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28 Jun 2022 19:17:08
Canucks trade Brock Boeser to Ottawa after sign a 6x6 deal for Alex Formenton and Ottawa's 2nd this year

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28 Jun 2022 20:52:05
I agree that Boeser likely won't make anywhere close to his $7.5mil qualifying offer on a long-term deal right now, but 6 years takes him to 31 and doesn't give him a chance for a big pay day if he turns things around next season, so he's probably going to gamble by taking his 1 Year QO OR he may sign at a discount, but only for 2-3 years

VAN already has a ton of LW's, so I don't see them being interested in another. Ott's 1st RD Pick + Austin Watson OR maybe Tyler Boucher + 2nd RD Pick seem more likely to acquire Boeser

Would be good if OTT acquired Boeser though, it might make Connor Brown more expendable and easier for CGY to acquire.

28 Jun 2022 22:43:24
I’d rather just keep Formenton and pay Norris and Stu tbh.

28 Jun 2022 22:45:31
@Trevor if it was Boucher + a 2nd or JBD + 2nd I’d do it.
Just rather keep Formenton for his PK and good 3/ 4 line player.

28 Jun 2022 22:53:30
That's definitely understandable. I was thinking about JBD, but they just signed Filip Johansson and already have Jett Woo as RD Prospects.

29 Jun 2022 00:51:54
Not sure what you consider a ton of LW is, but quality should count, and the Canucks are thin everywhere, when it comes to that.
In regards to RD, Jett Woo was playing forward late in season, in the minors and the other guy you mentioned is a player that the Wild didn't want to sign, so yes, the Canucks could use RHD as well.

29 Jun 2022 01:30:50
Pearson, Pettersson, Podkolzon, Dickinson, Hoglander, Kuzmenko, Highmore and Ferland if he ever return from injury seems like a lot of LW depth to me.

I think every Team could use another good RD, they’re more rare and much harder to come by than LD’s, but I’ll admit I don’t know much about Woo or the Canucks and their needs overall, so I would defer to you on this, but it seems like they have plenty of good talent, but either need good coaching to keep them going or there’s something off between them in regards to their Team chemistry.

Not sure, but I attribute Boeser’s down year to his Father’s sickness, yet MoxNix isn’t very high on him overall, I just know he’s young and can score, he’s just not worth much more than $6-6.5mil/ yr atm.

29 Jun 2022 01:42:19
Didn’t think JBD was all that hot of a prospect anymore either, otherwise I would have probably included him in my Trade proposal for Tkachuk, being that JBD’s from Beautiful Canmore, just 1 hour west of Cow-Town. Yeehaw! ?.

29 Jun 2022 04:59:02
The biggest problem with Boeser is his QO is way too high.

It's unlikely anyone is going to be willing to pay him that much. Vancouver will be forced to either qualify him or let him become a UFA able to choose where he goes and get nothing for him.

29 Jun 2022 16:10:39
Sure, but Boeser is a 0.37GPG = 30+ Goal Scorer/ 82GP. Take out this year, as he was obviously playing distracted and with a heavy heart and he averages 0.83PPG. At 25.5, he's still got 6-7, maybe 8 productive years of 0.80-1.00PPG+ ahead of him.

VAN will absolutely offer him his QO if necessary, as they can always trade him at the deadline for 50% retained to a contender for a Top Pick, Top Prospect and Roster Player, which is exactly what I see happening if they can't come to terms on a long-term contract and/ or don't have him in their long-term plans. He's an excellent offensive player.

29 Jun 2022 17:05:45
Boeser isn't bad but he's not as good as Vancouver thought he was when they gave him his last contract. He can score goals but that's about it. He isn't an elite scorer, doesn't drive play and doesn't defend or forecheck very well either. Nor does he provide much physicality in spite of having the size for it.

Boeser's QO is 7.5 mil at least 1.5 mil more than he's worth. Nobody is going to trade very much for him knowing that unless as you suggested it's as a deadline rental with retention. With retention he'll be worth more to a contender at the deadline than he's worth now.

29 Jun 2022 17:33:17
Sounds like CGY would be better to keep Snipers Toffoli & Mang or pursue Fiala than consider Boeser. We'll see what happens, I hope Boeser turns things around next year, but I agree and have consistently admitted, he's not worth $7.5mil and neither is Fiala.



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