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25 Oct 2020 02:48:16
Chi- Toews
Van- Boeser, Eriksson, Rathbone, Lind, 2021 2nd

Canucks would be three lines deep at centre and could move Gaudette to the wing or use him to get rid of another bad contract. Toews doesn't want to rebuild and would probably waive his no trade clause to play for a contender. The blackhawks would get a solid Nhler two good prospects and a pick, and they would have to take Eriksson to make the money work.

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25 Oct 2020 03:49:24
Huge no from Van

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25 Oct 2020 01:02:24
Win: Laine, Niku
Fla: eklab, 2021 1rd, Bostrom, noel.

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25 Oct 2020 03:49:09
No from Florida

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25 Oct 2020 04:18:52
Florida doesn't have the defensive depth to move Ekblad.

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25 Oct 2020 06:27:56
That’s way too much from Florida’s end! Remove the first rounder and its closer.

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25 Oct 2020 00:58:25
To WPG - Sean Monahan & Noah Hanifin
To CGY - Patrik Laine & Sami Niku

Last Laine trade cause it probably really annoys a lot of people. I just really like Laine a lot.

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25 Oct 2020 04:22:51
With Monahan only having 3 years until UFA and not playing a position of need, Winnipeg says no.

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25 Oct 2020 08:07:02
3 years from being a UFA? Bruh... how is that bad. Stastny would be a solid 3rd Line C but Monahan would be a huge upgrade #2 C. And Hanifin is a huge upgrade from Niku and on a cap friendly contract. Your bias is actually pretty frustrating.

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24 Oct 2020 19:01:23
Tor: Colin Miller

Buf: Justin Holl

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24 Oct 2020 20:29:46
Leafs decline very easily. Miller is to expensive and is offensive.

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24 Oct 2020 22:40:47
As much as I'd like Colin Miller and would probably agree to this deal, there's just no way the Leafs can do it with their cap problems. It's pretty fair though, I'd think Miller>Holl but the cap difference evens it out.

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24 Oct 2020 07:04:23
These are my trade proposals, assuming Kane & Toews are available since Chicago is in Rebuild-Mode.


#1 ( CHI - BUF )

To CHI - Victor Olofsson, Dylan Cozens, 2021 1st-Round Draft Pick & 2022 2nd-Round Draft Pick
To BUF - Patrick Kane

#2 ( CHI - WPG )

To CHI - Logan Stanley, Jack Roslovic, Bryan Little (LTIR) & 2021 1st-Round Draft Pick
To WPG - Jonathan Toews

#3 ( CHI - EDM )

To CHI - Kailer Yamamoto & 2021 Conditional 2nd-Round Pick
To EDM - Duncan Keith

( if Oilers advance to the 2nd Round, the pick turns into a 1st )

Alex Debrincat - Dylan Strome - Dominik Kubalik
Victor Olofsson - Kirby Dach - Jack Roslovic
Alex Nylander - Dylan Cozens - Kailer Yamamoto
Mattias Janmark - Andrew Shaw - Brandon Pirri / David Kampf

Brent Seabrook - Adam Boqvist
Calvin De Haan - Connor Murphy
Logan Stanley - Slater Koekkoek

3 REASONS WHY (From Each Team) :
* Stanley Cup Leadership/Experience
* Prime 1C
* Hometown Player
* Stanley Cup Leadership/Experience
* Prime 1st Line RW
* Hometown Player
* Stanley Cup Leadership/Experience
* Cap Friendly
* Huge Defence Boost
* Gains Valuable Picks/Prospects
* Contract Relief
* All Players Involved Are or Are Close To NHL Ready


Connor - Schiefele - Wheeler
Ehlers - Toews - Laine

Hall - Eichel - Kane
Skinner - Staal - Reinhart

Keith - Larsson
Nurse - Barrie
Klefbom - Russell

(Assuming Larsson or Klefbom are moved, which is has been talked about a lot)

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24 Oct 2020 13:21:37
Toews would be way too expensive for the Jets to trade for, money and cap hit. They couldn't afford to lose Little's LTIR savings. I believe that Chicago will have to take a lot less and even add a sweetener to trade Toews and Keith due to their crazy contracts. Kane is still worth a decent return, but not as much as posted here.

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24 Oct 2020 14:52:46
The Jets have Stastny this year and Perfetti coming up after that, so a 2C isn't needed anymore. No chance the Jets give up two good, young players and a first just to get stuck with Toews contract. There is also no need to trade Little.

Same for Edmonton. Why would they give up one of their few good, young top 6 guys to take on a declining 37 year old with a bad cap hit.

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24 Oct 2020 15:03:49
Too much from Buffalo as well. 2 good young players and a first for 3 years of Kane? I know it's Buffalo, but that would be a Chiarelli level move.

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24 Oct 2020 17:54:42
Not a chance from Edmonton. Also Yamamoto would be playing on the first line. Yamo >> Roslovic.

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23 Oct 2020 23:41:54
WPG: Laine, Roslovic
PHI: Koneckny, Sanheim or Myers, Patrick, 1st Round Pick 2020

Both Laine and Roslovic want out of Winnipeg. They could possibly get a 2C in Patrick if his health gets better plus a top 4D either right or left side and Koneckny who could replace Laine on the second line. The extra first round pick will help the Jets make up for the difference in value. Philadelphia would get a young dynamic scorer to bolster their top line and a young player in Roslovic who needs to play top 6 minutes to be effective. Also to note he was drafted one position after Koneckny in 2015.

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24 Oct 2020 01:40:53
Easy no from Philly.

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24 Oct 2020 02:24:23
No need to use Roslovic in this deal and Patrick has no value, so unless Philly wants to dump him, he isn't wanted. The preferred deal for the Jets would likely be built around Myers, a 1st and another prospect or pick.

Highly doubtful Laine is dealt before next summer if at all.

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24 Oct 2020 03:07:59
Huge overpayment from Philly

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24 Oct 2020 04:48:13
No from the Flyers lol.

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24 Oct 2020 06:24:27
@memarcusjoe do you actually think
Laine & Roslovic > Konecny, Myers/Sanheim, Patrick, 1st ?
You got to be joking? And you like to call us out for apparently being “biased” and “homers” like c'mon man. That’s more than enough. Roslovic is a 3rd Liner aswell. Patrick > Roslovic
Konecny, Sanheim/Myers, 1st > Laine

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24 Oct 2020 12:41:22
Philly is in no way associated with big top talent or the travelling circus.

Keep the circus acts where they belong

In Winnipeg.

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24 Oct 2020 13:23:46
Winnipeg isn't going to be trading Laine so all these offers fair or not won't get teams Laine.

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25 Oct 2020 00:12:25
Huge NO from Winnipeg. Massive over payment by Winnipeg.

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23 Oct 2020 12:33:24

Patrick Kane RW
Duncan Keith D


Sam Reinhart RW (RFA)
Jack Quinn C
Colin Miller D
1st 2021

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24 Oct 2020 04:48:44
Lol Kane is absolutely deadly but no from Sabres. Cap.

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23 Oct 2020 00:01:23
Just a suggestion, I would doubt it ever happening. Just wondering would the value be close or am I nuts.

Mtl:Price, Arturi L, Chiarot


Imo Mtl needs a better center then Danault

Mtl should not be spending 15 million in goalies imo. That's nuts. I love Price but he's north worth 10 million . Let's solid the center position and get the best offence in the NHL. Allen and Subban is solid imo. Chicago with some arguments aloud, gets the best nhl goalie for the next 2 years. They hope he does what Roy did a while ago. I know it's never happening.

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23 Oct 2020 17:48:40
Hawks are trading core pieces to do a rebuild. They don’t want the best goalie in the league for the next 2 years. They’re preparing to lose a lot more games than in the past. They will want their young players to play, including goalies, which is why Crawford isn't there anymore.

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23 Oct 2020 18:26:05
If ya love Price, why would you want to trade him to a team that has even less of a chance at winning the cup than Habs do. Habs have actually done some things to help him get a cup, ( not saying they will win it)

Also at this point in there careers, Danault is maybe better than Toews. Obvious Toews has had the better career, and was a top player in the league, jus seems he is aging harder than some guys, like Bergeron, Kopitar ( comparibles) .

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23 Oct 2020 21:01:17
Sosa- I agree with your thinking on some of that, but Toews had the best offensive season (goals and points) of his career in 2018-19 and then followed it up with 60pts in 70 games in the shortened season this year. And watching him in the play-in/ playoffs (5G 9Pts in 9GP), he looked great

He was the reason the Hawks knocked off the Oilers. I don’t know if you watched something different than I did but I haven’t seen a guy aging hard at all.

Don’t Know how you can say a guy that’s been in the league 13 years and has his best and 4th best season back to back at age 31 and 32 is showing anything but he’s still a great player and would make any team better than Phil Danault.

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23 Oct 2020 23:53:57
I just think he has lost a step. i'd say they are about even atm. however, it's obvious that Toews has had by far the Superior career and should be a Hall of Famer once his career is over.
As for the series he just had, no. I didn't see it, I was at the lake.
Danault is deffinetley not a number 1 center, and career vs career its not even close. however by default he has been playing that position in Montreal. i'm not saying i'm right, and your points are valid Sampson, I just think Danault is somewhat underrated, maybe Toews is still the better player, however its closer than some may think. I don't see any value adding Toews to this team at the cost of losing Price, just to get ( maybe ) a slightly better centerman.?

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24 Oct 2020 01:50:52
I like Danaults game and no disrespect to him. He’s definitely better than the he gets credit for. I also don’t think the trade happens or makes sense and I agree with your reasons. Just the fact of saying Toews is aging hard kinda caught me because I watch a lot of Hawks games, and it’s just not the case.

His game was never about speed and flash, so him not having that now isn’t a shock. But the numbers don’t lie, 141pts in last 2 seasons (152 games) while playing a 200ft game. He’s still a #1 Centre on half the team’s in the league.

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24 Oct 2020 04:49:11
Chicago laughs why do they need price.

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