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04 Jun 2024 13:32:01
NJ Trades

Toronto Trades

2 for 1 Devils trade proposal, and with their cap I wouldn't be surprised they also sign Guentzel, This proposal helps both teams in the big picture.

Leafs get a top drafted player that just hasn't lived up to his potential, a change of scenery I believe helps him as it would NRobertson as well.


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04 Jun 2024 16:22:33
Holtz hasn't lived up to potential no doubt. But still holds value with his potential. My guess is he is used as a part of a trade closer to the deadline or at the draft for a bigger fish.

Leafs are likely going to be going for Pesce and Montour in FA. Likely add Joshua as well and my guess they bring back Jones or Murray on league minimum to back up Woll. Everything else likely status quo. I'm hopeful they bring back Bert and Domi at a team friendly deal. New voice in the room hopefully makes a big difference though. 2025 is where we will see the biggest changes likely. Feel like this is Reilly's last year with the team unless he improves his all around game. We shall see.

04 Jun 2024 17:26:12
Another day, another lopsided leaf trade from you-know-who.

It isn't as bad as yesterday's trade that saw CHI foregoing the #2 pick in this year's draft for Lilly & Kampf though.

This site would be better with some quality control, and limiting the amount of garbage that one poster can post.

No impulse control + no hockey sense = You Know Who.

04 Jun 2024 18:42:27
#2 pick in this years draft?
It was a 2nd Round Pick 2024, 50th Pick overall NOT 2nd Overall!
Now you are making up what I post and twisting the truth.
You disagree with my proposals is what everyone on here is entitled to do, but please don't make things up that aren't true
Thank You.

04 Jun 2024 18:49:01
Amazing how every proposal I post is considered lop sided for The Leafs, do you truly believe Leaf Players have no value because they play in Toronto?
Have to ask because it can be any Leaf proposal and no matter how little comes back it's always lop sided in your view.
Just admit it you really don't like The Leafs, or maybe because it's me posting them, it's one or the other or both, it's better to be honest to yourself.

04 Jun 2024 22:06:51
Pinball, you are 100% correct in this case. I commented on the wrong trade of yours, and I misread 2nd pick for 2nd overall. You are right and I was wrong. ?.

04 Jun 2024 22:31:55
I agree that Robertson would benefit from a change in scenery but I don’t see that change being with the same coach he had in Toronto.

04 Jun 2024 22:49:32
Just follow your own logic and you'll soon see you basically disagree with yourself binpall.

You offered Liljegren, Robertson, Minten, and a 1st round pick for Fowler and we all disagreed.

You downgraded Liljegrens trade value to a throw away with Kampf for a late 2nd round pick and we all disagreed.

Now you're telling us Robertson (RFA) and Jarnkrok (4th liner), are worth a 22 year old former 7th overall pick who just had his best season of his career.

It's not because Leafs players have no trade value that we all disagree with you, it's because you can't even properly gauge what the trade value of Leafs players even is.

05 Jun 2024 02:24:50
Fair enough, we can agree to disagree on here, that's the fun part of this site.
In the end none of us are GMs and what really happens usually is a surprise including who signs as UFAs.
Got to love this time of year when management truly earns their keep.

05 Jun 2024 02:40:44
Once again, DRW nails it.

Someone disagrees with you and you begin whining and crying. Have some respect for yourself, and maybe use the feedback to work on your hockey acuity.

05 Jun 2024 19:33:15
Chickenfoot, he went from accusing you of hating the Leafs to saying we can agree to disagree real quick.

Even though Pinball is too sensitive to take any criticism, Im very proud of him for being so determined to ignore my responses. #girlpower.

07 Jun 2024 12:03:00
DRW, once again, you are very correct. ?. Happy Friday, make it a good one?.



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