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28 Oct 2022 14:32:33
Toronto Trades
Niemela (SML)
2nd Round Pick 2024

Vancouver Trades

Thoughts ?

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28 Oct 2022 18:44:00

Leafs need a Goalie and D…why would they trade for an undersized third-liner whose only 20-goal season was 3 years ago?

The leafs will never outscore their weaknesses, and adding at the forward position isn’t a priority. For a guy who only posts about the leafs you don’t seem to grasp what their needs are.

29 Oct 2022 17:14:37
You have no clue what the leafs needs are Chickenfoot. The leafs don’t need dman or a goalie they need scoring depth.

29 Oct 2022 18:14:56
VB - the leafs are lacking compete, and with 4 guys consuming half the cap, they can never build depth. They’ve proven that time and again, so don’t take my word for it. Their record is who they are.

VCR needs help on D, so from their perspective this trade addresses nothing. Most leaf proposals on this page rarely take into account what the fit might be for teams other than their own.

Last but not least, Kerfoot has a NTC, and is in the final year of his deal. Why would VCR want that? How would a pending UFA possibly be any help to a team ready to start a full or partial rebuild?

Why my previous post strikes a nerve with you is of no interest to me, but if you think this deal is fair or attractive to Vancouver then that’s on you.

29 Oct 2022 23:35:53
Clearly you have no clue how to read as there was zero mention of Vancouver in my post just pointing out your ignorance on the leafs roster build.

30 Oct 2022 01:46:49
I feel quite comfortable with my assessment of the leafs, and your opinion isn’t shared by any leaf fans I know. Yet another poor effort tonight certainly hasn’t changed anyones minds about what they are. If you’re happy with them power to you. I certainly don’t feel the need to trade insults with you.

30 Oct 2022 21:06:38
Don’t see how last night was a poor effort? The leafs let in 2 power play goals and battled hard. They lost fair and square. 2 goals a night is unacceptable hence furthers my point the need depth scoring. Saying they need another goalie is beyond stupid. The leafs management put there faith in the tandem for better or worse and Samsonov has looked like an absolute stud so far. The defence is good the have 5 top 4 dman in Muzzin, Rielly, Brodie, Lilijgren ( this guy is a stud ) and Girodano.



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