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08 Jul 2024 19:45:35
SJ Trades
Future Considerations

Toronto Trades
NRobertson (RFA)

*Kampf will have to waive his NTC to complete the transaction.

With Cap being an issue with Toronto Kampf imo is the one that has to go, you have to add NRobertson for The Sharks to take on Kampf's remaining 3 years.

Thoughts ?

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08 Jul 2024 21:48:23
What cap issue? The leafs can run a 22 man roster and be under the cap. Just can’t run 23 players.

08 Jul 2024 22:10:44
Not enough from the leafs. Thoughts, my senators had to shed a 3rd to send joseph packing. 27 year old joseph, a 35 point man with a Stanley cup ring and 2 years left at 2.9
Kampf at 29 years old, a 19 point man with 3 years left at 2.5 would need something other than a disgruntled RFA forward who requested a trade. The sharks would want better compensation for taking on a contract that the leafs had no problems giving out to the guy just one year ago.

09 Jul 2024 02:50:06
NRobertson to start had only 8 points less in 16 fewer games, why are you focused on Kampf only? NRobertson is the prize for SJ and better than Joseph hands down as well as 5 years younger.
Prime example of focusing on one player when it comes to Leaf proposals.
Why would SJ want a 22 year old winger who is only getting better in your thinking.
Plus Joseph makes more than Kampf not a lot more but more regardless.
SJ isn't giving up anything for 2 NHL Players with NRobertson in the Top 6 on SJ.

09 Jul 2024 02:52:09
Incorrect as DeWar isn't signed yet and they don't have enough Cap for DeWar.

09 Jul 2024 05:44:57
Right well that’s depends on how much he signs for. The obvious choice to go is Timmons.

09 Jul 2024 11:41:05
Detroit had to give San Jose a 2nd round pick to dump Walmans $3.4m contract.

Robertson has no trade value, in your own proposals you've gone from using Robertson as the main piece of trades to try and get Zegras, Chychrun and many others.

Now you're saying he's a throwaway to dump Kampfs contract. Figure it out pinball. Add a 2nd round draft pick and stop being such a crybaby when people give you a reality check on how these cap dump trades work.

09 Jul 2024 18:25:12
Robertson, a 2-way player with 27 points and 5 seasons under his belt does not hold the value you are suggesting. an NHL top 6? ? ? ?.

09 Jul 2024 18:50:20
DRW. thanks for bringing some hockey sense to this thread once again. YEESH! Yep, SJ is going to take on bad leaf contracts for absolutely nothing (aka "future considerations". )

10 Jul 2024 04:26:27
didn't Dallas just trade Faska to The Blues for future considerations and didn't have to add anything?
You going to tell me Faska and Kampf aren't comparable?
Oh right only if Faska was a Leaf then no team will take on that contract.
You do realize your bias is obvious right?
I don't mind people disagreeing with me that's part of the site, but accept mine when you get it back without insults, unless you are an adolescent and have obvious growing up to do, your responses are usually very immature.

12 Jul 2024 03:01:17
PINBALl…absolutely hilarious. (and without even trying. )

- you ask me to accept your feedback, and reply without insults.

- then you insult by saying, AND I QUOTE: “unless you are an adolescent and have obvious growing up to do, your responses are usually very immature”.

You just can’t make this stuff up, so I think I’ll let your words say it all. WELL PLAYED! YOU’RE DOING GREAT??.

12 Jul 2024 19:58:00
That was my sarcasm at the end.
I said it because I knew you would point it out lol.



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