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25 Jul 2020 19:31:22
Pionk, Perrault (cap dump)

Now before everyone jumps all over my ass with "Nylander is a winger not a Centre", Nylander did go through the leafs development system as a Centre. Keefe and Babcock both pointed out that he has strength there, and playing with Ehlers and Laine, he definitely would not disappoint.

Perrault is still a decent player I guess but he is obviously getting paid about 3 million more then he should be (comparing his contract to Pierre Engvall's contract extension as they are both good defensively and are 4th liners who can fill in on the 3rd line if need be).

Trading him and let's say trading Roslovic to rid themselves of Little (whose NMC turns into a modified NTC next season) would open up enough space to sign a guy like Krug or Pietrangelo. You may even be able to sign them both if you want, and even if you can't, signing let's say Krug and Brodie could definitely still bolster that blue line as well. I mean with the leafs out of the running for Brodie after this trade it would definitely improve your chances, especially if he wants to stay in Canada.

Okay memarcusjoe and islandjet me have it

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25 Jul 2020 20:21:01
The Leafs aren't doing the Jets any favors trading a soft, way over paid winger in Nylander and expecting the Jets to give up Pionk who would be on the Leafs top pairing. Nylander would be behind Connor and Ehlers both of who know how to back check and play in their own zone which Maurice demands. The Leafs should keep their over paid winger.

25 Jul 2020 20:36:31
Hmm a 30 goal scorer who was on pace for a career high in points who makes just under 7 mill a year is overpaid? You may want to check your logic there buddy. Also I suggested Nylander as the Jets second line Centre, if you actually read the rest of the post you would have seen that. He would not be behind Ehlers and Connor, and in fact he is much better then Ehlers so even if he was on the wing he would be ahead of Ehlers. He had the one more point including 5 more goals this year in 3 less games.

25 Jul 2020 20:45:04
I don't care that he went through Toronto's development system as a center. It would only matter if the Jets scouting staff were convinced he could play center. If they were convinced he could then maybe it would be a possibility, but not for Pionk as that just makes the defense worse to improve the forwards and doesn't improve us as a team. It would have to be largely for futures which Toronto wouldn't do.

Plus the Jets wouldn't have any interest in Krug and can't afford Pietrangelo. Perreault's contract is only for one more year, so no real need to move him.

25 Jul 2020 20:48:02
Now I know islandjet just blurts out stuff without checking his facts first. He missed the entire reason the Jets do this trade. It gives them basically the best top 6 in the league with a new 2C, rids them of terrible contract, and although they do give up a good defenceman, they easily have the money to sign one and possibly even two top 4 defenceman in free agency to replace him, especially if they are able to move out Little.

25 Jul 2020 21:04:09
With Maurice as the coach Nylander would not play at center for the Jets as he is horrible in his own end. At least Ehlers who had 58 points and was a +14 this season knows how to back check and plays a 90 foot game.
Nylander who had 59 points and was a -2 because he's soft, lazy and is only seen in his own zone when he's picking the puck out of his own net. So don't try to say he's better then Ehlers, he's not. If Nylander is so great why is he always mentioned in trade posts by Leaf supporters? Answer that.

25 Jul 2020 22:28:25
I don't care that he went through Toronto's development system as a center. It would only matter if the Jets scouting staff were convinced he could play center. If they were convinced he could then maybe it would be a possibility, but not for Pionk as that just makes the defense worse to improve the forwards and doesn't improve us as a team. It would have to be largely for futures which Toronto wouldn't do.

Plus the Jets wouldn't have any interest in Krug and can't afford Pietrangelo. Perreault's contract is only for one more year, so no real need to move him.

25 Jul 2020 23:37:35
Sigh, whatever, it’s fair value that’s my point, and islandjet +/ - is not really a good stat to go off of, especially when the leafs have Ceci on their top pairing for most of the year.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense for the Jets, so they probably don’t do it but it’s fair value like it or not.

25 Jul 2020 23:44:01
Memarcusjoe, the jets have over 15 million in cap space next year, and that’s without trading Little. Saying they can’t afford Pietrangelo is a bit odd to me, unless you think he wants a 12+ million dollar deal.

26 Jul 2020 00:24:10
Nope. Not enough for Pionk and Perreault. got to be Matthews.

26 Jul 2020 02:53:55
Mostleaf, yes the Jets have 15 some mil cap space if Little comes back, but that is with only 14 guys signed, I believe. So, if we manage to sign Demelo, a backup goalie and all our RFA's we might have 5-7 mil for a possible 2C and maybe a few mil for a vet D-man.

No room or desire to give Krug or Pietrangelo big contracts.

26 Jul 2020 03:31:14
I can’t tell if St. Louis fan is being sarcastic or not, I think he is but I’m not sure lol.

26 Jul 2020 04:23:46
Nylander to me is not as much overpaid as I thought but we need to remember that his stats are inflated since he plays with stud players and a stud center. To me on a team in mtl he’s a marginal 60 point player which they can get paid more if they get 30 goals in there. If he gets a few 60 points season and maybe 2 70 point season plus 30 goals a year or so he’ll be worth his money or clost.

26 Jul 2020 06:44:32
Please tell me why Nylander would be playing under Ehlers? Ehlers has Laine on his Line and he still doesn’t produce. I would not do this trade from a leafs POV. If Nylander is moved I expect a dman like Dobson, Seinder, Weber, Burns, Dumba, Pesce, Pulock etc. I don’t think Poink is great I just think he fits in perfectly with the Jets system.

28 Jul 2020 16:56:46
Well vbb you're have to add if you except most if not all those defenseman.

29 Jul 2020 02:26:09
Matthews and Marner
Pionk and Perrault

O'Riellu and Parayko
Little and Roslovic

Sorry about your new cap problem Winnipeg. At least you got the bestest defenseman in the whole wide world on your team now. Parayanko Gon win that cup you see now too. He's the bestest.

24 Jul 2020 14:58:39
3 Team Trade Proposal.

Buffalo Trades
Eichel (New Jersey)
Jokiharju (Toronto)

New Jersey Trades
Hughes (Buffalo)
Zacha (Toronto)
Severson (Toronto)
7th Overall Pick 2020 (Buffalo)

Toronto Trades
Hyman (New Jersey)
Kerfoot (Buffalo)
Kapanen (New Jersey)
FGauthier (New Jersey)
Dermott (Buffalo)

Trade Breakdown

Eichel / Jokiharju
-JHughes / Kerfoot / Dermott /
7th Overall Pick 2020

New Jersey
JHughes / Zacha / Severson
7th Overall Pick 2020
-Eichel / Hyman / Kapanen /

Hyman / Kerfoot / Kapanen /
FGauthier / Dermott
-Zacha /Severson / Jokiharju

This Proposal helps in Player return, cap and a needed trade splash for all 3 Teams.

Thoughts ?

Agree4 Disagree18

24 Jul 2020 16:10:36
I know what everyone else is going to say, but I think this is a fair deal, but simply not something that would happen. Buffalo and New Jersey are giving up the most but also getting the most in return.

Toronto in the other hand gives up some really good forwards in Hyman and Kapanen who are easily top 6 on New Jersey, a 3C, and Dermott who can step into a top 4 role on a rebuilding Buffalo team almost right away.

I’m exchange we get a 3C who is still young, Severson a top 4D that could use some work in his own end, and Jokiharju and up an coming defenceman who could play a bottom pairing role for them.

I wish the leafs could get a little more giving up Hyman as he is very valuable to any team, but I know everyone else will disagree with me so I ain’t going to even argue.

24 Jul 2020 16:15:47
Buffalo get screwed and the Leafs give up expendable 3rd/ 4th liners and a bottom pairing d-man and gets back 3 good, inexpensive, young players.

24 Jul 2020 16:37:43
Dude islandjet

Hyman+Gauthier=Zacha and a pick but there is no pick

How is that an underpayment from Toronto.

24 Jul 2020 16:39:51
Yeah Toronto absolutely makes out like bandits here no surprise. I’m a leafs fan and even I am getting annoyed.

24 Jul 2020 17:06:37
Typical Pinball trade. Toronto improves significantly for minimal cost. Props to vbbb for evaluating the deal without bias. That is hard for fans to do at times.

24 Jul 2020 17:25:50
vbbbvvbb and memarcusjoe The Leafs make out as bandits?
Eichel is the best player in this proposal and he goes to The Devil's
Hyman is on the Top Line, Kerfoot right now is better than Zacha as a 3rd Line Centre, Kapanen and Dermott aren't throw in players, only FGauthier you can truly say is a 4th Line Centre, so value you wise you are both out to lunch.
I know so many on here won't accept anything coming from Toronto, I guess if Marner is exchanged for Kapanen then it's fair right?

24 Jul 2020 18:09:53
You know this trade got moved to the leafs rumours site and most people there agree that its a fair trade for the leafs, some even believe its an overpayemnt. Although you guys may not agree, its how many fans feel. Its not that we overvalue our players, we just feel that simply because they play for Toronto that many people view them as useless and not worth much.

I think Buffalo gets screwed more here then anything else, and people just resort to saying the leafs make out like bandits when really all they get is a 3C and a couple defenceman who have trouble in their own end. Yes these players are young, but so are Dermott, Kapanen and you could even make an argument for Hyman as well as he is in his prime. Of course when you trade young, valuable players like that, you expect young guys in return, it's just how it works. It feels to me that many of you are just biased against the leafs because you feel threatened by them and how good they are going to be over the next decade, so any trade that makes them better you shoot down and say it would never happen.

The value that the leafs give up in this trade is basically the exact same, or even more then the value they get in return. The problem is that Eichel is probably worth a bit more, and Buffalo could probably just make a trade straight up with New Jersey or another team and get more in return. The problem isn't the assets that are being moved by Toronto in this trade, it's just that it's too complex to ever work and its much more likely Buffalo would rather keep Eichel or try to get more elsewhere. Also think about it this way, if you take out those two guys, the leafs are still giving up Hyman and Kapanen, their top 2 wingers after Nylander and Marner.

The only thing that I would change in this trade is take out Jokihirou and Dermott as I don't really see a point in getting Jokihirou if we are getting Severson and when we already have Liljegren who seems to be ready for that bottom pairing role, and even if he isn't we also have Lehtonen and Holl who can fill out the right side. I also see Buffalo keeping Jokihirou as if they trade Eichel they will immediately go into full rebuild mode and start trading everyone who doesn;t help their rebuld (except maybe Skinner because nobody wants that contract) .

24 Jul 2020 18:37:26
No Pinball you're just too invested in the Leafs to look at things honestly.

NJ does alright on the deal, but only because they end up with Eichel, by far the best player in the deal.

So, let's look are what Toronto is giving up and what they are getting.

They give up:

Hyman- decent player, benefits from playing with high-end linemates like a Pat Maroon. However, he is 28 and 1 year away from looking for a huge UFA deal based on what he has done in the past. So, that pulls his value down quite a bit to a re-building team.

Kerfoot-slightly expensive 3rd/ 4th liner that the Leafs need to move due to bad cap management. Maybe worth a high 2nd or low 3rd at best.

Kapanen-good player, but not good enough to get a top 4D without a decent add.

Dermott-okay 3rd pairing defenseman that will be looking for a decent pay raise this summer.

Gauthier-dime a dozen player that every team has a handful of. Worth pretty much nothing.

They take in:

Zacha-a slightly worse, but younger and with a better contract C than Kerfoot. Win Toronto, on cap savings.

Jokiharju-a younger, cheaper, higher upside, already better version of Dermott. Win Toronto, on better younger player and cap savings.

Severson-a good RD defenseman, with a great contract. Definitely not worth giving up for an okay 3rd liner and a one year rental for a re-building team. Win Toronto, they get a top 4RHD that they desperately need and cap savings as well.

So, Toronto clears out at least 2 players they will lose anyways due to cap mismanagement and replace them with better and cheaper versions.

We know how you do things Pinball, the only team that ever comes out ahead in your deals is Toronto.

24 Jul 2020 18:44:10
Most of the Leaf fans are blind homers that over hype and over value their players. They them wonder why Dubas has to overpay their players to stay in Toronto and keep Leaf fans happy.

24 Jul 2020 20:41:43
What if you replaced Hughes with Hischer.

24 Jul 2020 21:08:46
There's no reason for Buffalo even be in this deal mostleaf. Other than Pinball trying to get another good player to Toronto for lower quality/ bad contract/ older players, so it doesn't matter if it it's Hischier or Hughes going to Buffalo.

NJ and Buffalo as building/ re-building teams should not be dumping young players for older, more expensive players.

24 Jul 2020 22:26:56
Okay well how about Kapanen, Engvall and Dermott for Severson and Zacha. Age is no issue there and it’s probably the closest thing your going to get to a fair trade.

25 Jul 2020 00:37:21
If I we're NJ, I'd say no. Severson is a decent top 4RHD on an excellent contract.

Engvall is another player with basically zero value as an equal player could probably be picked up off waivers.

Kapanen is an okay 3rd liner, but nothing more. He averages 37 points a season, so isn't a top 6 player and is much easier to find than a top 4RHD.

Dermott is an alright bottom pairing guy, but will be looking for a significant raise and he along with Kapanen will probably cost more than Severson and won't provide better value.

Why would Jersey consider trading Severson to Toronto for a "fair trade" value, when you are coming to them and they're a better team if they just stay with what they have?

25 Jul 2020 02:48:15
I feel like kap and dermott are the home town heroes. Kap top line winger in Toronto, however no other team sees him as such. Dermott the amazing d-man that's a5-6 at the moment. Every team has them, but we don't try to trade them away. In Calgary it's backlund and brodie.

25 Jul 2020 12:00:57
Just spare parts from Toronto like usual. Kapanen only player with actual has value.

25 Jul 2020 17:27:22
I think your seriously undervaluing Kapanen and Dermott. I’m sure if it was Roslovic, Niku, and Appleton you would say that’s an overpayment from the Jets.

25 Jul 2020 17:34:01
Also Dermott probably gets a bridge deal at around 2 mill, so that is not a huge raise, and Engvall is already a proven NHL player who just struggled during the back half of the season because he had no good linemates because of all the leafs injuries. He especially had great chemistry with Mikheyev before he got hurt.

Again a clear case of people undervaluing leafs players and overvaluing other teams players.

25 Jul 2020 18:04:05
Leafs make out like bandits as usual.

28 Jul 2020 17:04:47
Islandjet calls leafs fans over valuing there players. That's funny. Jets fans do the same thing on this site.

24 Jul 2020 06:16:54
Hot take:
(Habs off-season moves 2019-20)
To start: 5mil cap space

Trade lehkonen for 3rd 2021 & 4th 2022
=7.5mil cap space

Trade petry and byron for 2nd 2021 & 2nd 2022
=17mil cap space

-domi (3mil rfa) -> 6.5mil x 5yrs
-mete (975,000 rfa) -> 2mil x 3yrs
=13mil cap space left

UFA/RFA signings
- (ufa) krug 7.5mil x 5yrs
- (ufa) shattenkirk 3mil x 2yrs
- (ufa) maroon 1.5mil x 1yr
- (ufa) kovalchuck 1mil x 1yr


- (rfa) sergachev 5mil x 5yrs = 1st & 3rd 2020
Instead of krug 7.5mil x 5yrs

- (rfa) labanc 3mil x 3yrs = 2nd round pick 2020
Instead of maroon/kovalchuck





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24 Jul 2020 13:26:14
Don’t think Sergachev takes that deal. It will probably be closer to 6.5 or 7 mill imo.

25 Jul 2020 02:49:32
Kovalchuk boosted his worth. Not 1m for him next year.

25 Jul 2020 03:10:40
Ya I was obviously hoping for that number at best but like u said close to 7mil makes sense.

25 Jul 2020 09:48:52
If you think Sergachev would take 5X5 to leave TB for MTL, the team he seems pissed at because they gave up on him early, let alone TB not matching 5X5, you're next level deluded. Try again, no one is leaving TB via offer sheet this summer, sorry to break it to you.

25 Jul 2020 12:05:13
Is 1 of most crazy things I've read on here.

26 Jul 2020 00:31:28
I can't think of a single team that can afford the 10 million and would be willing to pay two second round picks to take Petry and Byron off your hands.

24 Jul 2020 00:54:05
Tor: Vic Rask 50% retained 2020 5th
Minny: Kerfoot

Rask can bounce back on a much better team in the leafs playing 3C with Kapanen as one of his wingers

Leafs get cheaper 3C whose good defensively, better at face offs and can chip in offensively

Agree2 Disagree8

24 Jul 2020 13:26:40
Rask sucks. Even at 2 mill he still isn’t worth Kerfoot.

25 Jul 2020 02:51:01
Rask is not worse than kerfoot, if he is it's still a wash trade. Not 50% retained plus a pick.

29 Jul 2020 02:33:50
Um. How is Rask not worse than Kerfoot? This I got to hear. Unless you are thinking Boston's goalie. VICTOR RASK is a sh1tty 4th line player in Minnesota that is basically the worst player on the team. He sucks. Everyone in the league is better than him. Half the AHL is better than him. How can you seriously claim Rask and Kerfoot is a wash?

24 Jul 2020 00:47:25
NYI 1st
2nd: highest and lowest
TOR: Nylander/ 3rd

Relieves cap space for Toronto and adds plenty of potential players: Jarvis, Quinn, mysak, Foerster.

Ott: 3rd/ 4th zaitsev, Pinto, Lassi Thompson
Van: Ericsson/ tanev

OTT: Duclair, c. Brown, Formenton #5 pick
BUF: Eichel

OTT: L. Brown Anisimov
NJ: Subban

Ottawa signs Hall for 4 years at 8.5 after getting low ball offer from ARZ

Ottawa drafts Byfield




I'm a little biased so I apologize
Maybe Lehner signs with sens 2? I just wish my sens were good :' (.

Agree0 Disagree11

24 Jul 2020 07:31:34
Heck no from Buffalo and Hall. You’ll have to drastically over pay someone to go to Ottawa.

24 Jul 2020 13:27:55
Why would the leafs trade Nylander for that garbage? If you trade an Elite player you expect and Elite player or two decent players on good contracts in return.

24 Jul 2020 14:56:35
Way too much for elite haha Nylander and not enough for Eichel.

24 Jul 2020 16:44:00
If that’s way to much for Nylander, Ehlers must be worth a 3rd tops.

25 Jul 2020 03:08:31
That only gets nylander if the leafs really want that pick. (Which they probably view nylander as worth more)

Also not close on eichel.

25 Jul 2020 18:06:14
Tanev is about to be UFA, if his rights is all it will take to dump Loui then I’m all for that lol . I wish.

29 Jul 2020 02:46:07
Why would Ottawa want to trade White after they just signed him to that sweet long term deal? They wanted him on the team long term. They got what they wanted didn't they?

02 Aug 2020 21:40:45
Nylander will not be moved till his contract up and Ottawa not dumb enough to overpay a rival that much

Vancouver trade is laughable, Ottawa would be nuts to do that crap

Eichel deal not half bad bud I'd sooner move batherson over Formenton

And Ottawa has no reason to go after a bum like Subban let alone give brown to get him, not a chance

You're NOT a true sens fan if you think these trades are good for sens lol Eichel one is good the rest suck and would hurt the team more than help it.

23 Jul 2020 18:26:26
Habs- 2nd pick (40th pick)

Edm- koskinen-1st pick

Edm can go after holtby

Habs sign kovalchuk 1y/3M

Habs sign vatanen 2y/6M

Buyout alzner




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23 Jul 2020 21:59:39
Bobrovsky just got 10M tax free so I wouldn’t want to give Holtby what he’s going to ask for.

24 Jul 2020 12:25:01
Where is J. Kotk?

25 Jul 2020 03:14:45
So edm gives up their goalie plus a 1st rounder? For a2nd rounder?

Hehad a better year than Holtby. And I don't think anyone believes Edmonton was better defensively than Washington.

23 Jul 2020 03:20:00


Agree2 Disagree12

23 Jul 2020 11:59:13
I’d give Nylander to the Blues to keep Faulk. He’s awful the leafs need a PKing defensive dman who plays 25 min a night and as soon as the puck leaves the defensive zone he skates off. Not the exact opposite. Faulk is garbage and overpayed he is garbage now and always has been same as Tony DeAngelo.

23 Jul 2020 12:00:08
How about Lucic to the blues for Kyrou and Dunn.

23 Jul 2020 16:00:32
Leafs can’t afford that and Faulk isn’t the defensively reliable guy we need.

24 Jul 2020 03:27:28
How bout no vb. Lucic is the definition of suck.

24 Jul 2020 16:44:43
Both players suck lol.

24 Jul 2020 16:58:47
i will have to say that faulk is way more than lucic.

23 Jul 2020 02:41:42
I think that the Redwings can reduce a trade of old. They should send Cholowski to AZ for Jacob Chychrun.
AZ is in cap He'll they way Det. Was with Datsyuks contract. JC makes 4.6 mil and Cholowski is about a mil. The notes have only a 2nd round pick this yes.

Agree1 Disagree6

23 Jul 2020 12:00:36
That’s laughable for Arizona.


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