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20 Jan 2022 16:13:12
Canucks trade: Miller, motte, Schenn

Rangers trade: Chytil, Schneider, 2nd round pick 2022

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20 Jan 2022 03:01:40
To EDM: RD-Josh Brown @1.20/UFA2022

To OTT: LD/RD-Slater Koekkoek @925k/UFA2023
To OTT: C/RW-Kyle Turris @1.65/UFA2022 + C/RW-Derek Ryan @1.25/UFA2023 + LD Prospect-Dmitri Samorukov @ELC/RFA2022 + 2022-7th Round Pick-EDM

To EDM: C/LW- Nick Paul @1.35/UFA2022

Turris had success in Ottawa and may be welcomed back and Ryan is sent to replace Nick Paul's Penalty Killing should Ottawa be willing to move him. Otherwise, Cap Dump by Oilers for former 3rd RD Pick Samorukov + a 7th.

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20 Jan 2022 02:24:52
To BUF: G-Mikko Koskinen @4.5/UFA2022 + LD-William Lagesson @750k/RFA2022

To EDM: LD-Robert Hagg @1.60/UFA2022 + G-Dustin Tokarski @725k/UFA2022

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20 Jan 2022 16:19:35
That would huge for Edmonton but Buffalo would want more than Lagesson. Maybe Samurakov would be enough? Probably still need to add.

20 Jan 2022 19:46:54
Koskinen = Hagg + Tokarski; RFA Lagesson is the incentive for Buffalo

Koskinen is still a Good Goalie, he's just cursed in Edmonton and has Poor Defenders in front of him, specifically Barrie and Ceci + 1/ 2 the Forwards.

20 Jan 2022 00:06:58
To OTT: LD/RD-Nikita Zadorov @3.75/UFA2022
To CGY: LD-Dillon Heatherington @750k/UFA2022 + 3rd RD Pick-VAN

Option: Ottawa sends Nick Paul instead of VAN's 3rd Round Pick, but takes either Tyler Pitlick or Brad Richardson (if Sutter okays it) back too.

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20 Jan 2022 02:19:53
Why does Ottawa do it.

20 Jan 2022 03:41:39
Zadorov is a Big 6’6 235lb Former 16th Overall Pick and Ottawa is short on NHL Ready LD’s.

Currently they’re using a 23 year old RD Prospect = Brannstrom for their 3rd Pairing LD and a 21 year old Rookie in Bernard-Docker with only 11 games under his belt on the 1st Pairing since Zaitsev is injured. Both healthy scratch’s = Mete is small and Heatherington doesn’t have near as much NHL experience and they don’t have any other Prospects ready, so Zadorov fits the bill and should appeal to them.

They like Russian D-Men and would likely sign Zadorov to a mid-to-long term contract if he does well there this year. Only really cost them a 3rd for a Top-4 D-Man + Heatherington, which they signed as a FA.

20 Jan 2022 04:05:07
If they don’t want to pay the 3rd (they have 3 of them), then send UFA Nick Paul instead if they’re not planning to re-sign him for Pitlick, who may do better there or they’re free of him after the season = little risk.

20 Jan 2022 12:45:07
Sens are out of playoff picture. If they want Zadorov they can just pay him next summer. I don’t see the point in giving up assets for him now just to help the flames out.

20 Jan 2022 20:00:52
You're not wrong, but my view is it's a 3rd OR UFA Nick Paul + UFA Heatherington = not much to see if Zadorov is a fit and to try and charm him in to a Team Friendly contract. Waiting till Free Agency will create competition and could drive up the price on Zadorov.

Zadorov is likely tired of bouncing around at this point in his career, so is probably looking for a long-term NHL stay. He might feel more comfortable and play better with two other Russian D-Men too, so I think Ottawa would appeal to him where he would likely be slotted on the 2nd D-Pairing with Zub or Zaitsev. Ottawa paying something to show they value him, could go a long way as well. If not, he may just go back to Russia and play in the KHL.

19 Jan 2022 14:09:51
Alexander Georgiev G
Julien Gauthier RW
3rd 2022

N.Y. Rangers:
Mikko Koskinen G
Dylan Holloway RW
Philip Broberg D
2nd 2022

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19 Jan 2022 15:40:46
Does Georgiev even get a Cory Schneider (can’t think of any other comparable rights now) type return? Because that would equivalent to one of Broberg or Holloway. I know the Oil need to give to get a good goalie but this is a bad trade for them.

21 Jan 2022 00:08:20
LesHabitants probably meant Kaapo Kakko or Alexis Lafreniere instead of Gauthier and Filip Berglund instead of Broberg lol.

In any event, Holloway and Broberg aren’t going anywhere’s unless EDM gets greater value in return.

18 Jan 2022 19:04:41
To Arizona: $3.175mil
RW/C-Kailer Yamamoto @1.175/RFA2022
RW/LW-Brendan Perlini @750k/RFA2022
C/RW-Derek Ryan @1.25/UFA2023
C/LW-Tim Soderland @ELC825k/RFA2022
2023-3rd Round Pick/or Zach Kassian

To Edmonton: $3.3mil
LW-Lawson Crouse @1.55/RFA2022
RW-Christian Fischer @1mil/RFA2022
C/RW-Riley Nash @750k/UFA2022

To Arizona: $4.5mil
RD-Tyson Barrie @4.5/UFA2024
LD-D. Samorukov @ELC825k/RFA2022

To Edmonton: $4.75mil
RW-Phil Kessel @3.4/UFA22 (50% Ret.)
RD-Ilya Lyubushkin @1.35/UFA2022

To Detroit: $5.425mil
G-Mikko Koskinen @4.5/UFA2022
LD/RD-Slater Koekkoek @925k/UFA2023
RW-Cooper Marody @ELC/750k/RFA2022
RW-Tyler Tullio @ELC/843k/RFA2024
G-Luca Munzenberger (90th Pick-2021)

To Edmonton: $5.4mil
G-Thomas Greiss @3.4/UFA2022
LD-Marc Staal @1mil/UFA2022 (50% Ret.)
W/C-Namestnikov @1mil/UFA2022 (50% Ret.)
(Maybe DET Takes Sceviour or Turris Too?)




Oilers give up Koskinen, Barrie, Yamamoto + 6+ Prospects to Get Bigger, Improve Defensively + Add Scoring. They can now Waive/Trade Sceviour & Turris (Maybe Try to acquire BUF-RD/RW Mark Pysyk for Insurance), Kassian becomes expendable and is shipped to Arizona instead of the 3rd OR to Pittsburgh for something (+ ? for Bryan Rust)

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18 Jan 2022 20:00:02
I don’t hate Barrie and don’t think Kessel is worth getting rid of him.
I don’t really see Detroit’s incentive of giving up Greiss for Koskinen.

18 Jan 2022 21:33:59
Oilers have too many Offensive D-Men and not enough Grit and Toughness or Defense First and Net Protection guys back there, so adding Staal and Lyubushkin would upgrade their Size, Hitting, Shot Blocking, Front Net Presence and Penalty Killing on a budget.

No Goalie will do any better in Edmonton without them getting better Defensively first. Detroit doesn't really need Griess. Koskinen will play better there or DET moves him at the TDL for another Pick/ Prospect. Hopefully Greiss returns to his usual form by playing more games in Edmonton as their #1. At his age he may prefer to be on a contender whereas Koskinen likely just wants out of Edmonton ASAP. Maybe there's a better Goalie option, but this moves Koskinen out, while not rushing or panicking to find the long-term Goalie solution or costing a ton of assets to do so.

Arizona needs help scoring, so bring back their former #12 pick in Perlini who's already had success there + Yamamoto and perhaps Kassian as well. They take Ryan back because they still need a Centre and PK guy to replace Edmonton Born Riley Nash who hopefully plays better than Ryan. Fischer isn't doing much and up until recently Crowse wasn't offering much scoring either, so it's a shake up to bring more Size, Hitting and Defense to EDM's forward group and More Scoring to Arizona's.

EDM needs a Top Scoring RW far more than Barrie. Yamamoto is too small and inconsistent. Kessel will excel in EDM with McDavid and Draisaitl. Namestnikov can play anywhere, he's Smart, Defensive, Kills Penalties and can put the puck in the net as well= >Foegele.

18 Jan 2022 21:54:36
Sorry, Nash was born in Consort, AB a couple hours away and the incentive for Detroit to retain to take Koskinen and Retain Salaries was the 3 Prospects I included.

18 Jan 2022 22:32:13
Oilers waived William Lagesson today, one of their best Defensive LD's. I would have proposed him to DET, but Koekkoek is the one constantly injured, who doesn't kill penalties or produce any points and is pretty soft for a Hockey Player. Oilers made a mistake IMO and will likely lose Lagesson to waivers now for nothing in return. They're going in the wrong direction and making more bad decisions. Yikes!

19 Jan 2022 17:05:35
I’m not saying I don’t agree with trading Barrie, I’m just saying that a return of Kessel doesn’t add more grit and toughness.
I’d rather Barrie than Kessel, so the trade just doesn’t make sense.

19 Jan 2022 19:28:41
Kessel brings Elite Scoring Ability. He's not as feisty as Yams, but @ 6ft 202lbs, Kessel's much Stronger and Harder to knock off the puck then Yamamoto @ 5'8 153lbs is and he'll score twice to four times as many goals as Yam's can too.

Lyubushkin @ 6'2 201lbs, Crowse @ 6'4 220lbs, Fischer @ 6'2 214lbs and Nash @ 6'2 185lbs bring more Size, Grit and Toughness, but more important Defense than Barrie @ 5'11 197lbs and Ryan @ 5'10 185lbs. Crowse and Lyubushkin are both Super Physical and Throw Tons of Hits, which the Oilers need more of. Kassian Throws Tons of Hits too, but he's expensive at $3.2mil, doesn't Kill Penalties and doesn't play much on the Power Play either, whereas Crowse and Fischer can do both; they cost much less than Kassian too.

Perlini is the only guy with Size going out, but the Oilers don't trust him as a Top-6 Forward, which is where he's best suited, as he's primarily known for his shot. He's not a Bottom-6 Defensive Guy, while Namestnikov, Crowse and Fischer are.

Marc Staal isn't that much Bigger than Koekkoek, but he's More Experienced, Better Defensively, Smarter and Kills Penalties + he's More Reliable; Koekkoek gets hurt all the time. Having Russell (and Lagesson if he somehow doesn't get claimed) makes Koekkoek (an offensive D-Man) expendable.

I think my proposals dramatically improves the Oilers this year and allows them to move out more than a few bad contracts and opens up a Ton of Cap Space in the off season for Holland to re-sign or pursue some Free Agents. I also did so without giving up any picks (unless Arizona wants a 3rd instead of Kassian), just some prospects that the Oilers don't really need or seem to want to use anyways. The Detroit Trade is maybe less imperative than the Arizona Trade, but it's the kind of Shake Up the Oilers need.

20 Jan 2022 03:53:33
@HockeyDad I honestly think Kessel would score a ton in Edmonton, but What do you think Barrie’s Trade Value is and Who do you think he could bring back to improve the Oilers? My other proposal was Ristolainen out of Philly.

18 Jan 2022 18:15:39
BOSTON trades:

3rd (Calgary's)

DALLAS trades:

Klingberg (pending contract extension)

Why it might happen:

- Dallas wants 3 pieces back
- all 3 players named have requested a trade

Why it might not happen:

- Klinger is UFA, DeBrusk is RFA. Most UFA's want to test free agency when they're finally eligible. (On the flipside, with a flat cap for up to 3 more years, Klinger may be agreeable to this scenario.)

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18 Jan 2022 19:13:39
If Boston is prepared to take on a $7-8mil/ yr contract on Klingberg, I think this works and DeBrusk + Senyshyn are probably enough.

Boston would need to make sure they have Cap Space for him next year, but Bergeron may decide to hang them up OR they could simply move a contract out, so it's definitely doable and makes them a greater contender this year.

18 Jan 2022 19:16:47
DeBrusk is essentially a UFA if he chooses to be. He won’t get qualified at 4.4M. Unless they can talk cheaper contract extensions? Either way Klingberg gets at least a conditional 1st/ 2nd + player/ prospect. This package is like 3 3rd’s IMO.

19 Jan 2022 01:59:45
That’s a Good Point @Ebsolutely! No wonder DeBrusk hasn’t been moved yet. I wouldn’t lose good assets for a guy not worth his current contract, let alone his Q. O. and may be available in Free Agency for no acquisition cost. His value is definitely lower because of this.

18 Jan 2022 11:12:41
After seeing thatguy’s Draisaitl trade, i want to attempt one of my own and I added another couple of trades in.

To New York Rangers :
C/ W - Leon Draisaitl ( 8.50 @ 4 UFA )

To Edmonton Oilers :
(2022) First-Round Selection
RD - Braden Schneider ( ELC )
RW - Kaapo Kakko ( ELC )
G - Alexander Georgiev ( 2.42 @ 1 RFA )

[ I think this trade would work for both sides. Rangers were really high on Eichel, they have the assets and cap to acquire Draisaitl ]

To Pittsburgh Penguins :
(2022) Second-Round Selection
RW - Zack Kassian ( 3.20 @ 3 UFA )

To Edmonton Oilers :
RW/ LW - Bryan Rust ( 3.50 @ 1 UFA )

[ Pens want to get tougher, they were very interested in acquiring Lucic but Calgary didn’t want to trade him ]

To Montreal Canadiens :
(2022) First-Round Selection [ NYR ]
(2023) Second-Round Selection [ EDM ]
RW - Kailer Yamamoto ( 1.17 @ 1 RFA )
G - Mikko Koskinen ( 4.50 @ 1 UFA )

To Edmonton Oilers :
LW - Tyler Toffoli ( 4.25 @ 3 UFA )

[ Obvious reasons ]

To Boston Bruins :
RD - Tyson Barrie ( 4.50 @ 3 UFA )

To Edmonton Oilers :
(2022) Second-Round Selection
LW - Jake Debrusk ( 3.67 @ 1 RFA )

[ Boston is very weak on their right side, Edmonton could use another forward ]

Tyler Toffoli - Connor McDavid - Jesse Puljujarvi
Zach Hyman - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - Kaapo Kakko
Jake Debrusk - Ryan McLeod - Bryan Rust
Warren Foegele - Derek Ryan - Brendan Perlini

Darnell Nurse - Evan Bouchard
Duncan Keith - Braden Schneider
Slater Koekkoek - Cody Ceci

Alexander Georgiev
Mike Smith.

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18 Jan 2022 12:27:28
So basically you think Tyler Toffoli and Draisaitl are similar in value.

Personally I think it would have to be a monster offer…

Like Strome + Laf + 1st + maybe even more prospects.

18 Jan 2022 16:00:25
I have no clue what it would take to get Draisaitl and I think your proposal is pretty solid but I think you need to add an NHL top 6 forward to replace him. Also maybe drop the 1st in the Toffoli trade and add something small?

18 Jan 2022 16:04:24
I think Drais is worth more.
I don't think Montreal can do that with Price and Allen already taking up $13M in cap on goalies.

18 Jan 2022 19:19:00
Thunder Turkey, Koskinen is a UFA.

18 Jan 2022 19:19:26
Draisaitl is worth the Equivalent of at least Four (4x) 1st Round Picks, but he's just too good and on way too good of contract for the Oilers to consider trading him IMO. The Oilers do not need to move McDavid or Draisaitl to solve their problems; they aren't replaceable.

19 Jan 2022 03:38:00
Both Rust and Draisaitl aren't going anywhere never mind for those crumbs.


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