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03 Jul 2024 15:37:28
I have a proposal that involves 4 teams combined here it is.

Anaheim Trades
Vatrano (Columbus)

Chicago Trades
SJones (Columbus)
1st Round Pick 2025 (Anaheim)

Columbus Trades
Laine (Chicago)
Jenner (Toronto)

Toronto Trades
NRobertson (Anaheim)
Kampf (Anaheim)
Liljegren (Chicago)

This is an everything type trade as it's a hockey trade, a cap trade, and a player requesting a trade proposal.

Thoughts ?

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03 Jul 2024 15:54:00
Name 1 time in the history of the NHL that you've seen 4 NHL teams involved in a trade at the same time.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

03 Jul 2024 15:56:33
Liljegren literally signed an extension with Toronto 4 days ago, I think if you're willing to trade him less than a week into his new contract you're just exposing your lack of loyalty to players that committed to the Leafs.

You give Treliving a lot of credit for being a smart GM so tell me why you think he would do something like this and demonstrate to every player in the NHL that if you sign with Toronto you're risking being traded elsewhere as fast as you can sign the contract?

Oh I almost forgot you're just going to continue giving me the silent treatment because you cant defend your trades and you hate getting bad feedback.

03 Jul 2024 15:58:58
Columbus loses Jenner? gets Jones and Vartan? I would pass.

03 Jul 2024 16:31:24
They signed Monahan and are stacked at Centre is why The Jackets would do this, they add a Top 6 winger, a Top 2 defender in SJones and give up Jenner and Laine who wants out?
Why would they pass that up?

03 Jul 2024 17:25:40
Columbus is stacked at RD too with Severson, Jiricek and Gudbranson lol. They just bought out the best player they got back in the Jones trade because they're giving Jiricek more NHL ice time.

I'm still waiting to hear 1 example of a time in NHL history where 4 teams were involved in the same trade. Take your time no rush. I know you've probably got to sign in to a few burner accounts first to get your believable count up.

03 Jul 2024 21:05:31

04 Jul 2024 00:00:51
You make a comment like that without reason only LOL?
So let's break it down for you.

Anaheim trades Vatrano on an expiring contract for NRobertson, Kampf and Chicago's 1st Round Pick 2025 and remember Anaheim is in a rebuild.

Chicago trades SJones and their 1st Round Pick 2025 for Laine and Liljegren, yes Chicago like Anaheim is in a rebuild but with what they have done so far they want to quicken that process obviously, adding a Top 6 winger in Laine and a younger Defender isn't bad for them either.

Columbus trades Jenner and Laine and get Vatrano and SJones, a pretty fair trade for them also adding a Top 2 Defenceman as well as a sparkplug like Vatrano to what they have upfront, remember Laine is done in Columbus so to get max value is next to impossible.

Finally Toronto trades NRobertson who also has asked for a trade, Kampf who is a solid 4th liner except for only his cap hit and Liljegren, yes they just signed him but that doesn't mean they won't trade him if need be for Jenner who will help huge in replacing Bertuzzi.

So tell me why this proposal whether it happens or not doesn't make sense for any of the teams involved?

04 Jul 2024 01:28:38
Pinball why do the Leafs always give up spare parts and get the best players back in all your trades?

04 Jul 2024 17:09:53
Island I can tell you right now.

Pinballs answer is going to be something like "only YOU think those players are spare parts. If this trade was made by anyone else it would get overwhelming praise but because it's me you all disagreed with it. "

04 Jul 2024 18:43:42
Jones isn’t going back to Columbus
Chicago rebuilding as well so they aren’t giving up first rounder
You need to stop justifying in leafs favor.



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