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09 Mar 2021 02:45:56
Toronto Trades:
2021 1st Round Pick
2023 3rd Round Pick

New Jersey Trades:
Miles Wood (50% Retained to 1.25M)

Wood isn't a rental, he's a 1+1 guy in a similar mold to Barclay Goodrow, who Tampa traded for last year at the deadline.

Barclay Goodrow Stats:
20/ 21: 23-5-9
19/ 20: 70-8-26
18/ 19: 82-7-17

Miles Wood Stats:
20/ 21: 21-7-11
19/ 20: 68-11-23
18/ 19: 63-10-24

Goodrow provides more of the physicality, but is a lesser player than Wood, so, with the 50% retention as well, taking out the third from NJ (as SJ traded) and adding a 3rd the other way should make up the net difference. A retention of 1.25M for a team that's pretty low on the cap isn't too much of a deal, and I don't think there's really going to be a better offer than a 1st for a guy like Miles Wood - he's valuable to a playoff team for the intangibles/ physicality/ etc., but is just a 3rd line guy for a rebuilding one like Jersey.

I feel like a 1st+2nd for Wood is too much to pay, a 1st and 3rd seems about accurate, since I feel like he falls between Coleman and Goodrow and in value, but is closer to Goodrow than Coleman.

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09 Mar 2021 03:55:42
Leafs fans ain’t going to like this one, they’re pretty certain they’re getting Forsberg with that pick.
I like the trade a solid physical guy to grind and get some sloppy points for the Leafs. Probably could even get him for a 1st + 4th/ 5th.

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09 Mar 2021 02:26:54
Boston- Debrusk, 2021 2nd, 2023 1st
Vancouver - Miller

Canucks commit to conceding the season and trading Miller would start the selling. Canucks add a younger player and another pick this year. They also add a first a couple years from now and hope that Boston regresses with the aging of Marchand and Bergeron. Boston is in win now mode and get a huge upgrade to their lineup without trading away a first round pick in the next two drafts.

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09 Mar 2021 03:57:03
Nucks are still a playoff team in my mind. I think they’ll hold onto Miller and stick with what they got.

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09 Mar 2021 00:45:05
Blue jackets trade David savard
Jets trade Perrault and 2021 1st
Perrault is traded to matchup salaries.

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09 Mar 2021 02:48:34
Savard would be a nice target for the Jets, but I highly doubt Chevy overpays by giving up a first for him.

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08 Mar 2021 23:28:16
Tor: Curtis Lazar
Buf: 5th Barabanov

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08 Mar 2021 19:45:46
San Jose has very few prospects but they do have at least 1 prospect that most teams covet in Ryan Merkley so here's a thought I know will bring out the disapprovers lol c'mon Topshelf let's here your no back up logic here lol.

SJS : Merkley

OTT : Thompson, Abramov, Chlapic, Jarventie, and a 2021 3rd

Yes Sharks lose the best prospect in the deal in Merkley but they also fill out a few spots at the top of the farm like they did claiming Balcers. Thompson can still be a top 4 dman and plays a similar style to burns who can help him along. Jarventie is a high risk high reward type player who has shown brilliance so far and looks like he's on the way to success. Chlapic can already slip into a 3rd or 4th line role in nhl, Abramov is possibly even ready to go now in a middle 6 role he's just in a crazy competitive market right now in Ottawa with all the young talent in similar position. Add the 3rd and it's not a bad deal for either side as Ottawa gets a solid puck mover for the transition game and San jose turns 1 B+ prospect into 3 B prospects, 1 B- prospect, and a pick in first 3 rounds of the draft.

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08 Mar 2021 20:30:30
As a Sens fan, I don’t mind it. It’s quite a bit to give up for a minor upgrade, but if there sold on Merkley (maybe bcuz he could be ready this year) then they pull the trigger. Personally I’d want to keep Abramov tho. SJ likely does it as it replenishes their prospect pool- less of a sure thing in Thomson then Merkley, but lots of potential in the pick and other prospects.

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08 Mar 2021 20:37:42
Markley is not worth that for the Sens.

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08 Mar 2021 21:58:13
Just a note, Chlapik had his contract terminated by OTT, so he's just gone.

As for the trade, I'd say it's pretty close. It's basically Thomson and Abramov for Merkley, and considering Merkley hasn't been that fantastic, it's pretty even straight across, although Merkley may have more 'draft pedigree' or whatnot.

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08 Mar 2021 18:14:33
CBJ - Korpisalo

EDM - 2021 1st, Jones, Marody

I’m not exactly sure if that would get it done or if it’s even too much.

The Jackets D depth isn’t the greatest and Jones is looking to get in the NHL full time. He’s a good puck mover and has top 4 potential but more likely to be a 5th D. Marody had a really good rookie season in the AHL then his next season I believe he was having injury problems. He’s at over a point per game to start this season though.

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08 Mar 2021 18:42:03
The Oil have 24M coming off the books next year, and after resigning some, they should have 12M to spend. That's their best chance to improve their team.

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09 Mar 2021 01:33:45
Free agency? That rarely works and I’m not sure which goalies are going to be UFA’s. This trade would give the Oil 2 years of a starter at 2.8M.

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08 Mar 2021 15:29:51
Habs: B. Saad

Avs: Danault, Byron and Jordan Harris.

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08 Mar 2021 17:09:52
That's a lot to trade for a -4 third-liner with 8 goals.

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08 Mar 2021 17:57:16
In fairness, his 8 goals is 1 less than Suzuki, Kotkaniemi and Drouin combined.

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08 Mar 2021 18:16:08
Lol 8 goals is on pace for 30+ in a full season.

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08 Mar 2021 18:32:57
Still, I think Danaults defensive ability is worth more than Saads 8 goals🤷‍♂️.

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08 Mar 2021 19:39:38
I'm in the middle on this one because it's not always just about goals and assists it's about what other intangibles a player brings. I always thought that Montreal should have never got rid of Andrew Shaw.

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08 Mar 2021 15:11:35
John Tavares

2nd round pick
Purpose of this trade to get rid of Tavares terrible contract.


2nd round pick

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08 Mar 2021 16:32:28
Hard no from Toronto. Tavares isn’t a terrible contract, but Okposo is.
Winnipeg doesn’t accept either.

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08 Mar 2021 17:08:17
Yeah I’m sure the leafs are actively shopping Tavares and his “terrible” contract as we speak. I’m not sure if I’m a genius or other people are just stupid.

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08 Mar 2021 17:11:41
Good one, but you'd have to throw in a 1st or some prospects to get Buf to bite.

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08 Mar 2021 17:15:22
The Jets would never do this trade to get Hall a pending UFA at the end of the season for PLD a 22 year old signed to a reasonable contract.

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08 Mar 2021 17:58:17
Terrible for both leafs and jets.

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08 Mar 2021 18:31:16
So, Tavares gets traded for a pending UFA and an actual terrible contract in Okposo? Lol, no shot from Toronto.

And the Jets traded Laine for PLD, just to trade him for Hall? PLD regardless is way more valuable than Hall, no shot from Winnipeg.

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08 Mar 2021 18:31:58
Why would Leafs trade Tavares? I don't see a team that is trying to move forward and win a cup making a move like this.

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08 Mar 2021 19:18:36
Tavares has a no trade clause, he came to Toronto on a home town discount, he's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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08 Mar 2021 19:48:24
Tavares is still near a PPG on a supposed down year.

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