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15 Jul 2020 13:50:13
Does anyone know of a good platform to host a playoff pool?

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15 Jul 2020 16:11:33
Fantrax is the best but isn’t the most mobile friendly.

16 Jul 2020 14:56:33
Idk if fantrax hosts playoff pools by now, but in previous years we've used pickuphockey and it worked well.

14 Jul 2020 17:29:20
My list of top 10 most valuable players in NHL considering contracts and age.

1. Nathen Mackinnon
2. Leon Draistle
3. David Pasternak
4. Rasmus Dahlin
5. Elias Petterson
6. Seth Jones
7. Colten Paryanko
8. Connor McDavid
9. Jacob Slavin
10. Victor Hedman

I really don't think McDavid is worth 12.5 million obviously he's the best player in the NHL but 1 player Dosent win a Stanley cup. Not saying If I'm the oilers I move McDavid for seth Jones but I don't think they can build a good team until the cap goes way up.

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14 Jul 2020 18:28:28
If Seth Jones is more valuable than why wouldn’t you trade McDavid for him? That extra 2.5M in cap won’t improve the team enough for the drop off in talent from McDavid to the next guy. McDavid >>> Draisaitl. Having guys on ELC doesn’t make a lot of sense either. Also I strongly disagree with Parayko’s value.

14 Jul 2020 21:27:28
McDavid makes 2x as much as Jones and over that of Paryanko. As per ELC players my thoughts are they’ll sign cheaper deals being within a financial crisis. Could be wrong. Also why I wouldn’t move McDavid for anyone besides Mackinnon is because no matter how bad the oilers are McDavid will fill up the stands.

14 Jul 2020 23:50:55
The Oilers will fill the stands no matter what if there good and mostly even when there bad, so that’s not much of a reason. McDavid is 4x the player Parayko is. Tough to gauge it all when it comes to age, position, talent but I’d take McDavid over Jones and his salary all day.

15 Jul 2020 07:26:24
Including someone on an ELC here is pretty stupid, even for your standards, VB

Also, reply in league chat please.

15 Jul 2020 07:31:28
Kucherov at 9.5 and Point at 6.7 are also both good shouts, imo.
Also, as long as we're still in 19/ 20, 4M Josi HAS to be on and probably near the top of that list.

15 Jul 2020 14:05:09
I think that McDavid can go up higher also. I understand that he makes a crazy amount of money, but if you consider him and Drais compared to Crosby and Malkin when they signed their contracts - it is probably very similar % and that seemed to work out not so bad for PIT.
The ELC's have no place up there. So many stipulations around them and they are max amount and term. They may make less because of the flat cap or to be honest we might see teams with a lot of cap space offer sheet them out of their market and plan on the fact that it is a 5 year plan for a team rebuild.
I agree with Triplets. Point has to be up there and probably Kuch as well.

15 Jul 2020 14:40:27
Ohh god I forgot about Josi and the Tampa players I just did this super quick to prove a point that connor McDavid isn’t worth as much as most people think. I doubt Tampa would do a McDavid for Kucherov swap.

15 Jul 2020 17:48:39
Lol only VB can say that McDavid is overpaid and misspell ''doesn't'' in the same sentence.

11 Jul 2020 15:34:12
A Proposal that I don't see happening but if it did would either Team be even interested in doing it ?

Edmonton Traded

Toronto Trades

Thoughts ?

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11 Jul 2020 17:54:42
The Oilers would never do this trade.

11 Jul 2020 19:49:21
One team would take it and run and the other wouldn't give the deal any consideration at all. See if you can put aside your heavy bias for one minute Pinball and figure out which is which.

11 Jul 2020 22:55:38
replace kap with freddie and a couple firsts and the oil don't hang up immediately.

12 Jul 2020 01:38:50
Mackinnon at 6.3 million>>>McDavid with the flat cap.

McDavid isn’t a top 5 most valuable player in the NHL anymore imo but mathews certainly isn’t either.

14 Jul 2020 01:05:15
McDavid for Matthews, Marner, Rielly and a 1st.

14 Jul 2020 17:10:33
@EP40 I hope that’s a troll.

Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes and Horvat for McDavid.

17 Jul 2020 03:24:45
Matthews and Reilly is fair value, but the leafs would still have to add Kapanen To get it done.

09 Jul 2020 14:53:51
Kind've bored so I'm going to make a list of where I think Free agents are going to go.

Taylor Hall- Calgary
Alex Pietrangelo-Saint Louis and If not could be anywhere.
Travis Hamonic-Winnipeg
Tj Bodie- Toronto or Calargry
Hoffman- Arizona
Dandonov- Florida
Demelo- Winnipeg
Buffuglyn- Retired
Green- Edmonton
Barrie-Not sure to be honest

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09 Jul 2020 16:24:57
Good post. I'm not sure the Jets would sign Hamonic unless its for under $5 mil per and only 3 years. I don't think any team will break the bank to sign UFA for big dollars and long term in this uncertain cap era. RFA signings may go up to take advantage of teams that are up against the cap and can't re-sign their own players. Getting a younger player in their prime will be much more attractive.

09 Jul 2020 19:32:30
I don’t think the Oilers will sign Green unless it’s close to league minimum. They have a couple questions on D for next year but the they don’t have a lot of cap space.

09 Jul 2020 23:46:27
Where do you see Kovalchuck going?

10 Jul 2020 15:59:37
Hamonic to Winnipeg for 4.5 for 5 years. Mike Green to Edmonton 1 year 1 million and Kovy to Montreal not sure what the contract will look like.

10 Jul 2020 16:31:07
I highly doubt the Jets would bite on Hamonic at 5 years especially at 4.5. I don't think the Jets will go that high dollar wise and definitely not term wise for Hamonic. If he wants to play close to home he's going to need to come on our terms, not his, as he really doesn't add much for us that can't be added cheaper.

10 Jul 2020 17:55:30
In the new C-19 NHL Hamonic is too expensive at $4.5 plus the term would have to be 3 years at most. The Jets have Samberg, Heinola, Niku and Stanley ready in the next couple of seasons so they don't need a long term contract on an ageing player.

11 Jul 2020 01:46:01
Do you guys ever see Free agents that being payed fairly.

11 Jul 2020 04:50:33
Holtby could be a good fit in carolina but the owner won't have the money too sign him.

11 Jul 2020 04:53:51
I don't doubt that Hamonic will get overpayed and too long a term from someone, it just likely won't be Winnipeg. He's just not a big enough need.

11 Jul 2020 06:51:05
VB what about Toffoli.

11 Jul 2020 20:14:47
I would also like to hear about Toffoli and Haula. Honestly I kind of want Haula in Toronto because he will probably be a great cheap 3 C for a year or two. Would love to see a 3rd line of:


Leafs can move Kerfoot+Johnsson to make space.

11 Jul 2020 21:42:53
Haula won’t be cheap probably around 4 million in Florida and Toffoli will resign in Vancouver.

05 Jul 2020 01:26:24
Be an arm chair gym what would you do if u were the Calgary Flames and you won the 1 st overall pick at the 2020 draft . Trade the pick kept the pick trade other players off roster I would like to see what you come up with for the battle of Alberta best rivalry.

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05 Jul 2020 14:38:17
I’d keep the pick, trade Guadreau for a ELC right wing who can step into the 2nd line effectively and picks/ prospects, look into Hoaltby if he’s asking for to much stay far away and Resign Bodie.

05 Jul 2020 18:29:54
Keep the pick, trade Guadreau to gain cap space and offer sheet one of sergachev or barzal. Or trade gaudreau for the rights to said players.

08 Jul 2020 05:19:28
Package Gaudreau and Backlund for a new 2C and young RW who could step into the top 6. Then use the cap space to sign Lehner or re-sign Brodie.

01 Jul 2020 01:49:56
I don't know a lot of the draft kids.. I know as a Habs fan, I want Lafrennier, however , I'm not knowledgeable at all on these guys. I'm going to throw a few names.. can you guys give me an NHL comparable.?

The German kid. STUZLE??

Add who ya want.... I know I like Lafrennier, where is he,? I know he's not McDavid good, but is he Mathews good? ( yes I know he's a winger)..

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01 Jul 2020 14:46:07
Lafranier is an exceptional playmaker who see the ice as well as any superstar I’d say a comparible is a more well rounded Claude Giroux. Yes he is Mathews level he is a sure thing prospect.

Byfield- he has the tools to be the best player in the draft huge frame, Scoring touch, silky hands, Good IQ and an elite skater. I’d compare him to Eric Lindros

Stuntzel- haven’t seen enough of him to have any credibility but from my world junior showing and what I’ve read from scouts is he’s a extremely skilled player, with an mature Frame who is a gifted goal scorer. He is NHL ready and should be a big point producer. One thing I’ve read is scouts are extremely pleased with his two way play.

Drysdale-safe top pairing dman. Reminds me of Drew Doughty

Rossi- Skillset of Guadreau but more solid on the puck and plays with intensity like Gallagher

Perfitti- gifted goal scorer with high hockey IQ

Askarov- I don’t like him personally he plays to aggressively and if you watch a goalie like price he’s calm in net and makes saves look easy. Askarov is the opposite he’s always energetic in the net and I think that will hold him back at the NHL level. But he has the size and athleticism to be the goalie of the generation and numbers do not lie.

02 Jul 2020 23:08:14
Thanks VB.

04 Jul 2020 04:16:17
I’ll add a few guys here.

Lucas Raymond - playing in the SHL, I’m guessing he goes in the 4-7 range (I personally think he’s the 3rd best prospect after Laf and Byfield) I would say he is the best skater in the draft class if not top 3, elite playmaking abilities, really smart, decent shot and underrated defensively. For comparison one that I’ve seen and agree with is the Swedish Mitch Marner.

Alexander Holtz - Laine 2.0? Maybe not as high of a ceiling as Laine but this kid can really shoot the puck, best release in the class. Not the best playmaker or skater but probably nothing to worry about. Expect a few 40 goal seasons from him. Think he’ll go around 7-11 range.

Jake Sanderson - I still think Drysdale is the better Dman and will have a better career but Sanderson is making it close, really good skater and passer. He doesn’t have the offensive potential like Drysdale but he’s better defensively imo, he seems like he’s gunna be a real solid #2 Dman who plays on the top pair, top PK and PP2. Wouldn’t shock me if he was picked before Drysdale and he’ll be a 4-10 range guy imo.

Also I agree with pretty much everything VB said (wow can’t believe I just said that) except I really like Askarov and don’t think Stutzle is NHL ready but maybe the delay to the season helps with that.

04 Jul 2020 15:10:51
Thanks EP40. ya, I didn't get a Hockey News draft guide this year. so all this helps.

Jus wonder when this draft will happen. 🤷‍♂️. bet those kids are getting anxious as well. sounds like a really good class though.

28 Jun 2020 07:32:17
Top 30 dman in the nhl I find it sad who most people just look at offensive production to judge dman but defending is the most important.

1. Victor Hedman
2. Seth Jones
3. Jacob Slavin
4. Colten Paryanko
5. John Carlson
6. Drew Doughty
7. Roman Josi
8. Alex Pietrangelo
9. Brent Burns
10. Erik Karlsson
11. Shea Weber
12. Ryan Suter
13. Charlie McAvoy
14. Dougie Hamilton
15. Rasmus Dahlin
16. Morgan Rielly
17. Miro Hieskanen
18. Mark Girodano
19. Arron Eklblad
20. Cale Makar
21. OEL
22. Mattias Ekholm
23. Ryan McDonagh
24. Thomas Chabot
25. John Klingburg
26. Brett Pesce
27. Ivan Provonov
28. Quinn Hughes ( key example of a offensive dman who contributes negatively defensively he'll develop into a better player then Karlsson imo )
29. Zach Werenski
30. Hampus Lindholm
31. Jacob Trouba
Missed- Dumba, Orlov, Brodin, Ellis, Schimit, Theodore,

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29 Jun 2020 22:23:04
It's a better list than I coulda made VB. PK Subban has fallen that far hey. not saying I disagree with ya.
I'm not sure in the order, however it's a pretty good list. I will agree with number 1 though.

29 Jun 2020 22:29:37
Yah last year was pretty sad for Subban.

29 Jun 2020 22:48:26
The one guy I'm glad to see in the list is Ekholm. I think on any other team he would grab some Norris votes and me a number 1. he's had Weber, Subban and Josi always overshadow him.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit., I don't get to see a lot of Preds, but everytime I have watched him, he's a stud Dman. with a better Offensive game than he is credit with.
With Josi and Ellis, he doesn't need the Offense in his game.

30 Jun 2020 02:38:04
Yeah for sure he’s a super underrated player.

30 Jun 2020 02:39:53
Just realized I forgot Kris Letang. When he’s healthy I’d put him in between MaCavoy and Hamilton.

30 Jun 2020 03:35:16
So many good Dmen in the game. I also don't see Josh Morrisey., I think he is really good. not sure who he takes out. just shows his solid the D are in the NHL.

30 Jun 2020 13:39:10
I don’t think he makes the list players like Ryan Ellis, Brodin and Theodore is take over him.

01 Jul 2020 20:54:35
I'd say Josi is definetely top3. He's the frontrunner for the Norris and is probably one of the best skating dmen in the league. I'd def put him up there with Hedman.

02 Jul 2020 06:44:55
Josi is miles better than Doughty. SHould be top 3, I agree with TSS.

02 Jul 2020 17:18:57
I just feel like Doughty gets underrated playing on a awful team.

02 Jul 2020 21:14:23
Seth Jones is way higher then he should be, may not even be in my top 15 let alone top 10.

Imo he is one of the most overrated players in the game.

03 Jul 2020 07:17:21
I'd say Doughty is actually one of the more overrated players in this league. People still somehow think he's a top 3 D in this league while he is Top 20 at best, if at all.

03 Jul 2020 14:55:23
Wow I totally disagree with that but you’re entitled to your opinion.

04 Jul 2020 04:18:07
Not really a fan of him but Doughty is still top 10 imo.

27 Jun 2020 01:19:39
lol ok that draft lottery was hilarious lmao. Imagine a team like Winnipeg or Toronto or even Pittsburgh getting Lafreniere haha

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27 Jun 2020 15:33:48
The Jets and Pens could just lose and get lucky while the Leafs could tank. again and get lucky. lol Seriously this draft system often doesn't do struggling teams any favors.

27 Jun 2020 16:05:34
I think they should just do the top 2 picks are lottery not too 3.


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