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28 Jun 2024 02:55:54
Montreal trade with Nashville
Mtl trades
26th overall, mesar,Harris, Barron, Anderson
To Nashville for:
Askarov and Cody glass

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28 Jun 2024 04:08:11
I can’t see Nashville doing this. Montreal is getting the two best pieces and giving up 1-2 junk (Anderson and Barron) .

28 Jun 2024 13:44:17
Askarov isn't going anywhere.

28 Jun 2024 15:05:14
Id be happy with this. Don't see it happening however.

28 Jun 2024 15:24:48
MTL respectfully declines.

- Askarov is a highly rated prospect, but Glass hasn't distinguished himself yet.

- As a rebuilding team MTL is unlikely to have invested draft capital in goalies last year and then block a developmental path for them this year by adding Askarov.

- If MTL trades 4 pieces it will be for a top-end forward.

- Anderson is currently a cap dump, who will have trade value in 3 years when he's a pending UFA with MTL retaining salary to move him. Nonetheless, I like the player, and given where MTL is in their rebuild, I prefer to keep him.

28 Jun 2024 16:41:44
If Saros is resigned Askarov will be traded and it’ll be it’ll be for a high pick or very good prospect.

28 Jun 2024 18:34:20
I didn't notice Anderson attached to this.
Chickenfoot: I see what your saying about this, but wouldn't it be a wise investment to obtain Askarov if you could? Do you beleive Fowler is the Canadiens goalie of the future?

28 Jun 2024 20:40:32
I can't really see MTL doing this either. Glass is already 25, not worth all that much and is a dime a plenty on the MTL roster. Askarov sounds great, but the need isn't really there, especially for a 1st.

29 Jun 2024 16:17:04
SOSA: full respect to Askarov, and since I stink at projecting Goalies, I can’t begin to say whether Fowler or someone else will emerge as the goalie of the future. I think they have some interesting choices in-house, but I truly have no idea.

Anderson was in there, and while I am realistic about what he is after last year, I still like him?.

29 Jun 2024 16:36:37
I'm with you Chickenfoot, on Anderson. He can be frustrating haha, and I can't see a year like last one for him. He also doesn't need to score goals and points to be a difference maker.

29 Jun 2024 18:00:49
If Saros is resigning that's telling me either they think Askarov is still a few years away or they are prepared to unload him for some immediate help in another area.

I have watched a few of Fowler's games after hearing Biz and Whit talking about him and he's everything you could want in a goalie prospect; just a matter of when he gets to the league.



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