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03 Jun 2024 21:10:00
Chicago Trades
2nd Round Pick 2024(50th overall)

Toronto Trades

Strictly a Cap move to free up more space for The Leafs, getting a 2nd Round Pick in the upcoming draft also helps for the prospects pool.

Chicago gets 2 NHL Players in this transaction which for the price is worth it imo.

Thoughts ?

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03 Jun 2024 21:51:30
Why would Chicago pay such an extreme price to help Toronto with their cap mismanagement?

04 Jun 2024 00:00:51
Pinball logic:

Liljegren, a pending RFA, was the main trade piece included in a package he came up with to acquire Cam Fowler 4 days ago. He also threw in Robertson, Minten, and a 1st round pick. The trade got shredded by the community and the disagrees went sky high.

And today, he's throwing Liljegren away along Kampf for a late 2nd rounder from Chicago and hes calling it strictly a cap move.

So which is it Pinball, did you overvalue Liljegren 4 days ago or are you undervaluing Liljegren today?

04 Jun 2024 00:06:17
Pinball logic:

A week ago he said Liljegren, Robertson and a lottery protected 2026 1st round pick was worth Jacob Chychrun.

But today Liljegren alone wont even get a late 2024 2nd round pick and has to be packaged with Kampf.

04 Jun 2024 01:46:12
Try a fourth or fifth and maybe. Common Pinball cap dump not worth anything.

04 Jun 2024 13:41:32
Nashan and memarcusjoe.
Chicago in this proposal gets 2 NHL Players in the deal, Liljegren becomes the second best Defenceman after SJones right away, Kampf I will admit is overpaid but is still a solid defensive centre.
With Chicago having over 30 million in Cap this gives them plenty of money to add more this off season.
A mid 2nd Round Pick is really not a big price to pay for them, you can disagree but the only cap dump in this proposal is really Kampf and he is still a full time center not a depth player.

04 Jun 2024 21:11:55
Already had kampf and why would they want a 30 yr old who I think is a player to help youth. Liljegren is third pair there I’m thinking by looking at the 4 Chicago have under contract. Sure they have 30 mill but get players to teach and mentor. Those two aren’t it.



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