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06 Jul 2024 20:21:59

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06 Jul 2024 20:56:31
Other than Wright, who Seattle isn't trading the other two pieces do nothing for Winnipeg or fill any needs.

06 Jul 2024 21:19:07
Hey memarcusjoe why haven’t you ever made any trade proposals on here? All you do is criticize everyone else’s proposals. Grant it that a lot of the times what you say makes sense. You are an intelligent guy, But it’s easy to criticize. But why won’t YOU make a trade proposal? Scared of being criticized yourself?
You have answers to a lot of trade proposals but no example proposals.
Like to know what you would do if you were a NHL GM.
This isn’t to criticize you or be negative in any way. Like I said earlier. I think you are pretty intelligent guy. Just would like to know what you are thinking or would do in certain situations. Like McGoarty or/ & Ehlers trade? .
As far as above trade.
Brogen gives size on Right side.
Kartye young and gritty
I agree with you on Wright but if so it would take a lot to get him.

06 Jul 2024 21:39:23
McGroarty > Wright
Pionk > Borgen
Ehlers >> Kartye.

06 Jul 2024 22:14:54
I've done them in the past, but I don't really find them all that much fun.

I prefer discussing trade ideas that are out there or might actually happen.

The only player rumor wise that makes sense for Ehlers is Pulock. However, he's likely not available and wouldn't waive for Winnipeg. So until something changes there's not much to discuss.

McGroarty I think won't be moved anytime soon.

06 Jul 2024 22:31:42
Lol. Nice trade Ebsolutely!
I like it.

07 Jul 2024 16:03:28
No way McGority is better then Wright.

07 Jul 2024 17:23:53
Not better but more value. I should’ve looked at ages because I didn’t realize there the same age. Wright has done a lot at 20 so I’m wrong I’d rather Wright.



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