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12 Jun 2022 02:44:22
Sean Monahan $6.375/UFA23 + Dillon Dube $2.3/RFA2024 to ARI for RFA's Lawson Crouse (prediction $2.8-3.5/yr) + Christian Fischer (1.125/yr). Flames clear at least $4mil in Cap Space.

Sean Monahan agrees to be traded to try and revive his career with Top-6 mins and Dube gets the same opportunity, whereas Calgary get much bigger Bottom-6 Players with hopes Crouse excels in CGY and Fischer revives his career by playing with childhood buddy Matthew Tkachuk.

Decided not to consider a Chychrun trade, he still makes me nervous with his ankle and knee injuries/surgeries. Better to simply sign Chiarot for $3.5-4mil OR Trade Kylington & Valimaki for the Cap Space or Graves/Soucy and bring in another cheap ($750-$2mil) Free Agent like Edler, Leddy, Cole, Hagg, Gustafsson or Kulak to replace Zadorov and compete with Mackey for 3LD.

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12 Jun 2022 03:47:05
No from Calgary

12 Jun 2022 03:47:08
Forsberg-Lindholm-Tkachuk ($21m)
Mangiapane-Stastny-Fiala ($12.75m)
Crouse-Backlund-Coleman ($13.25m)
Pelletier-Zacha-Fischer ($7m)

Hanifin-Andersson (9.5m)
Chiarot-Tanev ($8.5m)
Graves-Stone ($4m)

Markstrom-Vladar ($6.75m)
Scratches Ruzicka/ Mackey/? : ($2.8m)

Total: $51+$22+9.55= $82.5mil

Obviously need to dump Lucic. Could try to bring back Jarnkrok for $1-1.5mil/ yr or pursue FA’s Larsson, Blackwell, Erik Gustafsson instead or bring back/ up Lewis, Phillips or Duehr for the 3rd scratch position.

12 Jun 2022 08:36:57
I'd love to have Forsberg replace Gaudreau but he won't be cheap to sign and neither will Tkachuk. I see Forsberg getting around 9 mil and Tkachuk 9.5+ mil. That's at least 18.5 + Lindholm's 4.85 mil = 23.35 mil.

Fiala, Crouse, Fischer and Zacha are all RFA, they have to be traded for. Trading for them won't be cheap (particularly Fiala) plus they'll all be looking for raises and with arbitration rights won't be cheap to resign either.

Graves is signed for 1 more year before he becomes a UFA making him a rental.

Chiarot and Stastny are UFAs. Chiarot would be a good replacement for Zadorov but he probably won't be any cheaper and might cost more. Stastny, meh too old and declining fast, maybe if signs a 1 year deal for under 800k.

I don't like the idea of letting Gudbranson go without getting a right shot defenseman to replace him (besides Stone who is great to have around for injury backup / insurance) .

12 Jun 2022 16:02:11
Considering Forsberg only plays 66 games or 80% of the season, $7.2mil would be equivalent to $9mil for a full season, so I'd offer him $8mil max OR I'd just stick with Gaudreau.

Might have to skip Crouse and Fischer who I suggested trading Dube and Monahan for. Could re-sign Jarnkrok for $1mil and see if Stastny will accept $1.875mil on a lighter schedule, splitting time with Zacha and Ruzicka. 21 goals and 0.63ppg in 71gp this season is better offense than Backlund will put up. Would prefer Giroux, but he'll be in high demand and will likely cost $5mil+.

Zacha won't be cheap to pry from NJD, so taking Graves on as a rental is the cost/ risk they take. Hopefully they re-sign him longer term and don't lose him to Free Agency.

Looking to pair 3 Defensive PK Killing D-Men (Tanev, Chiarot and Graves/ Hagg) with 3 Offensive D-Men (Hanifin, Andersson and Stone/ Mackey/ Gustafsson) . Wasn't impressed with Hanifin in the playoffs, so may consider trading him as well, but then again, don't want to break up the team too much. I think Erik Gustafsson would do just as well as Kylington playing with Tanev and would be more effective on the PP than Andersson. Stone could be a full-time player if paired with a similarly Defensive partner like Tanev, is that Graves or Chiarot?

Forsberg-Lindholm-Tkachuk ($21.5m)
Mangiapane-Stastny-Fiala ($12.5m)
Jarnkrok-Backlund-Coleman ($11.5m)
Pelletier-Zacha-Lewis ($4.5m)

Hanifin-Andersson ($9.5m)
Gustafsson-Tanev ($5.5m)
Graves-Gudbranson ($5.5m)
Goalies Markston-Vladar ($6.75m)
Scratches Ruzicka/ Stone/ Mackey ($2.8m)
TOTAL = $80.05mil (leaves $2.45 in Cap Space)

Johan Larsson, Zach Sanford and Colin Blackwell might be cheap signing considerations as well OR internally Matthew Phillips and Glenn Gawdin are options as well.

12 Jun 2022 17:08:12
Seriously I think Calgary is going to have at least 2 or 3 guys from Stockton on the roster full time next year. Ruzicka, Mackey and maybe Pelletier too.

If they Ritchie go it would make a lot of sense to replace him with Walker Dueher and if they resign Justin Kirkland he might get a chance too.

12 Jun 2022 17:41:00
I don’t know what math your trying to do but the only way foresberg signs for close to 7M is if it’s with Nashville. He just had a career year and is probably looking for 9M. Giroux probably the same.

12 Jun 2022 19:03:45
Why would Stasny give Calgary a discount?

12 Jun 2022 19:22:54
@Ebsolutely I don't see Giroux getting 9 mil now, not at 34 years old.

12 Jun 2022 20:55:36
@MoxNix, I believe all 3 are ready and maybe even Matthew Phillips too, but with Sutter behind the bench, I see him wanting/ playing veterans more. They should groom Pelletier and Phillips to be Back Checking Playmakers like they did Gaudreau and again, bring in Stastny. Have Mackey split playing time with Erik Gustafsson with Tanev as their D-Partner and trade Kylington and maybe even Hanifin for Bigger and Better LD's like Chiarot, Chychrun (makes me nervous), Graves or Soucy. Not sure Ritchie deserves to return tbh, I'd prefer Lewis or even Jarnkrok again, at least they kill penalties + they hit/ forecheck just as well.

@Ebsolutely, only way Forsberg deserves more than $7-8mil is with bonuses for playing more than 70 games (hasn't been able too the past 5 seasons) and he maintains 1.20ppg+. Similar to Gaudreau, if he wanted to re-sign with Nashville, you think he would have already. Maybe he would prefer to play with a better Team or with more of his Countrymen, which is something Calgary has to offer.

No way Giroux gets anywhere close to what he was getting, he's 34 going on 35. I see him getting $4-6mil, similar to Pavelski or maybe even slightly less if he wants to continue playing with a particular team/ contender, like Florida or Colorado=. Not sure Calgary is on his list of desirable places to go. CGY should try to convince Getzlaf to come out of retirement instead. If we lose Gaudreau, we need to replace his Playmaking and Passing until Pelletier is ready to be that guy. Forsberg and Fiala are the guys I'm targeting and Stastny would be a decent/ cheap 2C/ Monahan replacement to groom Ruzicka and Zacha if they can acquire him.

12 Jun 2022 21:28:41
@Lukowich12, Stastny is 36 going on 37, has never won a Cup and won't with WPG, so he sign with a contender and takes a discount for a lighter work load throughout the season, resting and saving him for the Playoffs, allowing Ruzicka and Zacha to get more playing time in on the 2nd line with Better Wingers. He may speak the same language and like the idea of mentoring younger Czech/ Slovakian Centre's, that's where his Dad and Family Heritage is from, but I don't know this for sure.

CGY won't get him for $750-850k like TOR, TBL and FLA were able to get older guys chasing a Cup (Giordano, Spezza, Perry, Thornton) to accept, but $1.25-$2.25mil to play 50-60 games may appeal to him.

13 Jun 2022 00:37:34
@Lukowich What discount? Trevor wants to pay him more than he's worth!

13 Jun 2022 02:09:33
Stastny 0.63ppg is worth somewhere between Zach Parise 0.43ppg @750k, Corey Perry 0.49ppg @ $1mil and Jeff Carter 0.59ppg @ $3.125m.

13 Jun 2022 04:40:59
Yeah I agree I don’t think Giroux with get that but I really like the Pavelski comparison. So a 3 year 7M per deal would realistic. And regarding Forsberg, you know that’s not how contracts work. Lol I think Hertl would probably be a good comparison for him 8-8.5M.

14 Jun 2022 03:11:49

Calgary Phlegms window will be closing soon. Stastny would probably sign with some team that made the conference finals.

14 Jun 2022 05:33:17
This was the best year for the Flames to go for it imo. We’ll see what they can do to hold things together.

Yeah, maybe Stastny heads back to Colorado as a replacement for Kadri. Who knows, I just make pitches to create some banter, discussion and education.



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