05 Dec 2021 15:49:59
Devils Trade
4th Round Pick 2022*

Leafs Trade
Ho-Sang (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2022

*NJ will choose which one of their three 4th Round Picks will be traded to Toronto.

A kind of Trade rebuilding Teams like NJ do and Contenders do like The Leafs.

Thoughts ?

1.) 05 Dec 2021
05 Dec 2021 21:01:29
Ho Sang isn’t being traded, the only reason he’s on an AHL-only deal is because Toronto doesn’t want to run the risk of waiving him because they want him in the AHL and don’t have space on the NHL roster. There’s mutual understanding between his camp and the Leafs, he isn’t going anywhere otherwise he would’ve signed an NHL guaranteed deal with some other team - he believes in Torontos system and Toronto believes in him. Besides, you can’t trade AHL contracts in NHL deals.

Second off, that still seems low for Zacha. Ritchie will probably get traded and won’t cost the Leafs anything to dump because as I’ve said before, NHL GMs are idiots who think useless guys like Ritchie have value, but in a trade package, his value is almost just being a contract filler, not positive/ negative despite the cap hit. Dermotts an eh 6th dman, probably valued decently but with Subban/ Hamilton/ Smith/ Graves/ Severson/ Seig, Dermott isn’t really needed in Jersey. He’s just jn the same situation as in Toronto. The 1st is nice, but to get a guy like Zacha, it’d probably cost a 1st + a prospect, rather than two guys Jersey has minimal use for.

2.) 05 Dec 2021
05 Dec 2021 21:26:04
I’d like to see HoSang given a chance before he’s traded.

3.) 06 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021 11:33:31
I love the postings from guys that have all this unknown knowledge. lol.