting 3 times the playing time. Joseph only 8 less points in 19 more games 2 lines under Tuch in that time for a team like Tampa long before coming to Ottawa.

Yeah Joseph > Tuch

Just look at their points per game while with Buffalo and Ottawa who's offensive star power is roughly equal to support them and while they both get relatively equal playing time. Joseph has proven in that time that he's well above Tuch.



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