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25 Feb 2020 17:04:41
Ok so now that Ottawa got another 1st like I told you all they would for Pageau. How bout this to completely speed up the Ottawa rebuild, and remember, untill draft order determined this is hypothetical.

Ott : nyi 2020 1st, nyi 2020 2nd, nyi 2022 3rd (conditional), Gustafson, Chlapic

For the 7th - 10th overall (only if Askarov is still available)

Ottawa wins lottery with 1 of the other picks and gets 4th overall with the other.

1st - Lafreniere
4th - Drysdale
7th - 10th - Askarov

Top forward, top dman, top goalie.


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25 Feb 2020 17:25:06
Well hopefully Ottawa can turn it around. they should be able to. Problem is., Ottawa is a feeder team, similar to the Montreal Expos in MLB back in the 90's. They can't attract UFA's, and once there own stars hit UFA, they are gone. It's a shame. hopefully the trend ends.
As far as Lafrennier is concerned, guess it all depends in how the draft goes .
If. Ottawa lost some spots, and ended up with jets jus say the 5th, 8th and 12th. would you package them to whoever gets 1st and and get Lafrennier?

25 Feb 2020 17:49:38
Everyone was saying Paguea would fetch a 1st though.

25 Feb 2020 18:16:20
i would take byfield or perfetti over drysdale if they are available though.

25 Feb 2020 21:19:38
They have 9 picks in the top 76 in this draft which I hear could be a very deep draft. if only 3 of those players pan out, they'll be in pretty good shape with the prospects they already have. I'm excited for the future, but patient of course.

25 Feb 2020 21:29:29
No way that package gets a top 10 pick. They’d need to include White most likely.

26 Feb 2020 04:52:59
You’d probably have to send pack a better prospect if the 1st is out of the top 15

02 Mar 2020 19:10:56
Vbbbvvbb that's got to be the most biased response against Ottawa I've ever seen. Anymore than what is in this proposal and you're looking at a top 5 return minimum NOT the bottom part of the top 10, especially if white were involved in any way.

If guys like Barclay Goodrow and Brady Skjei can land 1st round picks in the draft then no reason to believe this package can't get a top 10 pick from 7th to 10th.

I mean honestly dude, who would be dumb enough to say no to a lower but still 1st round pick (mid round), a mid 2nd round pick, a possible 3rd in 2 years time, as well as a future starting goaltender (B+ prospect), and a B to B+ Center prospect who is ready to play now at NHL level for a top 10 pick (7th overall or later)? The fan base would be calling for their head. The only top 10 that are guaranteed to be a success are top 3 maybe 5. That haul is far more than enough without White involved!

02 Mar 2020 19:24:28
Unbiased NHL Fan Chlapic is NHL ready now and is a pretty solid center prospect.

And if you've been watching Ottawa lately, or specifically hogberg, that kid has been stealing points and some games they have no business even being a part of. Taking that into account, and knowing that Gustafsson is 1 of 2 goalie prospecs they have in Ottawa with a much higher ceiling than hogberg, pretty sure packaging him with ANY 1st as well as Chlapic, a 2nd, and a possible 3rd is more than enough to land a 7th to 10th overall pick. Especially when guys like Goodrow and schjei are getting their teams a return of a 1st lol. Just because it's Ottawa, that doesn't mean they have to pay that much more than other teams would.



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