26 May 2022 08:11:08
mtl- gallagher-hoffman-allen

fla- bobrovsky-duclair

mtl get a starting goalie,(overpaid)
and a good player who was healthy scratch in playoff

fla get rides of bobrovsky (if he waive lol)get a good team player and hardworker( miss that kind player in playoff) in gallagher. a good veteran goalie helping knight. Hoffman already know the guys and replace duclair scoring touch on the 3rd line

habs- petry-cgy 1st pick 2022

buffalo- 9th pick overall

habs free cap space from petry and get better pick.
Buffalo get the experiece rhd to play with power.

habs- 9th overall-josh anderson- fla 1st pick 2023

nj-2nd overall

habs- weber- drouin-3rd pick 2023

arz- fischer

seems weber has positive value for yotes and drouin can bounce back with ice time, less pressure and a french coach or they just flip him at trade deadline next year. habs unload a lot of cap space

habs sign marchment 5year 27.5M
sign reilly smith 2 year 12M
sign letang 35 M 4 year




1.) 26 May 2022
26 May 2022 15:21:46
None of this works. Sorry. Until the Habs know what is going on with Price, there is no sense making goalie deals. Also, all if these pretty much favor Habs big time.
Not sure how Neiderieter was added, and you sign Smith, yet I don't see him in the line up.

2.) 27 May 2022
27 May 2022 05:26:46
Not sure but Calgary’s pick is what 26th? There is zero chance Buffalo does that. Retain 50% on Petry and you can move up a few spots maybe.