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19 Jun 2022 19:18:56
To MTL-$7.925mil
LD/RD-Jusso Valimaki @1.55/RFA2023
C-Sean Monahan @6.375/UFA2023
LD-Jeremie Poirier @ELC
2022-2nd Round Pick-CGY

To CGY: $4.5mil
C-Christian Dvorak @4.5/UFA2025
D-Kaiden Guhle @ELC
LD-Arber Xhejak @ELC

MTL Trades Joel Edmundson separately for additional picks, but get out of Dvorak's contract commitment, get a Good Sized NHL ready D-Man who can play either side, their desired French D-Prospect and another 2nd Round Pick for their rebuild. CGY gains Cap Space + replaces 2 D-Prospects.

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19 Jun 2022 21:09:51
Montreal turns that down unless they want Monahan to the point where they're already thinking making an offer for him.

19 Jun 2022 21:50:08
That wouldn't get Kaiden Guhle, who Montreal is hoping will be a big part of their big 3, along with Barron and Romanov.

19 Jun 2022 23:02:57
MTL is simply looking to shed more Cap Space by moving Veterans to make room for their younger talent. Taking on Monahan seems contradictory, but he's only under contract for 1 more season, whereas Dvorak is $4.5 x 3 = $13.5 million. Could swap out Dvorak for Josh Andersson, but we already have Toffoli and still need a Centre. At least Dvorak wins Faceoffs, maybe he'll do better in CGY, he's only 26.

19 Jun 2022 23:44:21
@Renidrag, have you looked up Poirier? He's arguably => Guhle and is French Canadian. Seems like we only hear about MTL and TOR Prospects when watching TSN and Sportsnet and many of them don't pan out.

Valimaki hasn't lived up to the hype in CGY either, but hasn't received a ton of opportunity either. Drafted mid-1st Round, he's still got potential to be a Top-4 D-Man, but won't be given that opportunity in CGY under Sutter who, for the most part, prefers Veterans.

19 Jun 2022 23:52:40
Sorry, to be clear I want Guhle more than Poirier, simply because he's Albertan and he's a Winner. Win the WHL Championship twice and could lead the Oil Kings to another Memorial Cup here very shortly.

20 Jun 2022 00:11:53
I'd much rather get Anderson than Dvorak.

20 Jun 2022 01:21:20
Might be looking like this come training camp if we don’t make some moves or signings:


20 Jun 2022 02:14:07
If you actually believe Poirier is better just leave he and Guhle out of the trade. No way Montreal trades him in a package like this.

20 Jun 2022 02:57:38
@TrevorA, whether Guhle is from Alberta or not, Montreal won't be giving him up.
He has already been a partner with Barron, for Team Canada and the pair were pretty darn good.
Saying because he is from Alberta, is like Canucks fans saying Byram should be traded to Vancouver because he is from BC.

20 Jun 2022 04:11:12
We don’t know who will be better yet, I’m just saying look Poirier up and don’t discount him, his value has increased substantially and his stats the past 2 years are better than Kuhle’s, less the Championships.

We all know Montreal likes their French Canadien players and I’m sure MTL has inquired about Poirier, Guhle could be included in the price. I believe my package is worth a 1st + (3x) 2nds OR (4x) 2nds, so I don’t think I’m stealing in this trade proposal by any means.

In no particular order, Players are looking for Money, Playing Time and Comfort for both themselves and their Families. Many (not all) players like the idea of playing close to home where they can be the HomeTown or Provincial Heroes or playing with a sibling, cousin, fellow countrymen, childhood friend or prior partner as @Renidrag points out above, so it is a consideration that should be taken in to consideration as well.

20 Jun 2022 23:44:56
Money is number 1 for most players. Everything else takes a backseat to that.

The exceptions are older players who've already made plenty of money, are nearing the end of their careers and won't make the same kind of money as before anymore. Guys like that will often value other things (like playing for a top contender) over money.



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