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11 Jun 2024 15:03:22
Nashville Trades

Toronto Trades
Samsonov (Rights)

Thoughts ?

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11 Jun 2024 15:14:48
Not enough for Saros.

11 Jun 2024 15:25:44
What's worse than packaging Mcmann and Liljegren to try and get Carlson from Washington?

Packaging Mcmann and Liljegren with Samsonovs signing rights for Jusse freaking Saros.

There are at least 4 teams in on Saros right now and you think thus package is the best offer Nashville can get?

You know absolutely NOTHING about hockey. McMann has 66 career NHL games at 27 years old and has 25 career points, 24 of which came last year when he was called up. And you value him as being better than Nic Dowd (500 career NHL games and 149 points. )

You deserve all the negativity you get for being this braindead.

11 Jun 2024 15:50:10
I would be willing to add a 2026 first Round Pick if Nashville would be willing to add a 2024 2nd Rounder, so if that's the case.

Nashville Trades
2nd Round Pick 2024 (Jets Pick)

Toronto Trades
Samsonov (Rights)
1st Round Pick 2026

Yes that's very fair for Nashville and Toronto going forward, thanks for pointing out it wasn't enough, I agree Toronto would have to add that 1st Rounder for Saros.

11 Jun 2024 16:18:55
Honestly you’re not close.
Saros is a top 10 goalie in the league.
Samsonovs rights have no value (maybe a 7th round pick)
Mcmann is a 27 year old rookie whose value is probably 3rd liner
And Liljegren is a 5-6 defenceman maybe a 4 on a good day.

Nashville wouldn’t need to add a pick
Toronto adding a 1st still isn’t enough.

11 Jun 2024 16:57:44
Nashville fans would riot if Saros would be traded for such a lowball return, but you dont think about the other fanbase right?

11 Jun 2024 17:11:58
Get serious if you want Saros and offer up Marner. Saros is one of the top 10 goalies in the league, he's going to be worth more than your daily combination of RFAs and a late 1st round pick.

But I know you're too much of a coward to answer my comment so just keep pretending you've got a friend in LMac.

11 Jun 2024 18:14:30
Marner 50% retained to Florida for 7th round pick. That’s how your trades sound pinball.

11 Jun 2024 20:26:51
Askarov is Nashville's future not Saros, with that saying getting more than my proposal is truly a stretch here, Saros is on an expiring contract which means teams won't be selling the farm to get Saros, most on here overvalue trades thinking teams are getting so much in a trade and they usually never get anything close in this case Saros is truly worth.
You can disagree which you are entitled to do on here, but I do understand how transactions happen in The NHL and if anything Saros probably is moved for less.

11 Jun 2024 20:57:00
Unrelated to this offer at all but Pinball why are you adding Lilijgren to every leafs package? He is by far their best RHD in their system and is cost controlled. The leafs have absolutely zero reason to trade him and i guarantee they won’t. He’s a good dman and the leafs desperately need him being their only RHD under contract.

11 Jun 2024 21:08:05
Liljegren just hasn't worked out with Toronto, I like him to but Treliving will be changing it up and believe Liljegren will be traded to improve other areas, there is Myers, Pesce or even Dumba out there that are RHanded Shooting Defencemen that are UFAs, and I am sure that area will be addressed minus Liljegren imo.

11 Jun 2024 21:45:51
Pinball if Trotz gets less he’s fired.
Saros is a Top goalie in the NHL, has played 64+ games in each of the last 3 years, Vezina finalist and only 30. For a year of control @5 million and then the ability to sign him for max 8 years after.
You’re looking at giving up at LEAST a 1st Round Pick, Top Prospect, and a Young roster player. (1st Round Pick in 2024[23rd Overall], Easton Cowan and Timothey Liljegren)

Doesn’t matter if Askarov is the future, it doesn’t diminish Saros value.

12 Jun 2024 00:14:03
LMac: Pinball doesn't like trades that are fair for both teams though. It gets too complicated for him.

12 Jun 2024 08:34:22



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