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17 Jun 2024 15:30:13
3 Trade Proposals.

Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades

*Kampf would have to waive his NTC to complete the transaction.

Seattle Trades

Toronto Trades

SJ Trades

Toronto Trades

These 3 moves would not as much clear up Cap Space as these are hockey trades for all teams involved, which doesn't change much what's still needed for The Leafs but adding those 3 is a good start heading into Free Agency.

Thoughts ?

Agree13 Disagree24

18 Jun 2024 20:18:19
Wow no Chickenfoot etc negative feedback, have I finally left you all speechless that you don't have anything to say against my proposals?
All 3 do make a lot of sense with all teams involved and what they get, as for the 7 unbelievable maybe 8 soon enough we all on this site know who hits that button.

19 Jun 2024 00:12:31
Toronto adds.

19 Jun 2024 02:27:47
Adds to what proposal of my 3?
Maybe the Laughton one I would agree.
The other 2 I think it's about right imo.

19 Jun 2024 02:46:34
Feedback bounces right off you, as does good sense and hockey acumen.

Nice to know I live rent free in your head to the point you reply to yourself regarding your own posts. Hilarious!

I’m not on this site 24-7 like you Pinball, your perspective (or lack thereof) is frightening. You are clearly interpreting things in a manner unique to you and you alone.

Pinball…you really DO need a timeout. You teach nothing, and you learn nothiny. In short, you bring nothing but annoyance to this page. Never interesting, never poignant.


19 Jun 2024 13:30:37
Trades 1 and 3 Toronto adds.
I don’t know anything about Borgen so I have no opinion on the 2nd trade.

19 Jun 2024 13:35:43
Is that the best response you can muster?
Come on you can do better than that, I love how you avoid saying anything about my post, not that I care I really don't as time after time you show me you have zero hockey sense anyways.

{Ed001's Note - I have been sending your posts over to the Leafs site we have to see the response. Even fellow Leafs fans think your trades are embarrassingly one-sided and amount to little more than trolling. I am not sure you are in any position to criticise someone else's hockey sense.}

19 Jun 2024 19:03:12
I fully respect and very much appreciate the Editor’s comment.

This is a great site, and it is better without an endless daily fill of one poster’s one-sided nonsense.

Onwards and upwards fellow hockey fans?.

19 Jun 2024 19:45:03
We've pretty much figured out you're craving attention and desperately want validation from people on this page.

If counting the # of "unbelievable" or "disagree"s isn't enough of a hint to you that we have no respect for you and your one-sided, narrow minded posts, maybe seeing an editors reply to this will give you a revelation.

And remember Pinball, its never too late to forget your password and lock yourself out of your account. Cheers to everyone else that keeps this site worthwhile.



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