13 Dec 2020 16:23:38
Jets: Pionk

TB:Killorn, 2rd2021

1.) 13 Dec 2020
13 Dec 2020 16:44:36
Not a good deal for the Jets, as Poink has become a pretty good Dman, which Jets don't have a lot of depth in. also., wouldn't Kilorn have to wave for this. no offense to people in Winnipeg, but after living and playing in Florida, Winnipeg doesn't seem to appealing.

2.) 13 Dec 2020
13 Dec 2020 16:47:05
Not an upgrade for the Jets who can't afford to lose their 2nd best d-man.

3.) 13 Dec 2020
13 Dec 2020 17:02:37
Holy cow that's terribly thought out. Winnipeg gives up a young, very good defenseman that they need for an aging, bottom six player, that Tampa is desperate to dump and Winnipeg has absolutely no need for.

Less that zero interest from Winnipeg.

4.) 15 Dec 2020
15 Dec 2020 11:39:12
You're aware that if TB trades Killorn, it would be to save his cap? Also, value wise WPG probably declines, so a pretty bad trade all around tbh.