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03 Aug 2020 04:09:20


After loosing Byfuglien Jets need some toughness and grit.
Eakin (if resigned) can easily replace Little
MIN may not want Perreault cause of his contract. So maybe Appleton instead ?

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03 Aug 2020 06:54:36
Seems like Wild downgrade twice, why would they do that? Can see Little being done as well.

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03 Aug 2020 07:12:40
Little is retired and no one wants Perraults contract.

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02 Aug 2020 17:58:00
jets trade roslovic and third rd pick
colombus trades anderson

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02 Aug 2020 20:13:48
Pass from Winnipeg. The Jets have no need for Anderson and he will likely be looking for more money than he is worth.

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02 Aug 2020 23:33:17
roslovic will never make it in the top 6 and doesn’t fit very well with lowry and copp, y not acquire a power forward that scored 27 goals last year like anderson to play w copp and lowry, winnipeg also got bullied this year and need some size and strength and i’m sure he won’t ask for too much coming off a down year.

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03 Aug 2020 02:33:41
Anderson is a winger and a bottom six winger at that, we have zero need for wingers. So, he's not worth giving up a young roster player for.

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03 Aug 2020 05:18:19
ok buddy.

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01 Aug 2020 18:22:11
Mtl:Gallagher,3rd2020, Evans


Mtl gets a good center to let KK develop as a 3dr like center until he's ready for more.

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01 Aug 2020 21:46:08
I hope your not serious.

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02 Aug 2020 06:44:20
Almost a straight across trade, player for player.

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02 Aug 2020 08:35:06
Gallagher for RNH straight-up would be more realistic.

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02 Aug 2020 11:14:24
I was thinking straight up but I think Hopkins has more value because of age and position. Plus the way Gallagher plays he only has a few solid season left in him. Hopkins should be a 60 points center for at least the next 5 years.

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02 Aug 2020 13:32:14
Montreal should be in good hands with Kotkaniemi and Suzuki.

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03 Aug 2020 02:05:55
Isn't JK a bust? Or is it still too early to call him a bust? Suzuki passed him in the lineup like JK was going backwards. Which he was.

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01 Aug 2020 01:15:46
TML offersheet Erik Cernak 4yes x 4.1mil

Tampa likely can't match that plus they're more keen on keeping Cirelli

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01 Aug 2020 13:25:34
I’m not sure if I want Cernak tbh. His corsi and fenwick were both terrible this year (43.1% and 44.3% respectively) . I don’t think I would give him 3 mill let alone 4. He would also be simply playing the same role Justin Holl is, and while Cernak May cost a lot more, Holl is on a great contract over the next 3 seasons.

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02 Aug 2020 13:36:03
2 things, capspace and the draft picks needed when offersheeting a player. Toronto doesn't have either, as the conditions for 2021draft may not allow them to do that deal.

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03 Aug 2020 02:07:17
Cernak isn't worth that. Why give your enemy draft picks for a guy that isn't any better than what you can find on the free agent market?

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31 Jul 2020 19:53:26
Winnipeg- Bryan Little ( LTIR-retired ), Jack Roslivic, Kristen Vaisalianen/Logan Stanley and 1st 2020

Chicago- Dylan Strome and Connor Murphy/Duncan Keith( hometown player 1 million retained )

Winnipeg- Brings in a 2c of position of need whos playmaking ability would compliment Laine perfectly and either Connor Murphy who is a better version of Demelo or Hometown boy Duncan Keith who can still play the top pair no MemarcusJoe he's not washed up he still plays 25 minutes a game. He might be able to drop Morrisey to the 2nd pair.

Chicago- Gets a 2C replacement, a decent prospect and the main piece is the mid 1st. The Black hawks need some cap space.

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31 Jul 2020 20:21:24
Easy no from Winnipeg.

Murphy is RD, so he'd be 3rd pairing if the Jets re-sign Demelo as speculated, in other words, not needed. Keith is too old and his contract is too long to even consider giving up anything for.

If Little goes on LTIR or retires, there's no reason for the Jets to trade him.

That leaves Vesalainen, Roslovic and a 1st for Strome. Which is a ridiculously massive overpay by the Jets for an iffy 2C. If Strome was available for something reasonable like a 2nd or mid range prospect, maybe.

Jets pass.

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31 Jul 2020 21:14:46
Why would Demelo play over Murphy? And if you think you can get a 2c for a 2nd you’re out to lunch half of a season of Kevin Hayes returned a 1st and Lemeaux who is better then both Stanley and Vaesilainenen.

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31 Jul 2020 21:36:02
I know player evaluation is your weak suit vbbb, but Demelo would play over Murphy because he's better. That is beside the point however. The point is Murphy isn't needed if we sign Demelo, so why waste the assets.

Once again you want me to argue a statement I never made. I didn't say the Jets could get a 2C for a second. I said the Jets would be interested in Strome, possibly, if he was available for a reasonable price like a second and that the Jets wouldn't be interested in Strome for the astronomically ridiculous overpay you suggested.

You just made an overly complex trade offer to include pieces that Jets have no need to trade and no need to acquire, to feebly try to justify a large package of young assets coming out of Winnipeg.

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31 Jul 2020 22:29:53
Vb no trade is good enough for memarcusjoe. Even if you offered McDavid for Laine he would still say no.

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01 Aug 2020 01:22:47
Yeah the leafs would be interested in Schifele if he was available for a reasonable price like a 2nd. Saying Dylan Demelo is better then Connor Murphy is like saying Alex Kerfoot is better then Schifele but we’ll go with that.

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01 Aug 2020 01:51:42
Vesalainen = bust
Roslovic = sucks
Stanley = bust
Murphy > DeMelo
Strome > 1st
Kieth is better than nothing

If you have Murphy you don't need to sign DeMelo. Duh.

This trade so heavily favors Winnipeg that only a Jets troll would say no. What a load of crap joetroll is.

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01 Aug 2020 03:30:59
I honestly think Keith might have a bit of value if he has like 1.5million maybe 2 retain.

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01 Aug 2020 04:52:32
No from Winnipeg.

Not even sure why this is up for discussion?

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01 Aug 2020 08:34:44
Good god is that horrible for the Jets!

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01 Aug 2020 14:21:21
The Leaf trolls think that this is a good trade for the Jets? No wonder the Leafs haven't won a cup in 53 years.

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01 Aug 2020 15:25:20
It is funny how the Leaf fans don't have anything intelligent to debate with. It's just "wah, wah, you don't like my poorly thought out trade. I'm going to stomp my little feet and go home. "

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01 Aug 2020 21:31:19
Great now you know how everyone else feels listening to you rant about the jets.

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31 Jul 2020 14:11:11
Buffalo Trades
Cozens (WHL)
2nd Round Pick 2021

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021

Thoughts ?

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31 Jul 2020 16:28:07
Buffalo isn’t trading Cozens and I would rather have Dermott over Ristolainen any day.

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31 Jul 2020 18:04:18
10 cups of s**t doesn’t equal a cup of gold.

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31 Jul 2020 20:41:07
Ristolainen is gold? He's more like the 10 cups of sh1t. Or is Cozens the gold? Because he hasn't even played a single NHL. Or is the 1st the gold? Because that might just be the best piece in the entire deal.

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31 Jul 2020 21:17:12
Cozens is the gold and at 1 point McDavid hadn’t played a game so what’s your point? Is Lafranier worthless because he hasn’t played a game? There isn’t a big gap between Byfield and Cozens imo.

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01 Aug 2020 08:37:26
Every pinball trade is the same bag of meh for names and good prospects. It’s always just spam.

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03 Aug 2020 01:58:07
There is a massive difference between Byfield and Cozens. Byfield is putting up better numbers in a better league and he is two years younger. It's not even close. Cozens numbers aren't any better than guys like Steel were at that same age. How did he turn out?

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27 Jul 2020 15:12:46
NJ: Evander Kane 1.2.5mil retained

SJ: Ari 1st 2020 Bastian Mueller

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27 Jul 2020 18:24:01
Didn't Kane have a good year? Even though I feel he’s like 1-1.5 mil overpaid, I don’t think SJ would have to retain to trade him.

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29 Jul 2020 02:11:43
Why is Kane overpaid? He did exactly what they asked of him. He was on his way to March ng his career best across the board. Plus he hits and fights and stands up for his teammates. They got exact what they wanted. In a few years if he starts to decline it might not look as good. But right now he is the one player on the team actually earning what he gets paid.

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30 Jul 2020 08:48:58
I’d like to see how well Kane could do if he played a full season.

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31 Jul 2020 17:22:59
Kane isn't worth the headaches he causes his teams.

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31 Jul 2020 18:05:01
How does he cause a headache?

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31 Jul 2020 20:34:38
Think you got that the wrong way. He causes headaches for the other teams players.

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25 Jul 2020 19:44:05
Mtl- mete-3rd pick 2020

Vegas- tuch

Habs sign sami vatanen or joel edmunson 2year/7m

Habs sign mike smith 1y 2m




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26 Jul 2020 03:10:56
I think Mete is wort more then Tuch if you look at the contracts.

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29 Jul 2020 02:14:46
Mete is absolutely not worth more than Tuch. It's so unfair to Vegas I thought you were being sarcastic at first.

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31 Jul 2020 10:32:52
St Louis Fan, that is your opinion, if you look at the facts tho, Mete is 2 years younger, about to be an RFA and will get a fair contract since he’s hasn’t shown his full potential yet. Yes he’s small but he’s also versatile and has the potential to become the next Torrey Krug. Tuch is not bad but he just not consistent at all and at almost 5 million for a guy who’s not a garantes to hit 40 points a year, I’m not sold on that. I personally wouldn’t trade Mete for Tuch straight up because of the needs we have (LHD) is on top of the list.

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31 Jul 2020 20:38:22
It's not an opinion. It's a fact. Mete is nowhere close to Tuch in value. Tuch has averaged 0.5 points every year he has played. Mete is a third line defender Vegas doesn't need or want.

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