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29 Jun 2022 23:48:36

1st 2023

Vancouver could trade Kerfoot at the deadline if they wanted a 2nd round pick back or something. Leafs just don't have any until 2024 right now. However Kerfoot is a Vancouver native who may also be happy to sign an extension.

I think value wise it's very fair. Don't think I would offer more than this for Miller but if another team can beat it then so be it. Not even asking Vancouver to retain salary in this deal too.

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30 Jun 2022 02:15:52
I think if Canucks were to accept this pathetic offer, the Leafs would be the ones retaining.

30 Jun 2022 02:16:26
Vancouver accepts. Not sure Toronto should offer this tho.
Change the 2023 for 2022 as well.

30 Jun 2022 08:19:12
In what world flipping kerfoot for a 2nd rounder? Maybe a 5th unless he goes insane better this coming year.

30 Jun 2022 19:26:52
Toronto could retain 50% on all three players and Vancouver would still say no. Rental Miller will easily fetch a first plus something better than any of those players from 30 other teams.

Kerfoot is overpaid while Sandin and Robertson are undersized players who are vastly overrated by the Toronto media.

30 Jun 2022 20:54:52
I like to hate on the leafs as much as the next guy but Jesus this is a big package that I highly doubt Miller will get.

30 Jun 2022 21:10:57
Sandin, Robertson and Kerfoot all have very little value to anyone outside the GTA.

01 Jul 2022 00:13:45
I’m not a homer, but that seems like a lot for a UFA. Sandin will be a top 3-4 IMO. Who knows about Robertson? Kerfoot is a solid 3rd liner, that can move up if needed. Plus a 1st. Mox, you’re a Calgary fan right? Reni is a Canuck’s fan I believe. Kerfoot makes less than Toffoli or Garland, and put up similar #’s. I’m not saying he’s better than those guys, but I wouldn’t say either of them are overpaid. Kerfoot also plays all forward positions. I expect the “pathetic offer” reply from Reni, but I think Vancouver would accept. I absolutely love Miller, one of my favourite players, I just don’t see him getting more than that.

01 Jul 2022 00:41:09
Lmao I’ve never seen people so split on a trade offer. Either y’all think it’s laughable or it’s way too much. So I would say this is the perfect offer because it’s evenly split. Well done to me!

01 Jul 2022 00:54:16
Okay so on a serious note.

@Mox so your a Calgary fan? If Sandin, Kerfoot, and Roberson have little value, then so do Valmaki, Peltier, and Coleman.

@Reni, so your a Vancouver fan? Kerfoot makes less money then Garland and had one less point. Sandin is better then any defensive prospects you currently have, and Robertson will play top 6 on ur team. Plus you get a 1st. Not sure how Vancouver turns that down but alright. P. S. ur not getting a top 10 draft pick or elite prospect for one year of Miller from any team to say.

@Shoots. I guess a lot of guys who hit 40+ points last year, can play multiple positions, and can play in multiple situations will only get 5th round picks for their team then. There will be a lot of unhappy sellers if that’s the case!

01 Jul 2022 00:55:47
Sandin is not a top 4 defenseman. He'd be lucky to even make the roster anywhere but Toronto where they can't afford to add a real top 4.

Robertson? Don't make me laugh, he is the epitome of how massively the Toronto based media overrates and overhypes every prospect or young player in the Leafs system. In fact proof of that can be had simply by googling "Robertson db". Nick's name comes up before his much bigger and far better brother Jason's name.

Nobody would trade Toffoli or Garland for Kerfoot. Nobody wants Kerfoot. Nobody, not even Toronto. You can't even deny that with a straight face since all of you Leaf fans keep wanting to trade him.

Try making a realistic proposal for once instead of always trying to dump leafs rejects while getting better players with cheaper contract in return.

Kerfoot with 25% retained for a 3rd round pick would be realistic. There are literally dozens of similar players around the NHL making less money and even more in the minors making far less.

01 Jul 2022 02:30:55
Connor Brown is comparable to Alex Kerfoot and gets paid similar as well.

01 Jul 2022 09:56:28
If we can’t get an upgrade on Kerfoot, I’d happily keep him. He’s a solid 2 way forward, can play up and down the lineup, can play PK, PP, and any position. A very versatile player. The only thing is Miller is a clear upgrade. That doesn’t mean Kerfoot sucks. Players are allowed to be better then others without them sucking lmao. Kerfoot fetches a 2nd with 1 year left. When Coleman was trade from NJ to Tampa with 2 years left on his deal. He got a 1st and a solid prospect. I’m being really generous here saying Kerfoot is only worth a 2nd.

Robertson is a good prospect. Point per game player in the AHL last year even when battling through injuries. He easily cracks the Leafs lineup next year if they don’t trade him. Why do you think they put Mikheyev out there?

Sandin will be top 4 on many NHL teams. Talks of him getting an offer sheet aren’t for no reason.



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