13 Feb 2020 21:10:52
Roslovic or Copp


What a steal for the Jets. They take home bank on this trade.

1.) 13 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 21:31:04
That would have possibilities.

2.) 14 Feb 2020
13 Feb 2020 22:46:43
The Jets could trade Copp and Appleton but not Roslovic as his upside is too good to dump him yet.

3.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 01:46:31
Jets add

4.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 02:29:13
Wow. Just wow. You winnipegers will contradict yourself one trade to the very next. So Jonhsson, who is a much better player than either Roslovic or Copp, doesn’t get Manson, but Roslovic or Copp do? How does that one work? No bias there at all eh JoeMarcus?

5.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 03:49:31
Terrible for ANA lol.

6.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 10:11:30
Leaf fans are such Toronto homers and embarrassing schills that you think that small, soft, 27 year old Johnson's worth more than what the younger, bigger Jets players are. Stop believing the Toronto Media Monsters hype that all the Leafs are so much better than they actually are, they aren't. How many Jets games have you watched as all three mentioned play a 200 foot game and teams other than the Leafs want players who play like that.

7.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 11:11:39
I’m actually more of a Rangers fan. And how many Leafs games have you watched anyway? It works both ways. I can’t imagine you’ve seen a lot of them. You are the homer and everyone on this site knows it. Size means nothing. Roslovic and Copp are bottom six players. Third line at best. They sick. Johnsson plays top line on Leafs and had more points last year than Roslovic and Copp added together. I believe he was injured this year m, and still has at least the same points than either Roslovic or Copp. You fall back to the whole 200 foot game crap because you know those guys suck. You sound desperate and pathetic. Another Jets fan that thinks his players are the next coming of Gretzky. Homerism at its best.

8.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 11:44:49
The Johnsson trade is a mute point as he's injured, again and will reappear on Robideau Island. Also how can any Canadian hockey fan not see the Leafs on TV as they are always on where the Jets are lucky to be on national tv 7 times a year. Really watch some Jets games and don't go by points in the stats columns.

9.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 13:26:54
You are hilarious with player valuations HF. I remember a month or so ago where you were saying that Seth Jones and Rasmus Ristolainen were equal players value and skill wise. You have no clue on player values.

10.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 15:48:52
Mega yikes.

11.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 16:55:43
No no no, you two jets fans** are insane homers and embarrass yourselves. Don’t try to call others out for exactly what you are. Nice try. No one here’s buying it.

12.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 16:58:20
And in some cases like smaller support bot six players like this stats don’t lie. Maybe if those two jets players had a few more stats like Johnsson the Jets might have another game or two won, another 1,2,3 points maybe and be sitting in a playoff spot right now? 🤔🤔. So maybe if those amazing two bot six guys were as good as this other Leafs player, maybe you would be a better team.
Crazy to think, hey. Stats. Huh. Who knew they kinda do mean something. But just keep those random bottom six players and don’t accept a deal on some fantasy site for a D man and stay the course. Whatever floats your boat, Homer.

13.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 17:26:00
Delusional Yupp you have lost any credibility to comment on any Jet players long ago. Even Leaf fans are not sad that soft, overpaid Johnsson is out of the lineup. How many Jet games have you seen? My guess is under 3. You can't even be called a homer as all you contribute is insults and uninformed drivell.

14.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 18:04:22
Yes I can call you a Homer because you are and you’ve proven it 100 times over again. You lost any credibility so long ago. Don’t even try to tell anyone else they have lost it when you haven’t had it for ever basically. Nice try. Go to bed.

15.) 14 Feb 2020
14 Feb 2020 20:02:31
When Jets fans call you a homer. lmao.

16.) 15 Feb 2020
15 Feb 2020 07:52:12
islandjet, johnsson only 25.