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13 Jun 2024 10:00:32
Columbus: laine. Chicago: chi 2nd, NYi 2nd. No retention

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13 Jun 2024 19:56:19
Columbus will want something more than a couple of 2nds. I know it's a risk with Laine. I could see something ( and I'm not advocating for Habs to get him), but maybe the Jets 1st and, a Habs 2nd in either 24 or 25 and something like Harris, Struble or Adam Engstrom
Although the Jets pick is a late 1st, they also get a young Dman.

14 Jun 2024 01:48:04
I like the idea of the Hawks trading for Laine. I do not like the idea of giving up a 2nd round pick, let alone 2. There are concerns about his availability that go beyond his off ice issues. Good player, but too many questions at that price.

14 Jun 2024 01:54:14
I like the idea of trading for Laine. I don't like the idea of giving up a 2nd round pick, let alone 2. It is clear Columbus is moving him, that diminishes their leverage. He has availability issues that go beyond his issues off ice. Good player. But for me the risk is too great at that price.

15 Jun 2024 05:32:35
HjalmarssonStan. What is what you think that's not to much but enough? Im guessing value and thought they might want a first but 2 2nds might do it. Columbus has more to do so might like a couple draft picks. Just my thinking but could be way off like the disagreed button says.

15 Jun 2024 23:14:49
I would be looking to move a 3rd rounder or 2 thirds for Laine. I love the fit. He shoots the puck. Something the Hawks do not do enough. He can play with Bedard and the PP. He's 26. His deal lasts 2 more years which fits their spending timeline. I just look at the leverage. He is a high-risk acquisition for a Cup or playoff contender. With a cap hit just under $9 million, injury concerns and off ice issues that is a big gamble for those teams. If he busts out in Chicago, its no big deal. He gets them to the cap floor and they just eat it for two years. I think the market is small for Laine. He also has a partial NMC. If price ends up a 2nd, That's what the market dictates and I would have no problem with it in the end.



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