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31 May 2024 14:05:17
Anaheim Trades
2nd Round Pick 2024(Bruins Pick)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026

Thoughts ?

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31 May 2024 17:29:25
Not enough from Toronto.

31 May 2024 17:42:53
First starters, Fowler has a modified NTC. Assuming he was even approached by management and asked to submit a list, he would submit a list of 4 teams he'd allow a trade to. He's a career Duck, and a 32 year old with a family.

The Ducks would never even consider approaching Fowler for a trade unless it was an enormous overpay by the other team. And Fowler isn't uprooting his whole family to move to Toronto for 2 seasons. My guess would be he'd submit a list of teams close to home base that are contenders (LA or Vegas for examples) .

Second problem, he's soon to be 33 making $6.5m playing LD which puts him at 7% of the teams cap hit playing behind Reilly. Even with the extra cap space this summer the Leafs are tight to the cap and have no right handed defensemen and no starting goalie signed.

2 RFAs, a 1st round pick, and a prospect for 2 years of a declining player who plays LD which the Leafs already gave covered with Rielly, McCabe and Benoit.

Gibson and Gudas would be on the trade block way before Fowler would be. But you dont seem to want to trade for players that would actually help the Leafs.

31 May 2024 21:06:21
Gudas and Gibson also have a NTC in their contracts, and Gudas said he would never play for Toronto.
As for Fowler he was born in Windsor Ontario so a Canadian.
He is on a bottom team why wouldn't he want to play for a contender?
Rielly, Fowler and Benoit on the left side you mean, McCabe mostly plays on the right side.
Again what you are saying makes sense only to you.

31 May 2024 22:38:40
Because he is a career Duck. Not a player whose used to being traded or exposed to free agency.

Hes left handed. Not a team need for the Leafs. And again, if the Ducks were being asked for Fowler the ask would have to be a lot more than what you're offering for them to even consider it.

As much as you might want to believe it, not everyone wants to play for the Leafs just because they were born in Ontario. There are plenty of contenders closer to California that Fowler would consider before going to Toronto so he could stay closer to his family.

Once again you've demonstrated that only look at your trades from how it benefits Toronto and not the other team, or their fans or the player coming back to the Leafs for that matter.

01 Jun 2024 02:43:13
- Absolutely brutal trades like this make this site hard to stay up to date with.

- pinball, have you ever thought of a ridiculously one-sided trade that you didn’t post?

01 Jun 2024 20:50:56
2nd Rounder is better than a 1st Rounder?
Leason is much better than Minton?
Fowler making 6.5 million turning 33 years old this year is better than NRobertson a cheap scoring Winger that is 10 years younger than Fowler and Liljegren 25 years old RHanded Shooting Defenceman are also not close to Fowler?
Your logic makes zero sense.

I am not even responding anymore as I am the only one on here you respond to nobody else, which tells me you have some serious stalking issues so you will be ignored by me from now on.

01 Jun 2024 21:29:44
WEBMASTERS: pinball throwing around the stalking term is way offside.

This site would be better without his ridiculously one-sided trade proposals, and petulant replies to those that disagree with him.

This can be a very interesting page, I’ve seen it. A good exchange of ideas. But pinball is ruining this site, and the stalking comment is just wrong.

01 Jun 2024 23:01:02
Please explain how my proposal is one sided?
I broke it down and wanted to know how you see it one sided?
For example trading a 2nd for a 1st isn't fair?
Please explain your logic.

02 Jun 2024 11:33:14
Try to keep up Pinball. Cam Fowler has been an Anaheim Duck for his entire 14 year NHL career. Players that have played their entire career for 1 team rarely, if ever, get traded. A perfect example is Ryan Getzlaf who was on a losing Ducks team in his last year with them but decided to stay and retire a Duck rather than go to a contender for 4 months.

And you're talking about Fowler, who has 2 years left on his contract, not even a rental pending UFA. The Ducks organization has a lot more respect for him and his family than to approach him and ask him to waive his NMC simply because the Leafs offered 2 RFAs and a late 1st round pick.

Once again you continue to look at the trade value on paper and say that it's fair value. You dont consider that the player coming to Toronto dictates if he will accept the trade, and your only logic for thinking that Fowler would accept a trade to go to the Leafs is that he was born in Windsor.

Your smooth brained thinking when it comes to trade proposals is honestly ruining this page. You should spend less time on here playing make believe and spend more time forgetting your password to your account so we can all catch a breather from seeing your daily fails at making trades.

02 Jun 2024 20:40:15
Well said DRW.

People come here to read or share insights on trading. Not to have the space dominated by the incessant and compulsive posts of ONE poster with the impulse control of a rat on fire running through a meth lab. Especially by a guy who is widely ridiculed for his hockey knowledge, or lack thereof.


02 Jun 2024 23:38:26
You still have explained why this proposal is one sided for The Leafs?

2nd Round Pick has more value than a 1st Rounder?
Leason has more value than Frasor Minton?
And both NRobertson and Liljegren don't equal Fowler at this stage of his career?

You might be right saying one sided but for the wrong team in this case, everything I broke down is either equal or favours Anaheim.


03 Jun 2024 00:52:17

Smooth brain activity.

"1st rounder comes before 2nd rounder and Anaheim favors the players the Leafs won't sign more than a player they've drafted and developed for 14 years, so my trade makes sense. "

You just don't get it. But you do you girl, enjoy spending the whole summer on here counting the # of disagrees you get day after day lol.

03 Jun 2024 02:50:47
Anaheim is in complete rebuild also, at this point a player like Fowler is a trade chip not the future for The Ducks, getting a 22 year old Winger, 25 year old Defenceman, a 19 year old very good prospect in Minton plus a trade off of a 2nd Round Pick for a 1st Rounder is what a rebuilding team does, as for Leason he was a waiver pickup, Leason is an honest bottom 6 but Anaheim would take any of what I offered for Leason imo.

03 Jun 2024 16:10:26
They may be in a full rebuild, but unless Fowler tells them he'd like to be dealt I doubt he's going anywhere. Not to mention the Leafs shouldn't want that contract considering Fowler's age and his play. He's still a steady dman, but father time is undefeated and you can tell Fowler has lost a step.

FA is around the corner. Leafs will be in the hunt for some good dmen along with many other teams and with a new coach we can only hope it results in some harder play, accountability from the players, and hopefully maybe even some May hockey for once.



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