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20 Jun 2022 15:03:35
New Jersey Trades
Zacha (RFA)
Wood (RFA)
Holtz (AHL)
2nd Overall Pick 2022

Toronto Trades
Engvall (RFA)
25th Overall Pick 2022

Devils are now in a position to make a few moves to be at least a playoff team, they have drafted some pretty good talent and this offseason is a time to take that next step, this proposal makes them better right away, I also believe they will push to get Gaudreau as well, and improve there Goaltending.

Leafs are in a Cap position that they need to get themselves more flexibility, this proposal does that as well as improve there young prospects pool adding Holtz and the 2nd Overall, Zacha and Wood will bring new blood to the wing position, Mrazek for sure and maybe Kerfoot being shipped out also gives Dubas even more Cap flexibility, I personally believe this offseason will be one that will be more busy than expected in Leafland.

Thoughts ?

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20 Jun 2022 18:10:58
NJ says if you want the 2nd OA you're going to have to make us an offer a whole lot better than that!

20 Jun 2022 19:06:54
I could see Wood and 2 for Nylander and 25, but even then not sure if Jersey would accept.

20 Jun 2022 19:08:38
I don’t imagine they’d move Holtz either. He’s probably going to be a stud.

20 Jun 2022 23:53:22
Keep pitching for Trades with Arizona, they're the Team looking to buy or take on Toronto's bad contracts or castoffs. The Devils are close to putting the pieces together to be a great team for a long time.

If NJD really wanted Nylander, it'd probably only cost Zacha + a 2nd (similar to a late first) . For the 2nd Overall Pick, they shouldn't accept anything less than Nylander and TOR's 25th Overall Pick. So much value in getting a 18-20 year old stud play for less than a $1mil Cap Hit for a few years.

Only other guy they might be interested in would be Holl who's a rental and should only cost their 4th RD Pick (similar to a late 3rd) or equivalent Prospect, which Wood is far more valuable than now.

21 Jun 2022 00:59:43
Ahahahaha wtf dude c'mon this is so lopsided it’s not even funny

21 Jun 2022 09:43:44
Personally I think if New Jersey is willing to move the 2nd overall pick for Jt Miller ( old ) or Fiala ( equal player) then they’d move it for Nylander.

21 Jun 2022 23:26:18
If Nylander had Fiala's heart he'd be better but he doesn't and is not as good.

22 Jun 2022 02:50:14
Just read an article, 5 Trade scenarios for #2 Overall:

1.David Pasternak
2.Alex DeBrincat
3.Kevin Fiala
4.Johnny Gaudreau’s 8 Yr Signing Rights
5.JT Miller

Noticeably absent was William Nylander. They already have Bratt, Mercer, Holtz and Zetterlund as well.

22 Jun 2022 04:16:32
There is absolutely no way they would trade the 2nd for Gaudreau. It doesn’t make any sense for Jersey or even Gaudreau considering the 2nd would make there team way better. He’s a UFA, sign and trades don’t happen when he’ll be a UFA in whatever a couple weeks.

22 Jun 2022 05:10:17
I don’t disagree with you @Ebs, but is there any value to NJD in getting an 8 year term and if so what is it!?

Pasternak is who I’d invest the pick in, but the others are fairly similar situations. DeBrincat is similar but younger, Fiala is also younger but only had 1 very good season and JT Miller is even older than Gaudreau and they all need new contracts within the next year, so it comes down to who they want and what terms they think are best otherwise they may lose them to another team via competition.

#2 Overall doesn’t make sense to me and you make a good point in that Gaudreau would want them to be better by keeping it, but question is does it make sense to for a team to want an 8 year term in him and if so, what would be the compensation?

22 Jun 2022 06:51:44
Gaudreau’s rights will bring back a 3rd or 4th probably. All those other guys are under contract or RFA’s. And I don’t think Jersey would even want an 8 year term, they’d want to negotiate before free agency.

22 Jun 2022 17:31:16
I wouldn't trade Gaudreau's rights for a 3rd or 4th. A second especially an early one like NJ has sure get it done!

If no team is willing to give up a second for the ability to offer Johnny an 8 year contract then they'll just have to bid against other interested teams on a 7 year contract.

Then move Monahan and Lucic, resign Tkachuk, Mangiapane and Kylington. Sign or trade for a player like Forsberg, Miller, Fiala, etc. If possible and not too costly also trade Hanifin+ or Kylington+ for Chychrun.

22 Jun 2022 23:09:39
You wouldn’t take a free pick? No teams want to give him 8 years anyways.



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