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09 Jul 2024 19:41:05
Lilijgren, Timmons & mid-prospect for Vatrano.

Marner & Robertson for Crouse, Guenther & 1st round pick.

Kulak for Harvey-Pinard & 5th round pick.

Leafs sign Shattenkirk $2.5/yr
Oilers sign Suter $1.3/yr

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09 Jul 2024 21:35:32
Guenther isn’t going anywhere, he is gonna be a steady 40 goal guy.
Not sure if Anaheim would want that as a return
Habs want kulak back? Do not think so
Don’t see any of this happening.

09 Jul 2024 23:33:43
Who is the elite player in this proposal with Utah and who is just about to hit his prime?
Marner was a Top 5 RWinger in points last season and has consistently been a top ELITE player for more than a few years now.
Why are you making Marner out as an average player constantly?
Truthfully Treliving would want more than that package as Guenther is going to be good but not anywhere in the same class as Marner.

10 Jul 2024 14:09:52
I’m not making him out as average. I’m stating that Utah is keeping Guenther. I will add that elite should only be thrown at players that win.

10 Jul 2024 19:56:48
So Marcel Dionne and Gilbert Perreault weren't elite players?

10 Jul 2024 23:47:04
You are putting marner in with them? Don’t think so.

10 Jul 2024 23:49:54
Do you even watch anyone else other than the leafs? Doesn’t seem like it.

11 Jul 2024 00:38:13
My point is Dionne and Gilbert Perreault never won a Cup.
If you think Marner won't be in The HOF after he retires you are also delusional.
Marner is an elite forward.

11 Jul 2024 01:56:52
Then why trade him?

11 Jul 2024 02:53:07
Marner does better in playoffs than Dionne. ( I think, he was retired before I was born) . Why would the leafs trade a super star? Because they have 3 super stars and Tavares making 45 million.

11 Jul 2024 15:46:38
Dionne actually slightly higher points per game. Funny you say leafs have 4 superstars. You think if they were actually superstars they would have achieved something. Tavares contract done next year, so I say again if he is that good you think try to keep him at all cost. Lol.

11 Jul 2024 18:42:05
Dude let’s say Edmonton had Makar, Mackinnon, Paniran, McDavid, Bedard and a prime Wayne Gretzky. How are they going to keep all of them under the cap? Super stars are expensive and you need depth.

13 Jul 2024 14:59:02
the issue isn't having a lot of superstars. it is overpaying 2 of them before they deserved it.



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