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02 Nov 2023 12:39:59
MTL receives: CAR 2024 1st, Suzuki
CAR receives: Monahan 50% retained, 2024 3rd

SJS receives: CAR 2024 1st, Gallagher

Basically MTL dumps Gallaghers salary for future signings and to have room to act as a broker this year and gets Suzukis brother

SJS gets a third 2024 1st round pick for rebuilding for taking that salary

CAR gets center depth (face offs and depth scoring) at a super cheap one year deal since they are win now.

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02 Nov 2023 18:17:53
MTL declines, and I’m guessing Dundon declines trading the 1st for short-term help. CAR just doesn’t do that kind of trade very often.

03 Nov 2023 10:21:47
Carolina says no. I think they want to keep Suzuki and Monahan Is not a guy that fetches a 1st.

Remember last deadline he cost a first to dump, so him at 50% is prolly a 4th or 5th.

03 Nov 2023 14:28:49
I'd like to find a way to keep Monahan.

04 Nov 2023 01:13:42
Monahan might be the first player that was traded to unload with a first, then be traded for a 1st. If he keeps healthy and continues his pace he'll get a 1st at the deadline for sure.



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