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31 Aug 2022 13:09:49
Toronto Trades
Woll (AHL)

Anaheim Trades
Future Considerations

Obvious Cap Dump for The Leafs and Muzzin would have to waive his NTC, but The Ducks have the Cap, they can either keep Muzzin for the next few seasons or flip him at the deadline, Woll has the potential to be a #1 in the future, so all in all this would help both Teams.

Thoughts ?

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31 Aug 2022 22:31:46
this one makes more sense to me pinball.

31 Aug 2022 23:38:17
If Woll has the potential to be a number one the leafs should hang on to him.

01 Sep 2022 02:39:02
The Leafs have 4 potential starters with Woll being 5 in The System, The Leafs would have to add for Anaheim to take on 5.625 million Cap of Muzzin this year and next, that's why I added Woll in my proposal.

01 Sep 2022 05:14:38
That was sarcasm because even you know that was not enough compensation.

01 Sep 2022 13:22:18
That's only your opinion that it's not enough compensation to clear out Muzzin's Contract.
GMs don't destroy and take complete advantage of other GMs, otherwise they would get blacklisted and no other GM would deal with them, in the end yes it's a business but in a friendly way.

01 Sep 2022 14:26:49
I agree with Lukowich. There’s a cost to clearing cap space. It isn’t cheap and you didn’t include compensation for taking on 5M+.

Your comment that “GM’s don’t destroy and take advantage of each other…” is incredibly naive and hilarious! GM’s have a saying that “when you need someone to throw you a life preserver, they throw you an anchor! ”

This year there’s a long stare down going on amongst clubs. Many want to dump Cap Space, and few can take it on. It cost CGY a 1st to dump the final year of Monahan's 6.375M contract. No one is going to help anyone with any team’s cap crunch.

GM’s wanting to dump cap hits will pay be paying extortion prices in picks or prospects to do it. There is no “friendly way”, and the only GM’s who’ll get blacklisted are the ones like Dubas who mismanaged their cap so poorly. This is big business, not an after school special.

Last but not least, teams with cap space will have some interesting choices to add players from the waiver wire when teams pare down their rosters when they break camp. Some teams are going to lose some exciting prospects, and there will be some grumpy NHL vets who won’t have their contract claimed who end up riding some AHL buses this year instead of flying in their NHL team’s private planes.

Agree or disagree Pinball, but time will prove me right.

01 Sep 2022 21:02:27
Completely disagree with you and time will prove me right.

02 Sep 2022 17:42:28
Based on your perceived judgement and hockey sense, and your view of how GM’s work, I’d be more uncomfortable if you agreed with me.

See you at the GM Telethon for Dubas…?.

04 Sep 2022 14:17:20
Idk I think Muzzin is a good player when healthy. When he went down in playoffs in 2021 he was a huge loss. If I’m a team and I can get Muzzin at 50% retained I’d pay a solid amount.



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