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31 Oct 2023 13:58:20
Toronto Trades

Vancouver Trades

Pros and Cons for both Teams.

Vancouver gets the better player but WNylander is on an expiring contract.

Toronto gets maybe a better suited RWinger for Tavares, and even though Boeser has an extra year on his contract WNylander was more likely to resign with Toronto while Boeser probably moves onto a different team.

Both Contracts basically cancel out each other this season so this isn't any type of Cap Trade for either team.

Thoughts ?

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31 Oct 2023 16:19:57
If Vancouver resigns Nylander is be expecting a 1st and prospect coming back with beoser.

31 Oct 2023 18:11:07
Terrible for Leafs.

31 Oct 2023 18:50:45
Kudos Pinball, this is one of your best.

- As you say they’re close in age, salary and both play RW.

- leafs are getting an extra year with Boeser’s contract, so they’d have to part with a 2nd or comparable prospect.

- when players get traded after lengthy and fruitless contract negotiations they rarely re-sign with their former team. I can’t think of one example. If this trade went through I’d expect VCR to try hard to sign Nylander long-term, but regardless, I wouldn’t expect him to sign with leafs if he’s traded before then.

02 Nov 2023 22:51:56
Nylander is the leafs best player this year. To suggest there is any chance what so ever he is traded is idiotic.

If the leafs make a move it’ll be for Chris Tanev.

22 Nov 2023 21:02:30
No chance by Van. Nylander will make too much on his next deal to fit in with Canucks. Not happening. Also, Nylander isn't a consistent player. Brock's stats aren't steady either but his is more due to injury.



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