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02 Jul 2024 14:45:54
Anaheim Trades

Toronto Trades

*Kampf will have to waive his NTC to complete the transaction.

Anaheim in full rebuild and adding lots of great young promising players add 2 more in this proposal, yes we all know Kampf is a Cap dump for The Leafs but Anaheim has a ton of Cap to take that hit, and Kampf's only problem is his Salary for a team like Toronto not Anaheim as Kampf is still a full time player not a depth center.

Leafs with what they did in Free Agency adding huge on Defense and Goaltending had to sacrifice not being able to sign Bertuzzi, Vatrano on an expiring contract will be what they lost in Bertuzzi in the Top 6 and Treliving will be both needing some Cap relief and get one more player for the top 6.

Thoughts ?

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02 Jul 2024 16:04:24
Still same players for everyone in league. Lol.

02 Jul 2024 16:48:03
You really don't think Anaheim gets the best in this proposal long term?
They are trading a 30 year old Winger on an expiring contract for 3 players 2 of them more long term upside then Vatrano.
Are you forgetting that The Ducks are in a rebuild and rebuilding teams always look to keep the rebuild going forward and trade older assets for the future?
When Toronto years ago had Kessel what did they do to start a rebuild?
Anaheim is no different in their situation, The Leafs do it because they are in a win now window plus need Cap relief.
You can disagree with me which is up to you but honestly this proposal will help both teams, and it's not one sided imo as you are probably thinking.

02 Jul 2024 17:24:40
Vatrano gels with the locker room. He's not likely to replicate his shooting % from last year or goal production, but you can look to Vatrano for at least 40-60 points in the Ducks top 6.

And if/ when Anaheim is ready to shop Vatrano, they'll garner a lot more interest at the trade deadline.

He's worth more to the Ducks than the yard sale items you're shopping from the Leafs. You'll see whats up when Robertson is traded for at best a 3rd round pick.

02 Jul 2024 17:28:37
Anaheim takes that in a heartbeat. There still won't be a deal as Toronto just signed Lilly. Be hard pressed to trade him so fast.

02 Jul 2024 20:02:07
Quiet Guy
Liljegren was a RFA not a UFA so it was more business so other teams in a trade know the exact dollar amount imo.
And Toronto I believe takes that trade in a heartbeat as well for where they are, it's a trade that helps both teams.

03 Jul 2024 14:56:46
Love the idea of adding Vatrano. Unsure whether or not the Ducks unload him this summer or at the deadline. Lily shouldn't be dealt at this point. Just signed recently and with the news of our newly acquired giant potentially having some uncertainty around his knees we'll need Lily on the right side. And though Kampf is an everyday NHLer he's still a 4th line player on most teams so it's gonna cost us something to unload him. Don't expect us to trade him until end of preseason based on how our younger centers perform and whether or not they can make the jump to full-time NHLer.



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