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22 Nov 2022 18:41:17
Its my first attempt at this...

Sens need to do something asap. They either need a coaching change or a locker room shake up, because given the talent they have, they shouldn't be at the bottom of the standings. Clearly they have issues at D. Turn overs in the zone and lack of offence generated from the back end. Could the sens re-acquire Erik Karlsson. The problem is cap space. I believe Dorion and all sens fans would love to have him back.

scenario 1

Sens Trade : Josh Norris

Sharks Trade: Karlsson (retain 3.5 Million per year for 4 years)

Scenario 2

Sens trade : Josh Norris (8M) & Nikita Zaitsev (4.5M)

Sharks trade : Karlsson (full salary 11.5M)

Given Karlsson looks healthy and happy and playing like he was in Ottawa, where he was a TSN highlight every night, he would be worth parting ways with Norris.

Sharks need to enter a re-build and could use a young top centre locked in for 8 yrs. Norris is a write off for this year given his injury.

Karlsson is at a point in his career where he would not want to enter a re-build. He would most likely keep the Shark near the middle of the pack and just missing the playoffs, which doesn't help any re-build.

Karlsson would boost Ottawa's blueline and help Ottawa create some scoring. He could ignite all the talented players on the Ottawa roster. Could see a power play with Giroux, Stutzle, Debrincat, Tkachuck and Karlsson..... 5 point per game + guys on the ice at the same time.

I think Shark can sell it to their fans as a do over and building into the future. The cap works on both sides. got to trade a good player to make it happen. Both teams win. Think sens could be cup contender in next 4 years and if Karlsson agrees he'd most likely extend after 4 for a more cap manageable contract anyways.

For those saying it would be a problem cuz Brady is captain. Maybe Brady even gives up the C for an A acknowledging Karlsson. Maybe Karlsson just wears an A. Maybe Karlsson doesn't even need a letter cuz he would command respect regardless. The players need to get going and Karlsson would certanly move the needle in Ottawa big time.

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23 Nov 2022 01:48:09
I wouldn't be trading for Karlson, if I am the Sens. With what he costs you are better just being a little more patient with the group the Sens currently have.

23 Nov 2022 17:31:28
Hell No!

23 Nov 2022 18:41:07
Is there another player or package that would get Karlsson back in Ottawa.

23 Nov 2022 20:06:31
I'd stay away from Karlsson, sure he looks awesome right now. But that contract is to much for to long.

23 Nov 2022 20:38:19
Sens don't need Karlsson back. especially if it costs them Norris.

24 Nov 2022 00:03:43
100% agreed with Seabass2011. In no world would I give Norris back for EK even with 75% retained salary on EKs part. Sens don't need to go backwards on the rebuild good God.

I'd sooner say with this season and go for the tank without making any moves and worry about the defense after they get a top 3 draft stud.

Bringing in EK now my be good for this year to push for playoffs sure but after this year it would kill the rebuild. No guarantee that he will stay this good for one. For 2 he's only got 5 maybe 6 good years left if he's lucky and can stay healthy. Health is the biggest risk. And if any of those go to the negative result, not only do they lose 10 to 15 years of a great young player in Josh Norris but they also basically throw away the tank and with it the opportunity to draft Bedard or Michkov or Fantilli to boot. Way too much risk for way too little reward. Just not logical.

24 Nov 2022 02:28:21
I hope you don’t get discouraged with the feedback, and I hope you put together some more trade proposals ongoing?.

24 Nov 2022 13:32:06
Everyone has valid points, but the sens are not in rebuild mode anymore. They have been the past 5 seasons. Maybe they have to find another deal to get it done, but 100% Karlsson makes the sens a better team. He has been one of the best defencemen in the NHL for the past decade minus the injues in the past two seasons. This year he is currently in the Norris trophy convo with Makar. A healthy Karlsson would give the team a top 3 Defecemen in the NHL for the next 4 years. in a win now team. They are strugling at D. They can easily figure themselves out at centre. I don't see Norris getting 100 point seasons, but again the package doesn't need to include him. The bigger problem is if the sens don't make the playoffs, I don't see Debrincat re-signing and that is the bigger issue of doing nothing right now. The eastern conference is really strong this year and they can't afford to wait it out. If they lose debrincat then they will try and draft someone as good as him hoping they pan out and be no further ahead.

Maybe a coaching change for a better defensive system is needed, but something needs to happen asap, because the sens are no longer in a re-build but are dangerously close to going back into one.

24 Nov 2022 21:37:27
CrosbySens. I'm not to sure that Karlsson is/ will be a top 3 dman. especially for 4 more years. Right now he is deffenitley on fire, I can't take that away
As for the rebuild, I think this hurts that. When the time comes to sigh Sanderson of his ELC, Karlsson will be eating up some of that money, as well as for others.
Obviously this season hasn't gone the way the Sens fans and management has though. I also thought they would be a playoff contender. That contract is just so high, and has to much term for a player who, yes this season is having an incredible rebound. Will it last? that's the 11 million dollar question.
Ottawa has some really good peices, so I wouldn't go to drastic, a few tweaks here and there. Most rebuilds don't go according to plan, especially the timeline. This one is a little off the rails forsure, but, a little this, a little that could steer the team in right direction.



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