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10 Feb 2020 22:01:13
PIT - Galchenyuk

NAS - Granlund.


1.) 11 Feb 2020 00:50:09
Looks like Chucky is on way to Wild? For Zucker.

2.) 11 Feb 2020 00:51:30
And is that's the case. the Pens are the first power team to stike 1st in the arms race! . this is the most exciting time of the regular season!

3.) 11 Feb 2020 01:09:19
Cant do that! Alex G is now a member of the wild. penguins get their guy in Zucker!

4.) 11 Feb 2020 15:57:37
Lol bad timing on that proposal. They can still technically make that trade with Minnesota I guess.



04 Feb 2020 12:02:54
EDM - Khaira

DET - Perlini.


1.) 04 Feb 2020 21:34:08
Not bad but I mean, Perlini is the younger one who would fit us better.

2.) 04 Feb 2020 21:56:58
Over a full season he’s on pace for 6 points so I’d argue he doesn’t fit very well.



22 Jan 2020 09:15:57
BUF- Rodrigues, 2020 2nd
NYR- Georgiev, conditional 2021 3rd

*If Rodrigues gets under 40 points the pick is a 6th.


1.) 22 Jan 2020 19:21:32
Gerorgiev is worth more, Rodriguez is a bum.

2.) 23 Jan 2020 04:22:29
What if he gets 40 points and they also move up into the 2nd round in this trade. Will he get a 1st?



11 Dec 2019 02:00:07
NAS - Turris (33% retained), 2020 1st

LAK - Kovalchuk (50% retained), Lewis (50% retained)


1.) 11 Dec 2019 15:21:39
I don't know why at this point anyone would want Kovalchuck?

2.) 11 Dec 2019 18:57:18
Nashville trades away Turris’s contract being the best part for them in this trade. Maybe retain only a million and not two. But they also have a terrible PP and Kovalchuk would help.

3.) 12 Dec 2019 05:32:42
LA isn’t going to take on all those years of Turris contract just for a 1st. It’s going to cost a lot more than that. Marleau cost a 1st and there was only one year left on his contract. Even with retention it will be a lot higher payment to dump that boat anchor contract.

4.) 12 Dec 2019 15:41:25
They also trade Kovalchuk who they’re healthy scratching though. Turris is a solid vet that’s overpaid but he’d make Carter expendable. LA needs to do a retool and gaining a 1st is a good start. If the value is off then Nashville can add another pick potentially.

5.) 12 Dec 2019 16:38:31
But Toronto didn't have to take back bad contracts or retain on Marleau for that 1st. here, Nashville spends its first but doesn't erase it's problem and for los Angeles to receive a 1st + for anything involving Kovalchuk seems off.

6.) 12 Dec 2019 18:54:38
Marleau only had a year, Turris has 5. Nashville trades it’s 1st and loses most of his contract while getting back two guys that could help for playoffs. Kovalchuk at 3M isn’t bad. LA gets a 1st because they take back a bad contract obviously. Calgary is going to get a 3rd for trading away Neal.



09 Nov 2019 20:23:37
EDM - Puljujarvi
NJD - McLeod, 2nd/ 3rd.


1.) 09 Nov 2019 22:16:34
I read NYR has the most interest in Pul right now. And names mentioned in the article were RHDs Fox, Deangelo and Lias Anderson. I think it was Chris Johnston of sports net.

2.) 09 Nov 2019 23:47:08
Well no way Puljujarvi gets them. It’s not like he’s dominating the Finnish league or anything.

3.) 10 Nov 2019 01:57:17
Pulijujarvi is playing more then a ppg in Finland Wich is considered domination imo for that league. But even if he had 50 points already, every game he plays on a big ice is going to make it harder for him to re-adjust to the small surface Wich would make any GM very hesitant to trade for him. I'd give Josh Brooks straight up from MTL for him but nothing more.

4.) 10 Nov 2019 03:26:02
you probably don’t even know how many goals/ points he has VB. You’ll have to look it up now.
11G, 20P In 18GP is garbage. I think he’s second in goals or points in the league. What’s dominating to you? He should be leading the league in points and double the second place guy hey?
No wonder you were called out for being an idiot in fantasy league. Lol.

5.) 10 Nov 2019 04:49:40
Don't know if that was sarcastic or not, but JP is dominating the Liiga. 3rd in goals, 6th in points.

6.) 10 Nov 2019 12:25:42
He’s not even 1st On his team in points. Sure he’s one of the better players in the league but it’s not like the Finnish league is the KHL or even AHL. He should be putting up 1.5 points per game if he wants to make an impact at the NHL level. I don’t even know who the guy ahead of him on his team is.

7.) 10 Nov 2019 13:59:29
I got to agree with vbb. JP is playing in like the fifth or sixth best league, not one of the best in the world. No nhl team sends their top prospects to develop in Liga. He’s just going to get lazier playing the bigger open surface against lesser competition. It will be very difficult to break him from bad habits.

8.) 11 Nov 2019 17:03:25
Ok, boomer.




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15 Mar 2020 18:37:03
What are Oiler fans early thoughts on Athanasiou?


1.) 15 Mar 2020 21:19:09
He has more to offer than he has so far. I like that he is an RFA so we can potentially see how he’ll do with a true fresh start next season because I think he can get back to 20isj goals per season but to this point he’s been mediocre.

2.) 15 Mar 2020 23:31:53
I have optimism since Holland has seen a lot of him. But from what I’ve seen he’s been a very perimeter player and hasn’t created a lot.

3.) 16 Mar 2020 15:08:19
At best, I think he’s a 20 goal 40-50 point forward imo.

4.) 26 Mar 2020 09:11:26
A 50 point player is a top line player on some teams in the league. Not the good ones. But 50 points would have led scoring last year on a few teams.



12 Mar 2020 02:38:26
Pionk was a horse for the Jets tonight. Might have been a steal by the Jets….


1.) 12 Mar 2020 12:35:27
Yeah, he has actually been much, much better than Ranger fans lead us to believe. Not as big or physical as Trouba but a better puck mover definitely.

2.) 12 Mar 2020 15:12:57
When the Jets traded Trouba for Pionk and #1 pick I believed that the Jets lost the trade big time. However with the great play of Pionk, his age, reasonable contract and value to the team he has shown he alone was worth the trade for Trouba. Also the draft pick turned into Heinola who looks to be a keeper having played the 1st 8 games of the season where he recorded 5 points and averaged over 18 minutes per game. Only his physical size and the Jets history of keeping draft picks developing in the minors until they are over-ready stopped him from playing the entire season on the Jets. This trade set up the Jets backend nicely for the future.



12 Mar 2020 00:50:33
Burke through out the idea of 8 team playoffs instead of 16. It would allow them to push back playoffs. Thoughts? Do you think the NHL will cancel playoffs? Will the cap still go up considering lost revenue?


1.) 12 Mar 2020 11:17:51
Doesn’t matter what they do, these playoffs will be with an asterisk no matter what if they cancel the rest of the regular season. And I say that knowing the Oilers are in the playoffs. It would be just that Oilers-esque to win the Cup in an asterisked season. Haha. Yet if the leafs won I’m sure the parade would go on as planned in spite of coronavirus and it would be called the greatest playoffs in sports history 😂

In any case this stupid virus is a bummer and hopefully it’s contained soon. Sports are the least of the worries these days.

2.) 12 Mar 2020 14:54:26
Yeah there really is no good solution I just want to see the Oilers in the playoffs considering it’s been twice in 15 years! Lol.



15 Feb 2020 00:25:51
How many games for Kassian? I think it can be anywhere from 2 to 10 considering the league’s inconsistency. Also this doesn’t happen very often. But I’m going to guess 4 games.


1.) 15 Feb 2020 07:23:31
Got 7 games, still too few. Yet, positively surprised it was 7 at least, which tells you all you need to know about the DOPS.

2.) 15 Feb 2020 12:44:55
Yeah I think I’m having a hard time separating the bias. I’m definitely okay with 7 on this though. Skinner got 2 games in 2012 or something like that for kicking so I figured 4 or 5.

3.) 15 Feb 2020 15:09:40
The DOPS is under pressure to make any offenses punished harder than in 2012. I thought he would get 5 games but I also wouldn't have been surprised if he got 10 games. There is no black or white but a lot of grey area now in handing out punishment.

4.) 15 Feb 2020 16:12:08
That was so childish, lol. This guy can’t control himself on the ice.

5.) 15 Feb 2020 17:52:43
The Oilers should have bought Kassian's contract out the minute he signed it.

6.) 15 Feb 2020 19:40:09
Could you imagine what the Oiler fans would be saying had a leaf player kicked someone like a toddler? I remember chirp and yupp when Kadri was still a leaf. They thought Kadri should be tossed from the league.

7.) 15 Feb 2020 20:11:10
I thought Kassian should’ve gotten 5-8 games and he got 7. Seems about right. It was a bonehead move, he deserves it. Just such a selfish and stupid thing to do. So the Oilers are down another player and going to have to really claw to make the playoffs now.
And NotToday, don’t put words in my mouth you stain. I never said Kadri should be tossed from the league but I absolutely said he is a dirty player because he is. How about you just don’t even talk about me, okay? You skid mark.

8.) 15 Feb 2020 20:52:09
Yeah just a crazy thing to do. Definitely lost some respect across the league for that.

9.) 15 Feb 2020 21:55:35
Lol, ok chirpy.

10.) 15 Feb 2020 23:19:00
Kadri was a POS yes sir.
I no way shape or form do I think what Kassian did was acceptable in the league. I haven’t heard a single Oilers fan say it was. Good call bud.

New Name I’ve never seen NotToday, but you remember some thing from years ago, were hurt by it and bring it up now to try and bash us.
So, who are you really? Why the name change?

11.) 16 Feb 2020 00:38:42
Chirp is mad. Is the wife making you sleep on the couch?

12.) 16 Feb 2020 06:01:12
Pipe down, vb. I just don’t appreciate losers making junk up regarding what I’ve said in the past to support their stupid arguments. I’ve never said Kadri should be kicked out of the league. Never. NotSmart or whatever his name is simply decided to add his name to the list of whimpering whiny leafs fans who make everything about them and the leafs by making up some BS about other people.
And before all other leafs fans on here have a conniption fit, I’m not saying all leafs fans are whimpering whiny derps. Not all of you are. But some are and you know it and NotSmart is one of them.

13.) 16 Feb 2020 12:47:59
Obviously what Kassian did was wrong but if we judged people based upon our worst actions we’d all be monsters. I know what it’s like to get over emotional on the ice personally and it’s a spit second thing. He’s a dirty hockey Player because that’s what he’s payed to be. If he was cheaper I’d love him on the leafs.

14.) 16 Feb 2020 13:05:55
people who use multiple logins with vastly different names over the course of years on a random blog site full of strangers are the definition of internet troll.

got discredited by strangers too many times? . better change my name

get. a. life.

15.) 16 Feb 2020 17:23:27
Pretty sad Ovie, that’s for sure.

16.) 16 Feb 2020 22:25:52
Good for Chirp. Not Today has been a month peice a few times to me as well.
Who do you guys think this clown may be? From his old names?

17.) 18 Feb 2020 11:46:01
No clue really Sosa, but he’s definitely a soft little man who was hurt by some words in the past. Maybe a Leafs17 second account? He tries to just take shots like this at me all the time.

18.) 19 Feb 2020 19:23:33
Well said Ovi. Basically if you call back to any instance on this site from before you changed your name - all your credit is lost.



17 Nov 2019 18:42:27
Which group of players would you want from the 2013, 2014, 2016 drafts between the Oilers and Flames?

Monohan (6th), Bennet (4th), Tkatchuk (6th)


Nurse (7th), Draisaitl (3rd), Puljujarvi (4th)


1.) 17 Nov 2019 19:24:27
I think the flames have a slight edge right now but puljujarvi could still sway that back to the oilers favour whether it be him or whatever they get in trade.

2.) 18 Nov 2019 01:50:17
I’d probably agree habby.
Draisaitl >> Tkachuk > Monohan > Nurse > Bennett >> Puljujarvi.

3.) 18 Nov 2019 14:42:13
Flames, simply because of Puljujarvi.

4.) 18 Nov 2019 15:47:55
Andersson (53rd), Kylington (60th)
Jones (117th), Bear (124th)

Parsons (54th), Dube (56th)
Benson (32nd), Wells (123rd)

5.) 18 Nov 2019 21:46:44
1st one is Calgary again 2nd one is about as close to even as you could get.

6.) 19 Nov 2019 05:05:09
I'll take the Flames simply because of Puljujärvi honestly but Draisaitl is so good. As for 2015 and 2016 i'd say Flames for 2015 and Oilers for 2016 Andersson and Kylington give them a huge edge

7.) 19 Nov 2019 18:50:20
I actually looked closer in stats and the last 3 years Bennett has had 26 and 27 point seasons. Puljujarvi was on pace for 25 his rookie season. I feel like another season or two in the NHL and he’ll be at least comparable to Bennett value wise.




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05 Apr 2020 17:22:49
Doughty has about as many years of being a top D man as Matthews has on his contract before he leaves Toronto.




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23 Mar 2020 20:54:25
I’m not sure what there needs are so it might not be the perfect pieces for them but the value is enough they probably couldn’t say no to the offer.




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23 Mar 2020 17:51:56
Nothing in that offer the Ducks would want for Manson? Your way off in Mansons value if I had to guess.




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19 Mar 2020 14:51:22
Apparently Bill Daley said shortening next season isn’t going to happen. I think have 5 game series until the last round is a good idea. I know it’ll barely help but it’s a start. These guys will definitely need a few regular season games to get back into as well. Might just have to scrap the season 😬.




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15 Mar 2020 18:33:10
Also VB I think you said he was an elite passer or something like that?





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