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05 Aug 2022 09:26:04
Huberdeau resigned for 8 years.

1. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
2. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
3. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
4. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
5. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
6. $7M SB, $3.5M Salary
7. $9.5M SB, $1M Salary
8. $5M SB, $5.5M Salary

Full NMC. Years 7 & 8 have partial NTC…can be dealt to 12 teams.

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05 Aug 2022 18:47:16
I really believe that the Flames won this trade in a big way.

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05 Aug 2022 18:59:52
I'm happy for the Flames that they were able to sign a guy of his calibre to a longterm deal, after watching a couple guys leave.
However, im not sure how good this will look after he reaches age 33++.
Thats the issue with UFA in the NHL. you get paid for what you did. Ad a Habs fan, im far to familiar with that. (Price, Weber, Gallagher ect) .
I wish the deals were 5 years max. and after age 35 . 3 years max . maybe even 2. for RFA., I still would keep them 8 years.
I totally understand the player getting all they can, they follow the rules of the CBA. I just find that these longterm deals to aging stars really handcuffs some teams

Then again. the GM, didn't need to sign him that long. ( probably lose him though if not 8 years)

However, I am happy for the Flames, and Huberdeau. good for smaller markets as well!

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05 Aug 2022 21:12:50
How does it all work with Signing bonuses MoxNix? That still goes against the Cap right?

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05 Aug 2022 23:45:50
I agree with Sosa. Right Now the deal looks great for the Flames and should ease the loss of Tkachuk quite a bit. But I think the last 4 or 5 years might get a little sketchy, since they can't move him until the last 2.

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06 Aug 2022 00:44:52
Yes of course signing bonuses count against the cap. But signing bonuses especially big ones like in Huberdeau's contract (same for Looch) make a contract "buyout proof" because:

"Signing bonuses are paid to the player regardless of a buyout. Therefore, as explained in the buyout caphit formula above, signing bonuses are excluded in the equation when determining the total buyout cost, and are included in the AAV value when determining the remaining caphit. " - Capfriendly.

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06 Aug 2022 01:52:06
Thank MoxNix. I thought they were, but wasn't sure how it all worked .

Are you happy with this?

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06 Aug 2022 03:28:43
I have mixed feelings about it.

I think they overpaid by about a million a year in salary and 8 years is a long time for a guy who's going to be 30 by the time the extension kicks in and 38 before it ends.

I don't like the heavy bonuses making the contract essentially "buyout proof" either.

On the other hand I'm happy they're going to have Huberdeau for quite a while and would much rather have him on a contract like that than little johnny.

I'm happy to see the last of little johnny. What I don't like is the way the whole fiasco went down with Bonehead Brad being stupid enough to let it happen in the first place!

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05 Sep 2022 04:09:21
for the first 4 years they have Markstrom (And Mangy, Anderson, Kadri) so the long term although scary is likely during the rebuild after the Flames move their chips in for 2-3 seasons at least. Guys will waive the no trade when the team starts rebuilding.

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03 Aug 2022 20:27:16
Why hasn’t any GM offer sheeted Sandin yet? Leafs have -1.5M in cap space and the compensation for a 2.1M offer is only a 3rd. Would a 3 year @2.1M AAV get signed or matched? Have the salary be in the 3M for his last year to get him a high AAV on his next contract.

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04 Aug 2022 00:35:51
Because Sandin isn't that good.

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02 Aug 2022 04:58:54
It's hilarious seeing the Devils getting absolutely mutilated in trade offers from Calgary fans. Bratt just broke out and has amazing chemistry with Hughes he won't be moved. If he were it'd take a kings ransom. It's not like he's in Fialas situation where the devils can't afford him.

Also Calgary fans. Lucic has negative value. Would cost a 1st to dump Atleast. Toffoli while a good player holds pretty low value due to no contenders having cap space to take him on. Porier, Kuznetzkov, Ruzinka, etc hold little to no value outside of the organization. For an example the leafs have Hirovinen who is a player I'm personally very excited about captain of Finland at the world junior and put up solid pro numbers in Finland. Like Ruzika he doesn't hold much value outside of the organization. Maybe a 2nd round pick tops. If you want players like Bratt expect to part with Assets like Rasmus Andersson or Atleast a package containing a combination of 1sts, Coronato,and Pelletier.

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02 Aug 2022 12:55:27
Calgary doesn't want Bratt. The team already has more left shot LW depth than they know what to do with.

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03 Aug 2022 13:03:24
Bratt put up 30pts the previous season…

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03 Aug 2022 14:02:45
In the long run NJ is going to regret trading Zacha instead of keeping him and trading Bratt.

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03 Aug 2022 23:14:43
Zacha isn’t that good…there was talks that he wasn’t going to be qualified. Very overrated player. Bratt broke out this year and he will put up over a PPG next season.

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27 Jul 2022 05:45:45
Not a Trade, but a Proposal:

Flames should sign Former Hitmen Jake Virtanen to help revive his career after his recent Not Guilty verdict

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27 Jul 2022 13:18:53
He could be a physical threat under Sutter. Virtanen reminds me of Ferland a lot

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27 Jul 2022 16:00:13
That's an interesting idea.

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29 Jul 2022 02:05:40
Sign both Kadri and Virtanen, then trade Backlund and Kylington for some combination of picks prospects and low cost depth players.

Huberdeau - Lindholm - Toffoli
Mangiapane - Kadri - Coleman
Pelletier - Monahan - Virtanen
Rooney - Ruzicka - Dueher/ Lewis

Hanifin - Andersson
Zadorov - Weegar
Mackey - Tanev

Tanev gets his ice time reduced to keep him healthy. He'd still be on the first PK and he's proven to be a really good fit with rookie defensemen. Mackey likes to hit and adds some snarl to the pairing.

That's better than last year's team and without taking into consideration what they get for the players traded away. If Monahan rebounds or they can find a way to recover Monny or Looch's cap hit it gets even better.

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03 Aug 2022 00:43:45
Actually I think Mangiapane would be a better fit as first line RW.

Huberdeau - Lindholm - Mangiapane
Toffoli - Kadri - Coleman
Pelletier - Monahan - Virtanen
Rooney - Ruzicka - Dueher/ Lewis

Maybe Pelletier on the second line and Toffoli or Coleman on the 3rd line.

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26 Jul 2022 22:20:14
Awesome to see Jake Virtanen found innocent, a lot of red flags in her story! yikes! Yet cancel culture on twitter won't accept the verdict and still continue to hate him. Doesn't make alot of sense to me

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27 Jul 2022 00:23:04
Typical and sad. All it takes is an accusation and media attention to ruin a person's reputation forever.

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23 Jul 2022 03:49:48
Casual, that Tkachuk trade has to make you pretty happy right? That's a pretty nude return.

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23 Jul 2022 07:44:05
I'm more than happy about it :) Florida got robbed because even if signs point to Huberdeau and Weegar not resigning, then Brad learns from his mistakes and ship them off at the deadline at a retained salary and fetch a haul for them. Brad already messed up twice by not resigning Gaudreau and Tkachuk sooner so odds are he probably signs them to extensions soon. I'm sure he didn't make the trade without a good idea where they're at in terms of wanting to resign.

Huberdeau - Lindholm - Toffoli
Mangiapane - Backlund - Coleman
Pelletier - Monahan - Dube
Lucic - Rooney - Lewis

Weegar - Tanev
Hanifin - Andersson
Kylington - Zadorov

this is a really good team

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23 Jul 2022 16:12:51
Being in the last year of their contract is a concern. Although, you would have to think they talked to Hub and Weegar beforehand and at least one of them, if not both, stand a good chance of re-signing.

Other than that they gave up a bit on age, but it looks pretty good.

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23 Jul 2022 20:40:06
If they can resign both players it's a good trade for the Flames and for the Panthers too.

I don't have much confidence in Treliving to get it done though. Weegar should be doable but I dunno about Huberdeau. Maybe if Treliving learned grinding players too hard during contract negotiations is just asking for trouble. It's like car sales, if you keep insisting you can't go lower and then as the customer is leaving you drop your pants, bend over and agree to everything he wanted he's more likely to say Ef You! I'll pay more for it somewhere else!

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22 Jul 2022 08:00:29
Batherson and Formenton guilty or not ?

Send them to Calgary for tkachuck or Winnipeg for Dubois before the thing explode

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23 Jul 2022 07:47:22
I'm sure Calgary would love that, take on 2 players who might not have a job soon if found guilty. If Ottawa wouldn't want them due to that reason then what makes you think any other team would lmfao use your brain. Starting to sound like the real Trudeau more and more everyday.

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29 Jul 2022 01:09:05
Tell ya what, we'll send you Monahan and Lucic for those two.

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29 Jul 2022 01:14:00
On second thought forget it. We'll just keep Monny and Looch.

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13 Jul 2022 23:46:18
"It's not about the money"

Yeah right ya little ___ then why did you sign with Columbus?

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14 Jul 2022 04:11:26
Well obviously it’s not about the money if he took less? Calgary dodged a bullet IMO. Would you be surprised if in three years Gaudreau has like a 60 point season? With 4 years left on his contract making 9.5 it’ll be tough for Columbus to add to all there young talent.

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14 Jul 2022 06:19:49
Gaudreau picks a non playoff team just to be closer to family, says alot about him as a player. He clearly doesn't wanna win and that's not the type of attitude you want on a team. MacKinnon takes discounts to benefit his team .

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14 Jul 2022 13:22:39
I think Columbus has just as good as a chance to win as Calgary.

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14 Jul 2022 14:10:07
I honestly think he just wanted to get outta the media, he’s been rubbish on every year by the fans/media. I think it was just too much for him so he went to an irrelevant team in a state that has low taxes and fairly close to his home.

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14 Jul 2022 14:51:23
@Ebsolutely Yeah it was for less but the first report I read (about 10 minute after he signed) said it was 12 million per year!

Besides he was never honest about his intentions. I agree we dodged a bullet, but if he'd been honest even bonehead Treliving might have traded him.

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14 Jul 2022 15:57:57
When has McKinnon ever taken a discount? If he makes less than 11M on his next contract then I’ll agree it’s a discount but he hasn’t done it yet.

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25 Jul 2022 19:28:45
you don't think his 6.30 @ 7 Years wasn't a discount? Lmfao. He was in his 3rd season trending upwards every year and at the time of the deal he put up 52Pts knowing that he'd only get better, then the dude puts up 97Pts 2 seasons later. Okposo, Lucic, Backes, Eriksson signed 6mil deals that year lmfao so yeah it was a clear discount.

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29 Jul 2022 18:26:28
Scheifele, Gaudreau, Monohan, Huberdeau, RNH without looking it up, all these guys were signing around 6M around the same time. All equally impressive first 3 seasons. 52 points gets you maybe 4-5M back then, he got 6.3M because of his potential. 21 year olds don’t take discounts they take what they can get. Those guys you named were UFA’s all proven vets and all overpaid. You obviously know they aren’t comparable to his situation. It was a safe bet on his end and on the teams end.

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