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04 Jul 2022 13:09:59
Islanders Trade

Leafs Trade

Thoughts ?

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04 Jul 2022 14:06:38
What do the Islanders get out of this trade?

04 Jul 2022 14:27:00
Islanders improve the defense which is weak, as well as get rid of JBailey's long term contract as Kerfoot is on an expiring contract is what they get.

04 Jul 2022 17:34:52
Pinball, so your reasoning is the Islanders give up 2 years of Bailey's $5.0 mil contract to take on 2 years of Muzzin's worse $5.6 mil contract and take onanother $2 mil in deadweight on Holl?

It just sounds like the is the Islanders are doing the Leafs a favour by taking on worse players with worse contracts for better players with better contacts.

04 jul 2022 20:30:14
every single post you make is with the same players in some form or another. none of your posts are of equal value to both teams, every time you do a post its 110% in favor of the leafs.

count your disagrees and figure it out this is f**king embarrassing.

05 Jul 2022 12:51:41
Lol renidrag. once again toronto gives nothing to get something.



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