25 Jun 2021 15:15:24
LAK: Tyler Madden and 40th overall

NYR: Pavel Buchnevich

The Kings have an abundance of C prospects and the Rangers are slim in that department. Madden becomes the Rangers best centre prospect. Buchnevich is rumoured to be on his way out after his contract expires ( RFA )

LAK: Dustin Brown 50% retained ( 2.25 million )

Florida: 2022 1st

The Panthers could use the leadership in their bottom 6 he's a similar add to Foligno and still plays a very well 2 way game.

Eichel goes to Anaheim along with Ristolainen for Zegras/Drysdale and 3rd overall

Rienhart goes to Vancouver for 9th overall and a small add

Mathew Tkachuk heads east

LA: 8th overall

Columbus: Patrick Laine

Columbus and Laine just haven't been a fit so they part ways and LA takes a chance on a player with 50 goal potential.

LA: Alex Turcotte and Jonathan Quick

Minnesota: Kevin Fiala

The king pick up a solid 2 way player in Fiala and the the wild get a goalie who was able to steal a playoff series in the past and might have 1 more year left in the tank. The wild are desperate for Centres and Turcotte has 2 way 2c potential. It's rumoured there is a 50/50 chance that Fiala is traded due to him already almost being moved due to contract disputes.

1.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 15:44:17
Wagner/ Anderson-Dollan/ Lias Andersson/ Lemieux/ Moore/ Grundstrom.

2.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 17:02:40
After what Columbus gave up to get Laine I think they’d want like 8 + Villardi
A first for Brown is a bit rich but I think its good value with the retention. Just heavy protection on the pick. At least lottery and conveys to 2 seconds.

3.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 17:42:21
Laine just isn’t worth that after the season he just had.

4.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 19:27:20
I know he isn’t worth that. I’m saying Columbus isn’t going to trade him for cheap because of what they gave up to get him- it makes them look really bad. He also still has an insane ceiling if you put him on the right team.

5.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 22:12:05
Vb. I don't know if you can judge a young guy on this last bad season. I do see the risks though. he's not playing like he once was. he's still worth a lot however, as he is so young, and has done a lot . he seems to be a bit of a headcase though. like he doesn't much care about the game sometimes.

6.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 22:37:33
I’d be shocked if Anaheim gave up the much for Eichel and risto. If anaheim stays the course they’re only a year or 2 away from being competitive again. They’re better off keeping and developing these high caliber prospects than trading for Eichel who hasn’t proven jack rubbish. I like Eichel and I think he’s a awesome player, but he’s not a leader and he hasn’t shown that he can carry a team. Great trade for Buffalo bad for anaheim.

7.) 25 Jun 2021
25 Jun 2021 22:38:56
My bad, just noticed it was drysdale OR zegras… that’s my bad! Still no for me…. I love drysdale, still pissed that Ottawa didn’t draft him.

8.) 26 Jun 2021
26 Jun 2021 00:18:06
Sanderson is better anyways.

9.) 26 Jun 2021
26 Jun 2021 06:50:17
I'll bet Getzlaf would be a great influence on eichel, but I don't think duck's should trade for him. Keep your prospects, even with eichel, you're not ready to compete.

10.) 26 Jun 2021
26 Jun 2021 14:28:40
I agree but they’ll be close to competing.