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25 Jun 2024 17:18:59
If it's all true that a deal between Utah and Toronto is in place, which means Marner would waive his NTC and sign long term this is what I believe would be the proposal, again I am not convinced this is even true about Utah but if it is this is a proposal to make both teams happy.

Toronto Trades
23rd Overall Pick 2024

Utah Trades
6th Overall Pick 2024

Thoughts ?

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25 Jun 2024 22:01:38
I think Knies is perfect for Toronto- larger skilled cheap (for now) forward.
Same goes for Guenther and Utah.
Why make a move for the same of it?

26 Jun 2024 03:23:26
Marner - 10.903 million with 85 pts
Knies- .925 with 35 pts
Reaves - 1.350 million with 6 pts
23rd overall pick

Totalling 13,178,000 in dollars with 126 pts last year

Keller - 7.15 million with 76 pts
Schmaltz - 5.85 million with 61 pts
Guenther - 894,167 with 35 pts
6th overall draft pick

Totalling 13,894,167 in dollars with 172 pts last year.

Pinball, is it worth it. then on top of it all. 6th overall pick.

*note* I didn't account for injuries.

Such a hard no from Utah! Also does Toronto even have enough room to accommodate extra cap hit?

26 Jun 2024 03:29:33
1 more thing.

In simple terms

Marner + cap dump


Utah's top line

Lol ?.

26 Jun 2024 04:07:21
Marner is a name player and the fact he is an elite player is why Utah would yes make a trade like this, Marner will sell more tickets and Jerseys than any of those players from Utah, people seem to forget in a new market like Utah you have to sell the game as it's a business first in markets like that, Toronto compared to Utah are in very different market's.
If you want to argue this you have no idea that winning is only part of owning and operating an NHL Team.

26 Jun 2024 05:14:56
OMG this was unintentionally hilarious! Thanks for the laughs Pinball. It’s always a hoot when you talk down to people and you don’t catch the irony?.

26 Jun 2024 05:22:56
You're delulu.

Utah has already sold out season tickets and the fans have bought in, Keller and Guenther are franchise players.

Marner is not leaving Toronto you said that yourself.

26 Jun 2024 05:23:34
Which one of your 7 split personalities came up with this one?

26 Jun 2024 12:27:58

Winning is a big part. Having good players that play well together, will help you win. So what would Utahs projected line combinations be? Having cap flexibility will help you win (trade deadline / free agent aquisitions) . In Utah, atleast for a 2-3 years people will be interested in the games because it's new to their city.

I will ask again

What would the line combinations be for Utah? I would love to see your suggestion.

Lastly this proposal is a VERY good way for a GM to lose his job.

I would also argue, to some degree that giving fans hope in their team will sell tickets. They have 13 draft picks this year. the future is bright for this team if they draft well.

26 Jun 2024 12:46:01
Yah man this ain't it. I'd give you the reasons but they are already given by the others. Would it be great for the Leafs, absolutely. But the rest of the league isn't going to do us favors for the mismanagement of contract negotiations (paying 4 players over $10mill) ?.

26 Jun 2024 12:50:23





Since no Defencemen are part of this proposal I am posting what the forward lines could possibly look like, every line has a mix of speed, talent and corner men.

26 Jun 2024 14:22:27
Thats a down grade of a top line to what they currently have. Cooley is 20 years old. Good player. but is he mature enough to run the top line? Rushing a guy into a role of responsibility could screw his career up.

If anything, what Utah should do is turn to the FA market and get a couple veteran guys to help the younger guys out.

Before you say it. Marner isn't a veteran who has had playoff success.

26 Jun 2024 14:56:42
How is adding Marner a downgrade to the Top line?
That's actually laughable.
They will use free agency for defense imo.
As for Marner in the playoffs besides last year he has produced and in fact lead the team in points when they beat out TB and lost to Florida a few seasons ago, so again know your facts.
All time playoff stats for Marner.
57 games played 50 points, that's a better points per game then Matthews.
So please know your facts when posting as you are arguing non truths.

26 Jun 2024 16:59:34
1) it's a down grade because your paying a guy 3 million dollars to gain 10 extra pts in a season.

2) who was marner playing with to get those pts over tampa?

3) who will he play with hypothetically to get those same point in Utah.

I'm not saying Marner is bad, I'm saying your taking away the players he needs to play with to get those types of points. (Keller and schmaltz)

26 Jun 2024 17:00:30
Did you like the FACTS of points vs salary in the above post?

26 Jun 2024 17:06:07
Honestly the leaf hate is undeserved. I haven’t checked but I’d be willing to guess that Marner had more points than the entire top life of one of the worst teams in hockey.

This trade doesn’t make sense for either team.

26 Jun 2024 17:12:53
Keller 7,150.000
Schmaltz 5,850.000
Total 13,000.000

Marner 10,903.000

3 Million more for who?
This season it would cost less for Utah not more.

Yes that's FACTS.

26 Jun 2024 17:27:07
?. There is absolutely NO CHANCE that:

- 9 people upvoted Pinball.

- this trade happens.


26 Jun 2024 17:31:38
Amazing on here if it's flipped people on here say quantity doesn't equal quality unless it's a Leaf trade then it's flipped the other way.
Teams getting the best player usually wins the trade, did Florida win the Tkachuk trade with Calgary?
Calgary got 2 good players out of it but Tkachuk in the end was the best player in that trade.
Again Utah wants to make a splash and bring a name player in and Marner is a name player.
Utah still has many young players on the roster including Cooley, Hayton, Maccelli, Doan and also Knies in this proposal plus many draft picks.
So to say Utah will just stay the course without making a splash you really don't understand the business of how The NHL is run.

26 Jun 2024 17:36:06
I think winning fills the rink more than Marner would.

26 Jun 2024 18:19:35

You didn't add Guenther salary.

Re-read the post. your paying marner 3 extra million to get 10 more points than what Keller got last year when you compare contracts. I think this thread has run its course.

There is no hate on the leafs. they screwed themselves and most of their FANS expect other teams to bail them out for their poor management.

26 Jun 2024 18:57:48
Why the people who obviously agree with me don't say anything?
Probably because it's not worth their time to argue with obvious Leaf Haters.
Leaf Haters will always say something negative when it comes to Leaf proposals, it's in your blood just like Montreal or Boston haters and in my case also Pinball Haters.

26 Jun 2024 20:03:08
Pinballs 7 personalities count for 7 of those upvotes. The other 2 are his parents.

26 Jun 2024 20:15:18
Nor did I add Knies or Reaves Cap hit, in the end it will cost the Leafs just over 600k more in this proposal, so Cap for next season is basically a wash.
Look Toronto will probably resign Marner after July 1st after his bonus kicks in, this was an IF trade were to happen between Toronto and Utah.

26 Jun 2024 20:14:42
It's because you overvalue our players man. Doesn't make sense for Utah at all. They sold out of season tickets and with being a new team they are likely going to have a tonne of support out of the gate. Marner at north of $11mill doesn't get them more wins when you are trading three forwards who play on either their top line or on their third line for a top line player, a second line player, and a 4th line player. It ruins their overall depth. They stay the course and they are likely on the playoffs in 3-4 years and will havea tonne of cap space to give out extensions

Marner likely won't get dealt and won't sign and extension. He's gonna wind up hitting free agency and he's gonna get paid.

26 Jun 2024 20:36:14
Dylan Guenther for Cutter Gauthier.

26 Jun 2024 22:47:35

Did you read my comment about the 3 million?

I don't hate the leafs. It seems some fans over value their players. to be honest you are a good fan for their team. but when you post a horrible 1 sided trades. it's going to get called out. Oh, shout out to MG69, a leafs fan (I think? ) Who has a good perspective!

Anyways this thread has run its course.

26 Jun 2024 23:51:02
Don't worry Marner will probably resign and Utah will stay in their rebuild for years to come.

27 Jun 2024 04:04:04
Pinballl…everyone’s a “hater” if they disagree with you. You embarrass yourself every time you whine like that.

27 Jun 2024 12:27:37

I think the Jury has spoken on this one.


16 Believable votes. can it be real?

Lol ? ? ?.

27 Jun 2024 13:26:10
@BumbleBeeTuna18 I most certainly am. Bleed the blue and white, but also realistic when it comes to what the value of our players.

End of the day I don't think Marner gets traded and I truly don't think he resigns. He's going to get paid in FA. But it's ridiculous to think Utah is going to want to trade those players when:
1) Marner is going to likely want in the $11-12mill range and he only produced 9 more points than Keller who is signed for four more years at just over $7mill
2) Schmaltz is probably going to get them a great return this year or next at the deadline if they decide to make him available. Can play up and down the lineup and on both special teams.
3) Guenther fits their timeline as to when they will be hunting down a playoff spot so why unload him when he's cost controlled and likely going to get better?

Dubas/ Shanahan got them into this mess, but man if you look up the potential 2025 free agency class there is definitely ways out of it if Treliving is smart about things.

27 Jun 2024 16:54:54
Yes there are people that agree with me, sorry to say but again people don't bother arguing with people that have zero sense, I am only defending what I posted if you don't like it that's your opinion.
But some realize that Utah will try hard to get a name player like Matthews, it's even been stated online but more than a few.
Marner will also make the other Utah players better than what they have now, if you think not you are not realizing how good Marner is.

27 Jun 2024 19:53:30
Or here me out here Pinball; Utah waits literally a year, keps all of what you purposed and either
1) Sign Marner in FA
2) Go after Drais, Rantanen, Ekbald, Bowser, Konecny, etc if they hit free agency

They have just north of $42.5mill in cap space. Likely going to take some awful contracts for the year and get some draft capital in the process or sign guys to one year deals to hit the cap floor. And then go big name hunting next year at free agency when you'll have the most space to work with. The need for a big name player is there, but not right now. Ride the high of a new team in the area and continue the path bow.

28 Jun 2024 15:44:14
TUNA: he's up to 19 now. Pinball has been a busy boy!


- you are definitely a realistic leaf fan, and I respect your measured replies.

- Of course it makes sense that if Utah really wants Marner that they simply wait a year, keep their trade capital, and sign him next year.

- It will be interesting to see the degree to which Marner is sought after as a UFA. He's a whiney guy who wears on his team mates, and while offensively talented, he's a perimeter player who seems ill-equipped at playoff time.

- Whatever happens to Marner, I feel like Treliving is a smart GM, but it will take a few years until the leafs can recover from Dubas. They lost a lot of picks to rentals alone. After the next 3 years I suspect they'll have a new policy when it comes to trading draft picks.

29 Jun 2024 21:45:16
Utah just traded for a name players in Sergachev without having to give up Keller, or Schmaltz, or Guenther, or their 6th overall pick.

So I guess what I'm saying is, you're delusional pinball. Now go use your 7 burner accounts to agree with your trade so the ratio doesn't look as bad for you.



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