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18 Jun 2022 13:12:49
OTT: Pastrnak

BOS: 7th overall, Gustavsson, Forrmenton, 2022 3rd (originally BOS pick)

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18 Jun 2022 19:04:46
The 7th OA is a start but it isn't nearly enough. Adding a bottom 6 LW an AHL goalie and a 3rd round pick doesn't change that, it still isn't nearly enough.

18 Jun 2022 19:32:17
The equivalent of a Top-10 1st + Two (2x) 2nds + a 3rd isn't terrible, but I agree with @MoxNix that it won't be enough. I don't think Pastrnak would have Ottawa on his 10-team trade list or waive to go to OTT either. BOS will want the equivalent of 3-4 1st Round Picks to give him up.

18 Jun 2022 20:21:01
Is he coming with a contract or no. Without a contract this is probably fair value - Formenton is a top 3 player in terms of speed and a nice piece.
With a contract, Pasta would command 2 firsts and a couple very good prospects.

19 Jun 2022 03:00:46
Formenton a top 3 player?!

He's not even good enough to crack the bottom 6 in Ottawa.

19 Jun 2022 03:05:12
My mistake, Formenton did crack Ottawa's roster this season.

He's still not a top 6 player (far less top 3) even if he did play on Ottawa's 2nd line. That only happened because Ottawa doesn't have any good LWs other than Brady unless they play Stutzle there instead of at center.

19 Jun 2022 03:52:39
Formenton’s decent actually. Comparable to Dube but more of a PK Specialist and More Physical. He had 18 Goals in 79 Games and 5 of those were Short Handed! His 44 Takeaways to only 25 Giveaways and 101 Hits are impressive stats as well, but he’s listed at 6’2 and just 162-184lbs depending which site you trust, so he’s on the skinny like a pole side.

19 Jun 2022 14:31:41
@Moxnix bruh you got to learn to read. Watch how many breakaways he gets and the speed radar on it. He’s faster than McDavid in raw speed.

19 Jun 2022 14:33:56
@TrevorA he probably would have gotten more goals as well, but needs to develop some finish. He averaged like 3 breakaways a game and mostly short handed ones.

19 Jun 2022 17:57:30
That's funny if Formenton is so fast and gets all those breakaways how come I never saw it?

I watch a lot of hockey. Over the last few years I've watched Ottawa about as many times as I've watched Toronto. Not once in all those games did I ever notice Formenton yet I noticed Mikheyev in pretty much every Toronto game for his speed and all the breakaways he gets.

19 Jun 2022 18:05:32
Also if he's faster than McDavid then where was he in the allstars skills competition?

And 3 breakaways per game. LOL, now that I would have noticed for sure!

19 Jun 2022 22:32:54
@Moxnix take the time to do some research. One simple YouTube search and you can watch him burn most defensemen in the league.
He’s not an all star player yet and hence wasn’t at the all star game.

19 Jun 2022 22:46:32
Good points - I did not bother to look at Pastrnak's contract status. He a UFA at the end of this year so if the Bruins take a step back, he will be a hot rental commodity. Other factor is if Bergeron retires. If Bergeron retires, I think Bruins go full rebuild around pieces like McAvoy and try to keep Pastrnak. By firing Cassidy, who by what I read appears to favour veterans, that might be a good indicator at the route the Bruins want to go. The pieces they might try to trade could be Marchand and Hall. At 6.1M per, Marchand would be a steal and he probably has a couple of good years left. He would get quite a haul. I don't think the market for Hall will be that enticing. Sending Colin White back to Boston with a 2nd might be enough for Boston. Really all depends if Bergeron retires, if he doesn't, I think Boston will run it back for another go.



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