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27 Feb 2024 11:10:09
Det kasper wallinder 1st 2024

Stl - buchnevich.

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27 Feb 2024 13:39:14
Interesting deal here @redwing1.

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27 Feb 2024 15:44:55
I dont like having Kasper in this trade, I'd rather include Berggren but overall this is a good package.

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26 Feb 2024 18:44:31
I have a creative 3 way trade similar to the trade that brought Ryan O'Reilly to The Leafs.

Chicago Trades Gust (AHL) to Washington for Mantha and The Capitals retain 50% of Mantha's expiring contract.

Toronto Trades a 1st Round Pick 2024 and their 2024 3rd Round Pick (NYI Pick) to The Capitals for Gust.

Chicago Trades Mantha with Chicago retaining another 50% of Mantha's expiring contact to The Leafs for NRobertson.

So in the end Washington trades Mantha retaining half his salary and getting a 1st Round Pick and a 3rd Round Pick in 2024 from Toronto.
Chicago gets NRobertson and retaining another 50% of Mantha's contract.
And Toronto gets Mantha and Gust.
With 2 retaining of 50% by both Washington and Chicago yes Toronto can fit Mantha into their cap.

Thoughts ?

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26 Feb 2024 20:32:28
Toronto passes. A 1st, 3rd and Robertson for a 30 year old ahler and Mantha who when healthy is an average hockey player. No thanks.

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26 Feb 2024 15:36:29
Sharks Trade

Leafs Trade
Grebyonkin (KHL)
3rd Round Pick 2024 (NYI Pick)

*SJ retains 50% of Rutta's remaining 2 years of his contract.

Sharks are rebuilding and this is exactly what teams like SJ do.
Toronto is getting a pretty good RHanded Shooting Defenceman that plays a solid defensive game.
So who today is going to spin it that Rutta is the next best Defenceman in the NHL and SJ would never accept a deal like this ?

Thoughts ?

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26 Feb 2024 18:18:34
It's definitely there value wise I think. Once one of the top dmen available for trade get traded it will help to gauge what the ones below will garner in return. Again though I think we should let it ride out this year and regroup in the offseason. See where our prospects/ depth players are at, grab another 1st round prospect this year, and see what FA has to offer. Best case scenario is we stay hot and can carry the play into the playoffs and maybe go on a run.

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26 Feb 2024 18:58:05
- "Grebenkin" is an unsigned draft pick from 2022, so if SJ really wanted him, they or any other NHL team can sign him as a Free Agent this summer when he's no longer your team's property. He has zero value in trade.

- Timmins is out indefinitely with "mono".

- So your trade for Rutta comes down to a 3rd. AND SJ retains for 2 years?

Get real Pinball. stop wasting everyone's time with these ridiculous homer trades of yours. They're getting worse, and that's saying something.

It isn't "spin" when someone disagrees with you Pinball, just like it isn't "leaf bias" when someone disagrees with your one-sided trades.

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26 Feb 2024 20:11:22
Grebyonkin's KHL contract ends after this season not The Leaf rights.
Please at least post facts not what comes out of your own head.
Yes you are spinning this because it's a Leaf trade.

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26 Feb 2024 20:34:54
Rutta is a 5/ 6 dman on most teams. But to retain for 2 years the Leafs would need to add.

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26 Feb 2024 20:35:04
Also Chickenfoot if a player plays in The KHL which Grebyonkin does Toronto's rights are indefinite, other European Leagues its 4 years.
Grebyonkin was drafted in 2022 so even if he wasn't playing in The KHL which he is Toronto would still have 2 years of rights to Grebyonkin.
Again I hope I have educated you so you stop putting your Chickenfoot in your mouth.

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27 Feb 2024 01:26:44
Yah I was pretty positive we owned his rights for at least another year. He is having a pretty good season in the KHL. Take out the retention and I can see SJ being interested. Timmins gives them a younger right shot dman going forward. Not sure if you can trade players who are on the LTIR, SJ would have to see him as someone they can use next season. Grebyonkin is a low risk, mid return player for SJ. From scouting reports I've read he's a bigger body at 6'2 and is primarily a pass first kind of player with pretty good foot speed. SJ is years away from being in the playoff hunt and with Rutta's age he's expendable for SJ.

Everything will come down to what Tanev gets traded for as he's the top RHD that's likely to get traded and will determine what market value is for the players below him.

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27 Feb 2024 04:26:17
PINBALL & MG: you are correct about the KHL transfer agreement. GOOD FOR YOU PINBALL! 👍. (I’ve never seen you own when you’ve been wrong about anything, but I have no issue with it. )

It’s still a ridiculous trade, and the reality of the trade deadline returns will likely come as a shock for you. Generally teams aren’t looking to add guys with mono at the deadline.

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27 Feb 2024 08:57:03
Lol no most teams aren't, but mono isn't forever and the Sharks can afford to wait for his return. It's not outrageous to think that this could land Rutta though. Timmins likely is a regular in SJ's lineup once the mono passes, Grebyonkin gives them a decent prospect, and a 3rd is a 3rd. Get rid of the retention all together from SJ as that does likely make that pick a higher pick because of it.

It will all come down to what Tanev gets as that will set the market for RHD defensive dmen, Grier's interest in Grebyonkin and whether he thinks he ever makes is way across the pond to play in North America. For comparison Grebyonkin's stats in the KHL are better than what Panarin's were at the same age. Whether they can translate to North American hockey and the smaller ice is the question mark.

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27 Feb 2024 13:01:36
I will always own up to being wrong, what I post is strictly my opinions on Trades.
I will respond if I feel someone else is wrong about certain players.
For example in this proposal SJ is rebuilding and a player like Rutta would be moved to get future assets, Timmons, Grebyonkin and a 3rd are future assets, as for the retention Rutta has a $2,750.000 cap hit for this season and next which means SJ will be on the hook for only $1,375.00 for 2 seasons cap wise which isn't huge for a team rebuilding.

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27 Feb 2024 13:58:52
PINBALL: I would agree that 1.375M isn't much for a rebuilding team, but I just don't see any incentive to SJ to make this trade as proposed.

The 3rd can be seen as compensation for retention, but I just don't see SJ seeing either Grebyonkin or Timmins as an enticing package. If they move Rutta it will be for a better package than this in my humble opinion.

For what it's worth, I haven't seen you acknowledge when you were wrong, ever. You didn't see me taking a lap when I bulls-eyed the Monahan trade, etc., nor do I have any issue accepting when I've gotten it wrong. Full kudos to you on this one. I think the reality of the trade deadline trades and returns will be a big surprise to you.

MG: agreed that Timmins' mono isn't forever, and that SJ can afford to play the long game, I just don't see why they'd be enticed to make this trade? They'll be looking for high picks or prospects with upside.

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27 Feb 2024 14:58:18
@Chickenfoot Grebyonkin could be looked at as a potential mid/ high level prospect. Key word is obviously potential. Like I said at the same age as Panarin he has more points in the KHL. That's a very promising thing going for him and shows that the potential is there. Whether that potential is ever reached is a complete unknown, like it is with any prospect.

End of the day Grier would have to be pretty high on that potential. Could they get better offers? For sure. Could an offer like this be enough to entice him to pull the trigger? For sure. All comes back to whatever Tanev gets dealt for will set the market for that level and the level below IMO. Should be interesting and I still hold the preference of the Leafs making zero moves and going with the group they have right now. They're hot right now with some ugly wins, but playing good hockey for the back half of the season.

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27 Feb 2024 18:25:58
I hear what you're saying MG, and as usual, you make a lot of sense.

Every team needs to have guys playing and contributing on cheap ELC contracts, and this is especially true in Toronto where fewer draft picks have left fewer prospects to fill roster gaps.

My thinking is that if Grebyonkin was any good that he'd already be playing somewhere in the leafs' system, and be under contract.

Rebuilding teams are willing to take on cap if it boosts picks and prospects for a rebuild. I just don't see this package as enticing to SJ. Trade capital is something the leafs are short of at this deadline, and it will be very challenging for Treliving to not trade the two 1st picks he has in the next 3 years to address his deadline needs.

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27 Feb 2024 19:23:57
@Chickenfoot I think it's more they are letting him honour his contract before making a push for him to come to North America. I think the potential is there. He's got 19G, 22A, and 41P in 67 games in what some consider the 2nd best league in the world playing; and is only 20 years old. Everything you would ideally want in a prospect. With any player though that comes from over sees it's always will they be able to adjust to the smaller ice surface and the different style of play. From everything I've read he has the offensive skills to be an NHLer, his defensive game needs improvement.

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27 Feb 2024 21:44:10
I respect your point of view MG, and I will definitely be interested to see how this kid progresses.

As an unsigned Russian, and all that goes with being a Russian prospect in this day and age, I don’t see him or Timmins as meaningful trade chips that are going to move the needle much for a rebuilding team like SJ. Time will tell the truth I guess, as it always does👍.

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28 Feb 2024 12:10:36
For sure. A lot of unknowns for sure. Apparently the Leafs are looking at signing him to his ELC. Grier would have to be high on the potential and think that he'd sign with them.

The potential for a busy deadline is there, also potential for it to be a snooze fest. Hopefully lots of action.

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28 Feb 2024 17:20:39
MG: I'm leaning more towards the deadline being "sleepier" than usual. It's not breaking news to say it's a capped out league, and I think there will be more teams than usual sit it out, or make smaller moves.

In the long run I think your man Treliving is wise to take a stand and not trade either of his first round picks. Unless you think you're a move or two away, keep your powder dry. It's tough when you're not drafting enough because your roster gets too expensive too fast when you don't have meaningful contributions from players on ELC's.

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26 Feb 2024 15:35:42
Toronto - Adam Larsson (50% retained), P.E. Bellemare

Seattle - 24 1st Rd pick, 24 NYI 3rd Rd pick, 5th Rd pick (whenever), Nick Robertson, Conor Timmins

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26 Feb 2024 19:18:31
- I think you're close, but the second year of retention at 50% is going to cost something, provided Ronnie Franchise even wants to trade one of his more dependable D.

- Robertson has little value, and Timmins has even less value. plus mono. If you replaced those two with a better prospect (or a 2nd if you could pick on up in trade) .

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26 Feb 2024 20:37:14
Hopefully Toronto would pass here. I do like Larsson but not at that expense.

Robertson does still have value. He is only 22.

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25 Feb 2024 21:54:11
MTL : Jordan Harris
LAK : Alex Turcotte

Former high draft pick with potential, who's also a pending RFA and has had mild offensive production at the pro level for a young mobile 3rd pair dman with some potential but has been dealing with multiple injuries this season.

LA probably gets an upgrade for their 3rd, MTL gets another pending RFA "reclamation" project and eases the logjam of young defensemen in their lineup

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26 Feb 2024 10:03:42
- I agree that MTL will need to move some of their young D that they’ve developed, and that Harris is one of the likely candidates.

- I think Harris easily has top-4 potential, and I don’t see Turcotte as enough of a return for Harris. With so many teams needing cheap young D, I see Harris yielding more than Turcotte.

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26 Feb 2024 13:09:01
I think Turcotte could definitely turn into a top 6 player still. Everything is there, just needs to put it together. I do think that Harris may be one they hold onto.

Correct me if I'm wrong Habs fans but future dpairings are potentially likely to look like this:

Struble-Kovacievic/ Barron

Assuming they all develop accordingly and no significant injuries that's a pretty well rounded d group to potentially have in the future.

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26 Feb 2024 14:56:03
By the time Mathesson contract ends up engstrom and konyuskov will be NHL ready, and you forgot xhekaj, so I think Harris, stubble and Barron are expendable pieces for the habs.

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26 Feb 2024 18:09:51
@Bfg2357 I'll be the first to admit I'm not well versed with the Habs prospect pool so if you as a Habs fan is saying that then I'll believe it. Think there's an outside chance qe could see Xhekaj move to forward and play a 4th line role?

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26 Feb 2024 19:21:32
I tend to agree BFG.

No matter how it goes, some teams will get some good young D in trade with the Habs, who need to turn some of those prospects on D into a quality high-end piece up front. (Not Zegras. )

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26 Feb 2024 22:58:20
I would like to see xhekaj as a forward, so when he fight, we still have 6 d available, but I don't think they will do it, he's a good bottom pairing D with some offensive upside.

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27 Feb 2024 10:01:17
I hear what you’re thinking about turning X into a forward, but his vision from the point is sneaky good too, and he just won the Habs’ hardest shot contest when he fired a 106 slapper.

I totally understand the creativity of the suggestion, especially given the glut of young D, but this guy just seems like he’s perfectly suited to being an intimidating F. O. defender with some sneaky offensive skills.

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27 Feb 2024 12:23:47
Damn that's a bomb from the point. I was looking at it from the standpoint you move him upfront and you still keep the majority of young dmen coming up. Seen it before with Deslauriers and a few other guys who played D and got moved up front. I think him on a 3rd or 4th line would be fun to see especially with his brother (think mighty ducks d2 😂) . But very hard to justify moving a guy who can hammer the puck like that from his natural position back there. Hopefully they utilize him a bit more on the PP and give him the chance to get his offense going.

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27 Feb 2024 16:57:42
Future dcore would imo look more like this
Matheson reinbacher
Hutson Guhle
Mailloux (xhekaj struble)

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27 Feb 2024 18:29:29
That's awesome MG, and I forgot the Deslauriers was a d-man. I love to box and have a soft spot for the ham 'n eggers. The character it takes to do that job is something I respect very much.

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25 Feb 2024 17:22:53
Seattle Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Kraken retain 50% of the remaining 2 seasons of Larsson's contract.

Thoughts ?

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25 Feb 2024 17:32:23
Larsson is worth more than that without retention. Great defensive Dman that can play first pair minutes and is a right shot. Reaves is a cap dump, Timmins is a fringe nhl Dman who's already 25 and that 1st round pick is likely a late one.

If Seattle makes Larsson available, they'll most likely get better deals than this one.

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25 Feb 2024 19:31:53
As a fellow Leaf fan you make it impossible to put any stock in any of your proposals. Terrible for Seattle.

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25 Feb 2024 19:38:41
Look at deadline trades in the past, most are good players traded for minimal including salary retained.
Last season Leafs got O'Reilly, McCabe and Lafferty with salary retained and what did they give up in players? Yes Picks they did but they got all 3 for basically nothing.

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25 Feb 2024 20:40:07
2 years of term on Larssons contract will cost more than a late 1st round pick. Reaves is a cap dump with no trade value and wouldn't even make the Kraken bottom 6. Timmons can't replace what Seattle loses in Larssons strengths or trade value.

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25 Feb 2024 21:36:54
Larsson is way better than McCabe. He's probably one of the best shutdown Dmen in the NHL and plays on your first pair, whereas McCabe is a physical and serviceable 3rd pair, maybe 2nd pair defenseman. The other two players you've mentionned were rentals.

Put yourself in Seattle's shoes, why would you accept this trade?

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26 Feb 2024 01:32:43
Larsson will get a much better return than this. Right kind of player; but we'd be foolish to big game hunt this year. Peeke, Seeler, as you've mentioned Joshua Brown. Those should be the kind of players we are looking at if we are making moves Low cap hit, likely not going to cost a tonne trade wise. Smart thing to do would be to let it ride. Trade market isn't the greatest this year. A regroup in the offseason would give us another 1st round prospect, see where our current prospects are at developmentally, and see what FA looks like.

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26 Feb 2024 08:02:57
Larsson won't get moved, they have not much depth RHD, and Timmons is not moving the needle I think.

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26 Feb 2024 10:07:35
Read the feedback Pinball. It’s not bias against your leafs when your fellow leaf fans are saying your trades are unrealistic.

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24 Feb 2024 21:06:25
Mtl- send Gallagher 25 %retain and wpg 1st pick to Chicago


Chicago retain half of Gallagher 5m
To EDM for Campbell and EDM 1st pick

Chicago get to first pick to retain 2.5m salary on Gally and take Campbell

EDM gain a little cap space , a good depth player in Gallagher at 2.5m

Habs give Gallagher a chance to win a cup in his hometown and free 5m cap space for the next 3year

EDM pursue vatrano in Anh for Holloway-2 Nd pick 2025

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25 Feb 2024 16:54:34
- I firmly believe Gally would jump at the chance to play in EDM, and that he’d be a great depth add at the right cap hit.

- a MTL 1st for seems steep, but it may well be market value for this deadline.

- Good one BFG👍.

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25 Feb 2024 17:28:14
I don't think it's worth it to give away a 1st round pick from MTL's perspective, as they can tank Gallagher's contract for 2-3 years and opt for a buyout afterwards if need be. They don't have any significant players to re-sign for the next 2 years and they have some contracts coming off the books in the next 2, notably Allen, Dvorak and Petry's retention which combine for a little over 10M. With the cap ceiling reportedly going up significantly for the next few years, I just don't really think MTL needs that cap space anyways, unless they trade for another RFA who will commend a significant cap hit.

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25 Feb 2024 21:19:08
@matador12 they definitely don't need to trade Gally, but I think they do this deadline or offseason so he can have another crack at winning a cup.

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25 Feb 2024 21:39:39
@MG69 it's a possibility, but I doubt Hughes really wants to part ways with one of his high draft picks just for Gallagher to have a chance to win a cup with a playoff team. MTL's management likes the person, but hopefullyy there's a limit to what they will do to accomodate him.

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26 Feb 2024 01:06:09
@matador12 if they retain on Gally and get a third team involved they shouldn't need to part with any draft capital. Good chance that Jets pick is a later round pick anyways so I can see Hughes being open to moving it. got to look at it like this, that cap space opens the door for taking a bad contract and potentially getting more draft capital back as well or signing a multiple players to fill out the lineup. The Habs aren't too far off from being back in the playoff hunt and they have a lot jam of young dman that they can dangle for more help upfront.

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26 Feb 2024 08:17:25
Unload Gallagher contract give massive cap space. Habs will already have 15 M in cap space. Now will have 20M to make a big splash. Make a forward roster spot in the bottom six for a more physical guy (cheaper) or younger like Joshua roy or henneiman.

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27 Feb 2024 16:57:14
Future dcore imo would look like this:
Matheson reinbacher
Hutson Guhle
Mailloux (xehkaj or struble)

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23 Feb 2024 19:17:37
Toronto trades Robertson, Brodie, Jones and 2024 3rd pk

to Nashville for Carrier and Saros


Then Toronto trades Liljegren, Samsonov and McMann

to Philly for Tanev

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23 Feb 2024 19:35:24
Torontos offer is underpaying for Saros

Torontos offer is overpaying for Tanev.

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23 Feb 2024 19:38:58
There's a Tanev on philly?

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23 Feb 2024 23:12:54

At least the other Homers know Tanev plays in CGY.

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24 Feb 2024 01:09:15
Everybody happy to give the leafs what they need for there crap lol. Get real!

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22 Feb 2024 23:18:17
Pitts- Malkin half retain - Eller

Nyr- chytil-kakko-1st pick 2024

Sound maybe a little expensive from Nyr perspective but Malkin at 3 M could be a very valuable asset for a team in a now win mode. Get a good 2 way center in Eller too

Pittsburgh get 2 good and young NHL players plus a first

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23 Feb 2024 14:30:24
Kyle Dubas has already stated he's only listening to offers on all non-core players (Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Karlsson, and maybe even Guentzel are off limits) .

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23 Feb 2024 23:14:24
PIT says “Start the car! START THE CAR! ”.

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22 Feb 2024 22:52:46
Ottawa Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Ottawa retains 50% of Tarasenko's expiring contract.

Thoughts ?

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23 Feb 2024 01:05:02
People are going to find a way to spin this and say it’s bad for Ottawa but no way both of these players return a 1st. Taresanko gets a 2nd and Hamonic maybe gets a 4th at the deadline. I’d be shocked if Taresanko returns a 1st.

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23 Feb 2024 01:17:21
pretty close in terms of value imo

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23 Feb 2024 02:22:20
I think the leafs should definitely get tarasenko for the playoff push.

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23 Feb 2024 02:34:32
Someone will overpay for Tarasenko but I mean he's sitting with 37 points after 52 games so it's not a stretch to say someone will offer up a first for him.

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23 Feb 2024 19:44:00
It will likely be a 1st from 16-24, so it's a decent offer. but please keep Robertson and kampf, either that or throw in a 2nd and 3rd for taking your spare parts.

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23 Feb 2024 21:11:42
A 22 year old winger who is showing he is an NHL Player is a spare part?
Tarasenko for NRobertson and a 1st isn't reasonable?
Kampf for Hamonic isn't fair value either?
Are you watching The NHL or KHL?

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24 Feb 2024 03:55:55
Haha Robertson and the 1st for a retained tarasenko sure, fair. but I strongly disagree that 1 year of hamonic at 1 mill is equal to 3 years of an unneeded kampf at 2.5 (which forward is coming out of ottawa's roster to accommodate this oh so massive upgrade? )

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24 Feb 2024 14:12:34
HAHAHA…Pinball chiding someone on their hockey knowledge? 🤣🤣

You can’t make this stuff up.

Facelift is right. Pinball is wrong, and will be very disappointed that the trades he’s envisioning won’t be anywhere close to what eventually happens at the trade deadline. The leafs don’t have the trade capital to make big moves, and will be planning modest upgrades where they make sense. Treliving is a smart hockey man.

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24 Feb 2024 15:40:54
Remember last year around this time I posted The Leafs getting McCabe with half his remaining contract being eaten by Chicago?
You said I am delusional and that McCabe would never waive his NTC to go to any Canadian Team, nor would Chicago want any of The Leafs spare parts?
You are once again setting yourself up, let's see what happens by the deadline and who is right once again.

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24 Feb 2024 15:46:15
And vvbbb hit the nail on the head that people like Chickenfoot would spin this is and say this is a bad trade for Ottawa.
vvbbb was right!

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25 Feb 2024 17:03:33
PINBALL…no…I do not recall what a posted a year ago…get some perspective man…🙄

- The Trade Deadline is not a “Telethon in support of sending the leafs to the 2nd round”.

- Surely you are aware that most think your trades are outrageously one sided?

- 99% of your trade proposals are strictly “Make a Wish” nonsense.

- Post something good and positive feedback will follow, and stop being so darn whiney and defensive.

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22 Feb 2024 16:28:47
3 team proposal.

Arizona Trades

Colorado Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024-(Arz)
3rd Round Pick 2024(NYI Pick)-(Arz)

*Arizona retains 50% of both Dumba and JBrown expiring contract.

So many players in my proposal going here and there to explain it all, but what each team is giving up and what they are getting fits every teams needs imo.

Thoughts ?

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22 Feb 2024 18:22:22
Colorado trades Byram and get next to nothing in return.

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22 Feb 2024 19:00:49
Colorado needs depth on bottom forward lines and Kampf and Jarnkrok do that, Dumba is the hard hitting RHanded Defenceman they are looking for, remember Colorado is looking to win it all this year not rebuilding.
Ok instead of sending the 3rd Rounder to Arizona I will instead send it to Colorado to give Colorado another asset going back for Byam.
What Arizona is getting back I still believe without a 3rd they would agree.

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22 Feb 2024 19:08:07
What do the Avs get out of this? What do the Coyotes get out of this? This only benefits us. Avs are fine sitting 2nd in the central, 3rd in the west as a whole, and 5th overall in the entire league. They'll look to add for sure, but not at the cost of Byram unless they are getting a high end player up front in and they most definitely do not add that in this deal. Yotes trade their top player who is signed at a very reasonable contract and is only 25. Even if they hop into a rebuild you know who's going to be apart of it? Clayton Keller.

We are not going to be big game hunting, at least we shouldn't be. Too many uncertainties in net to be confident enough to say this is the year we trade our top prospects, trade our future draft picks away, and go all in for the cup Add a good right handed dman who can slot in on the second or third pairing who can play a responsible game in our end, can skate well enough to transition, and get shots through on the offensive side of things.

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22 Feb 2024 21:06:54
Embarrassing Pinball…absolute 💩

Take a long weekend and come back with some perspective.

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22 Feb 2024 23:08:54
To start with what are The Avs getting? 3 players that will help them in the playoffs, do you not thinking adding Kampf, Jarnkrok up front and Dumba on defense over O'Connor and Byram makes them better for the playoffs? SMH if you think not.
What does Zona get?
Byram and Liljegren over Dumba and JBrown is that an improvement for next season and beyond?
Keller of course is the best player in the deal but Knies was magic with Cooley in college and he is a young power type forward with skill, in all honesty I would hate to trade Knies but to get Keller you have to, add the 1st and 3rd plus the trade off on defense and a depth goaltender.
That's why Arizona would do that.
As for Chickenfoot we know every Leaf player has no value in your world so why bother saying anything to you.

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23 Feb 2024 01:06:19
No team wants Dumba. He doesn’t make the avalanche.

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23 Feb 2024 01:48:32
Pinball it doesn't. O'Connor has more points than Kampf and Jarnkrok. Byram has more god damn points than Kampf and the same amount as Jarnkrok and he's on the third pair for defense and the second powerplay unit. You know who he also has more points than. Dumba! Refer to the standings man and tell me why in the world they should look to get rid of Byram and O'Connor when they don't get better after the fact. If they want to add depth there will be cheaper options who won't cost them Byram in the process. Kampf is a cap dump at this point. I'm sure they'd love to add Jarnkrok as he falls into that depth category, but if we were to say "It's going to cost you Byram. " they would laugh at us and look else where.

Well aware like everyone else in the hockey world that Knies and Cooley had great chemistry in college, but why do you think that warrants the idea that they should give up the better player and their best player for that hope that it translates to the NHL level. Keller is apart of their future. He's had success stat wise with little supporting cast, on a team friendly deal, can play every forward position, is only 25.

So again I ask you, why do the Arizona Coyotes and the Colorado Avalanche do this deal?

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23 Feb 2024 15:55:25
Its easier to say you want Keller in Toronto, which doesn't solve the Leafs biggest issues which is their defense and goaltending depth.

This also doesn't look like the year for Toronto to go all in for the cup, considering their lack of scoring depth and the lack of draft picks and already thin prospect pool. Throwing that 1st rounder away would put them 2 steps further back. They should either hold out and go with the team they've built already, or try and grab a RHD that's making under $2m, but even with that they'll get in trouble when stacked up against a team like Florida or NYR in the playoffs.

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23 Feb 2024 17:38:09
Couldn't agree more DrwDave. If we can grab a RHD at a reasonable cap hit that isn't going to cost the farm then absolutely for it. But at this point I'd rather see them let it ride for the year and regroup in the offseason. With any luck we will get some depth scoring going like we had last night against Vegas and it carries through to the playoffs.

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23 Feb 2024 19:00:12
That one is absolutely brutal for Colorado.

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23 Feb 2024 23:21:05
PINBALL: every time you blame feedback on your trades on someone being “anti-leafs” it’s even more embarrassing than your trade proposals, especially this one that has NOTHING for COL.

Others have noted this is a crappy deal for COL. You are too biased to recognize they are right.

🚫 Crying in Baseball
🚫 No Whining About Yout Trade Feedback.

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27 Feb 2024 10:36:39
COL trades Byram, O’Connor & Kero for Jarnkrok, Kampf & Dumba? nah wtf

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29 Feb 2024 16:47:16
Right @NotACasual? What an absolute steal for them. 🙄.

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