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28 May 2024 21:38:41
Realistic Mitch Marner proposal

Chicago: Mitch Marner (resigned)

Toronto: one of Moore/Nazar/Richel/Rinzel, Alex Vlasic and Torontos 2025 1st (acquired in McCabe deal)

Chicago is rumoured to be interested in Marner along with Vegas/Nashville and another team mentioned by Kyprios

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28 May 2024 22:22:58
To steep for Marner not worth that much future for a soft fringe player.

29 May 2024 00:02:02
Not realistic at all imo.
Marner is an Elite Top 5 RWinger in The NHL.

29 May 2024 01:01:49
So why if you are Chicago would you give up the youth for him, Still rebuilding. If they really want him wait a year and just pitch as a ufa. Remember the leafs are gonna take a hit to trade him as teams always have.

29 May 2024 13:08:19
Him signed at a reasonable cap hit holds value, a lot of it. All depends on what the cap hit is. If he is dealt it will be a sign and trade. No team is gonna give up a thing without knowing he's gonna be signed past this season.

29 May 2024 16:50:12
@Nashan- There is a very good chance he doesn’t want to hit the market. He hasn’t performed under pressure and there is a good chance he doesn’t want to play a full season knowing if he’s injured or underperforming it will lower what teams will offer. Signing in the offseason will assure security.

Why would a rebuilding team want Mitch Marner? Well that’s a question for Darren Dreiger who reported their interest. Marner being a an elite playmaker with the most puck strips (take aways) in the NHL beside an elite goal scorer in Bedard is very attractive.

Say what you will about his playoff performances where he is still a PPG player in his career 90+ point player will still command a big return. Not to the extent as leafs fans anticipate, they will be disappointed but this is in line and less then what Erik Karlsson returned when he was moved to San Jose

This package is actually similar to what Matt Duchene brought back when he was moved to Ottawa. Mitch Marner is a lot better then Duchene.



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