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02 Sep 2021 00:05:54
To SJS :
C - Sean Monahan ( 6.37 @ 2 UFA )

To CGY :
C - Tomas Hertl ( 5.62 @ 1 UFA )

Hertl, 27
Monahan, 26

J Gaudreau - T Hertl - E Lindholm
A Mangiapane - M Backlund - M Tkachuk
J Pelletier - D Dube - B Coleman
M Lucic - T Lewis - T Pitlick

N Hanifin - C Tanev
J Valimaki - R Andersson
N Zadorov - C Mackey

J Markstrom
D Vladar

T Meier - L Couture - K Lebanc
E Kane - S Monahan - N Merkley
N Gregor - N Bonino - R Balcers
A Cogliano - L Pederson - M Nieto

M Vlasic - B Burns
R Simek - E Karlsson
M Ferraro - N Knyzhov

J Reimer
A Hill.

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02 Sep 2021 16:22:51
Value wise I see the main difference being 2 years of the slightly younger Monahan for a 1 year of Hertl.

If Hertl had equal term or an extension, I’d lean towards Hertl having the edge in value so Calgary would need to add. Not necessarily too much, like a 2nd/ 3rd or maybe an equivalent prospect.

If it’s just for rental Hertl, then this is an overpay by Calgary. Rentals don’t get much more than picks/ prospects unless it’s a Rental for Rental swap.

Also my guess is Calgary is going retool and compete. Sharks if moving Hertl would be going towards rebuild territory. So Sharks might not see Monahan as a fit for the rebuild. Calgary also May prefer a Right handed RW in place of left handed C in Hertl. Unless of course they move Monahan to get that RW and then have Hertl fill his spot.

So the deal proposed is interesting, would just need fine tuning based on a couple other factors.

02 Sep 2021 18:51:06
How does Monahan fit into the sharks rebuild? Makes no sense for sharks. They’d want a 1st and a prospect or a player like Mangiapane and a 2nd.

02 Sep 2021 22:34:56
@nylander I didn’t realize that they are rebuilding. They haven’t really done anything to signal that.

05 Sep 2021 23:12:43
They haven't really done much to say they aren't rebuilding either. Compared to the other teams in the division, if they have a good season they still are outside of the playoff picture.

13 Sep 2021 22:13:39
San Jose would have to add.

Monahan is a year younger but he and Hertl both came into the league the same year. With the exception of last year when Monahan was playing injured he's outpointed Hertl every year.

Monahan has 2 years left on his contract Hertl only has 1.

If Hertl had more than a year left on his contract too it'd be a lot closer.

01 Sep 2021 21:20:04
Devils Trade
Ty Smith
3rd Round Pick 2022

Leafs Trade

New Jersey I believe will be the most improved Team this upcoming season and adding Rielly and Dermott and will only make them that much better.

Leafs are in that position of having Rielly for probably just this season or look to the future and get much needed Cap Space, I believe this is a move that helps in the big picture.

Thoughts ?

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01 Sep 2021 23:31:56

NJ has the cap space to resign Reilly. Hamilton and Reilly should make a strong pairing.

It would depend on how both teams value Smith and if the Devils want to spend a big chunk of their cap on extending Reilly. They might have plans to spend that cap space elsewhere.

The tough part will be Toronto probably only does it if they view Smith as a top 4 but NJ might not do it if they do too.

02 Sep 2021 16:34:24
From what I know Devils are pretty high on keeping Smith. So I doubt they would move him especially for Reilly with no extension in place.

If they have Reilly guaranteed to be extended, then there is room to negotiate a deal here for sure.

Also like MoxNix said, it depends on how each team sees Smith on whether they consider the deal.

01 Sep 2021 20:48:02
CBJ: Texier, 2nd 2022

SJS: Hertl

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01 Sep 2021 23:11:13
Not enough for Hertl.

02 Sep 2021 21:12:24
hertl won't waive for clb.

31 Aug 2021 13:58:41
Islanders Trade
6th Round Pick 2022

Leafs Trade

Thoughts ?

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31 Aug 2021 14:29:34
What no Dermott?

31 Aug 2021 14:57:02
So please tell me why either team would say no?
Bailey was not protected in Expansion so he wasn't looked at as a key player on The Islanders.
Rielly is probably signing elsewhere but there is still this season for The Islanders and they are not rebuilding.
Leafs need a LWinger and to look at there young Defencemen.
Leafs also need Cap Space.

31 Aug 2021 15:53:46
To start with, the Islanders organization sees Dobson as a cornerstone piece. Having seen him from ice level at the Memorial Cup a few years ago, I can appreciate why. He's big, smart, and skates like the wind.

For that reason alone, the Islanders don't touch this.

31 Aug 2021 16:06:59
Bailey has a good contract, 5M for 3 more seasons is perfect for a veteran 50+ point guy. Hard to say but I’d guess he has more value than one season of Reilly? Maybe close. Regardless there’s nothing there that is equivalent to Dobson.

31 Aug 2021 16:49:40
Chickenfoot that's about what I thought though I wasn't sure about Dobson. I haven't seen him play and don't know much about him other than what's on hockeydb and other sites. He has good size, is only 21 and still on an entry level contract.

Agree with Ebsolutely on Bailey. He's a good winger on a good contract with 3 years left. Reilly makes the same money now but will be a UFA looking for a big raise next year. I'd keep Bailey.

Holl is ok. Just ok, nothing special. He plays 2nd pair in Toronto but would be 3rd pair on many other teams. I'd keep Dobson.

Kerfoot and Engvall as has been said repeatedly nobody wants them. Adding them makes the deal worse not better.

31 Aug 2021 17:11:15
Agreed on Bailey, I'd rather have 2 really good 5M guys than one 10M guy for depth reasons alone.

I think Bailey is a great value, but Dobson looks like the real deal. I'm 6-1 and this kid made me feel short.

31 Aug 2021 18:30:18
So Dobson is now the second coming of who Bobby Orr?
Bailey wasn't even protected in expansion and you want to believe The Islanders aren't looking to unload him?
Kerfoot does have value at 3.5m Cap hit, Rielly would be there best Defenceman this year.
We can agree to disagree but if I said Pulock or Mayfield besides Dobson you would still argue they are better than Rielly when they aren't.

31 Aug 2021 19:41:03
There's only one Bobby Orr. I was really impressed with all areas of Dobson's game. It was impressive to my eyes. (A member of my family dates one of the players and I can tell you he is highly regarded in the organization. )

I really like Rielly as a player. He had a tough year last year, but this is a contract year, and I expect he'll be ready to have a big year.

The challenge with Rielly is that he's due for a big raise, and has no term left on his deal. The leafs will rightfully expect a good haul.

31 Aug 2021 20:28:53

The Islanders aren't looking to unload either of those players.

Toronto is looking to unload Reilly because he's going to be too expensive to fit into Toronto's salary structure in a year.

Kerfoot and Engvall nobody wants, not the Isles, not Toronto, not any team! Toronto's been trying to unload them (and Dermott too) for some time now. If any other team did want them, they'd be long gone already! The reality is they don't add any value to a deal. Quite the opposite it's going to cost something to get anyone to take them.

31 Aug 2021 23:50:28
Bailey has no value but Kerfoot does? Seattle had a tough choice between Eberle or Bailey, doesn’t mean because he wasn’t taken he has no value. Plus Lamoriello is the only GM out there that would protect Martin over them.

01 Sep 2021 04:16:42
Who wants any of the Leafs trash. Give it up man.

05 Sep 2021 12:01:28
Not Being protected in the expansion draft has nothing to do with whether the team wants you or not there was only a limited number of spaces.

07 Sep 2021 09:58:56
@Chickenfoot I like Reilly too. I wouldn't say he had tough year when you consider who he was paired with. Reilly is only the 2nd partner who's been able to make Brodie look good.

30 Aug 2021 18:53:18
Calgary Trades
2nd Round Pick 2022 (Fla's Pick)

Toronto Trades

Probably never happen but for fun I have put this proposal out there.

Calgary is getting the best player in this proposal, plus overall better depth adding a 3rd Line Centre in Kerfoot, and a probable mid of the pack Defenceman on there Defense with Dermott.

The Leafs in this proposal do a few things, it gives them 2 Top 6 forwards to fill out the Top 6, it opens the door for Liljegren to play fulltime this upcoming season, and it clears enough Cap Space to be a little more flexible if they want to add during the season.
Plus adding a 2nd Round Pick only helps for the future.

Thoughts ?

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30 Aug 2021 19:26:38
It'd take more than Matthews and a couple players nobody wants to get Tkachuk and Monahan.

Tkachuk isn't being shopped but Monahan is.

Besides Toronto wouldn't do it anyhow.

Calgary would be interested in a deal with the main pieces being Monahan or Gaudreau for Nylander or Marner (with retention) or maybe even Reilly.

30 Aug 2021 19:35:22
No from Toronto. I like Tkachuk but him and Matthews are different tiers.
Put it this way, Matthews can score more goals than Tkachuk can get points.
Monahan boosts him a bit but isn’t a huge game changer.

If anyone goes it’ll be Marner.

30 Aug 2021 22:20:58
Toronto says not even close, and Calgary probably is happier standing pat too.

31 Aug 2021 15:37:33
I can't stand Matthews, but even i have to say he's on a whole different level than Tkachuk. Unfortunately, he's a top 10 talent, maybe even higher., he gets a way better package than that.

31 Aug 2021 21:26:39
Monahan is a throw in scrap in a Mathews trade. He’s not even a supporting piece. If you want a player like Mathews or Mackinnon ( ones younger the other is currently better ) you’re giving a young 2 c, top dman and 1st+

Think Sturtzel, Chabot and 2nd for Mathews. He’s that good. I’m not even being bias that’s what I’d ask for Drais, Mackinnon, a healthy Eichel, etc.

30 Aug 2021 18:02:24
MTL: Dvorak

ARI: 1st & 3rd (Carolina '22) + Ylonen

Montreal completes the deal by sending a fruit basket & chocolates to Carolina's Tom Dundon, with a thank-you card for his expen$ive hissy-fit.

(Ironically, KK + Ylonen would NOT have gotten Dvorak, but this may.)

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30 Aug 2021 19:37:10
Kk and Ylonen would definitely get you Dvorak.

30 Aug 2021 20:51:29
Dvorak is probably a little better than Kotkaniem right now but Dvorak isn't going to get any better than he is now while Kotkaniemi still has the potential to be much better in the long run.

30 Aug 2021 22:23:00
Dvorak has a lot of suitors. I doubt KK and Ylonen would have gotten you Dvorak.

Dvorak is a great piece at the right price. I wouldn't give up more than this.

30 Aug 2021 04:34:53
To Calgary:
2022 first round pick
Kotkaniemi (with offer sheet matched)

To Montreal:
Sean Monahan

Montreal gets out of a bind with the offer sheet on KK.

Calgary gets.

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30 Aug 2021 05:09:39
Accidently posted. I was working on a post when I realized it wouldn't work, went to cancel and hit the post button.

30 Aug 2021 15:33:24
I’d do it.

30 Aug 2021 16:07:39
This transaction is impossible under league rules.

KK can't be traded by ANYONE this year, either by the team that offer-sheeted him, or by the Habs if they matched.

31 Aug 2021 21:29:40
I this were legal you don’t trade a 21 year old 3rd overall pick who’s looking like a 2c for someone like Monahan or Ryan Strome.

01 Sep 2021 04:29:11
they just have to trade the right b4 matched then cgy matched.

01 Sep 2021 15:40:23
GIS1838: under the CBA the only two teams KK can possibly play for this year are CAR or MTL.

30 Aug 2021 01:16:27
Ottawa receives Drouin and a 2nd in 2022 for Tierney.
Ottawa gets a low risk high reward player (they have money to spend, and if he sucks just leave him on ltir) and they get a pick.

Montreal gets a depth forward and sheds cap so they can resign KK.

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30 Aug 2021 16:09:28
You can't put a player on LTIR "if he sucks".

LTIR is for injured players on "long term injured reserve". He's ready to go, and can't go on LTIR.

30 Aug 2021 19:36:46
He’s still on LTIR… practice team him and if he sucks than never take him off.
Leaving a guy on LtIr is exactly what Tampa did.

30 Aug 2021 22:26:55
Tampa embellished the injury, and strung the league along.

Drouin has been declared ready and won't come off LTIR till the players start getting paid again when the season starts. Similarly, Weber won't play this year, but won't go on LTIR till the players start getting paid again.

Regardless, you can't put a player on LTIR "because you think he sucks". Fact.


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