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14 Oct 2020 10:10:41
Judging from the hate that Leafs/Leafs Fan’s get idk if this is an unpopular opinion or popular opinion but as it stands right now with their roster, I feel like they’re going to make it past the 1st Round 100%. Early prediction but thoughts?

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14 Oct 2020 14:50:06
Yeah on paper I’d say they’re the second best team In the Atlantic I don’t think Boston is still ahead of them. Their core is aging and they lost their top offensive dman. Even potentially Montreal wouldn’t surprise me if they came ahead of Boston.

14 Oct 2020 23:06:36
I’m not saying this to hate. but if you remember a few months back when I said secondary scoring was their biggest issue.? Well imo that didn’t improve at all. but I guess the current lineup they have can develop chemistry and suprise me.

14 Oct 2020 23:41:33
I won’t believe it until I see it. Then I still might not believe it.

15 Oct 2020 02:48:09
Especially with Marchand and Pastranak having surgery to. Like I honestly think Boston is going to dip in the standings next year and may even miss the playoffs.

12 Oct 2020 19:56:25
Good signing for Montreal but did they really need Toffoli?

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12 Oct 2020 20:56:17
Need? Why not sign him if you can? Especially for that contract.

13 Oct 2020 01:09:59
That’s a bad way of looking at if. Steal of a contract tho

13 Oct 2020 03:37:08
I like it. I think it makes Tatar now expendable, and doubt he gets re signed after his contract is up. Habs need scoring, and a healthy Toffoli is good for 25 . maybe 30 .

Guess Kovalchuck won't be back now?

13 Oct 2020 06:10:15
How is it a bad way of looking at it? The Habs this off season so far have added Anderson toffoli Edmundson and Allen and have lost Domi. sounds like a pretty good trade off to me. most every other team who have added have lost close to or More just getting it. Sosa it looks like the roster is probably set but I wouldn’t be surprised if they add some more size to the 4th line. Also I think if the opportunity arises they may deal Byron weal or kulak.

14 Oct 2020 12:26:02
The term on the contracts given to anderson and toffoli are a gamble without question.

14 Oct 2020 23:07:52
4 years on toffoli is bad term facelift? Give me a break lol.

14 Oct 2020 23:40:27
The term for Anderson is questionable IMO, Toffoli was a great signing. Montreal is looking good.

15 Oct 2020 06:15:22
Tatar is not expendable unless he wants too much $ Sosa. He’s had a great couple years and is just as good as Toffoli.

15 Oct 2020 07:37:53
I like Tatar., but with other contracts coming up, I see him as being the odd man out., Drouin will be up soon, KK at end of this year, Danault as well, Suzuki i think year after this., so it may be hard for them to retain Tatar. 🤷‍♂️.

15 Oct 2020 21:31:00
With the last couple years being his two best seasons, I would trade him now if there’s no plans of keeping him. He will demand a bigger contract and I wouldn’t let him walk.

12 Oct 2020 03:45:03
Sabres sign Taylor Hall, nothing else to say but WOW!

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12 Oct 2020 05:04:19
He could be the piece that puts them in the playoff discussion. However if the Sabres suck again (most likely from a lack of goaltending), they can move him at the deadline for a lot of stuff. I understand he has a NTC/ NMC but that basically means he can control who he is traded to. I think he just wants to put up a ton of points with Eichel to increase his value.

12 Oct 2020 17:02:23
What a waste of 1 year for Hall.

12 Oct 2020 18:30:47
If Jeff Skinner bounces back they'll have one of the best offenses in the league.

Eichel, Skinner, Hall, Olofsson, Reinhart and Mittelstadt.
With Dahlin and Risto supporting them.
Looking like a pretty good team to me.

13 Oct 2020 16:01:15
What a dumb post by islandjet.

12 Oct 2020 03:35:56
Obviously no player will want waive to leave Tampa so I believe the best way to handle the situation is to package/separately trade Killhorn and Sergechev for a nice return and sign Cirelli and Cernarik with the space gained.

In order of importance to Tampa I'd rank

1. Cirelli ( huge defensive workload )
2. Cernarik ( Huge Defensive/Physical presence and top RHD in depth chart )
3. Sergechev ( while highest upside 3rd LHD in depth chart and his role can be more easily replaced. )

Sergechev has the highest upside, most trade value AND most limited role of the 3.

He should be the RFA to go imo.

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12 Oct 2020 22:46:23
Sergachev can play right side though and all situations. He was playing 20 min/ game in the SCF this year. Also Johnson has already waived for 8 teams and the threat of going to Syracuse will likely expand that even more. Losing Sergachev would be devastating and even if they get a solid return it would do nothing for them now and they wouldn’t be able to bring someone in to replace his production for any cheaper than they’d sign him for.

13 Oct 2020 09:22:34
jbs already explained it very well.
Sergachev is one of the very last guys to go.
Johnson will be gone soon and then probably one more of Killorn, Gourde or Palat (in that order) .

And the importance of re-signing players IMO is 1A) Sergachev, 1B) Cirelli, 2) Cernak.

13 Oct 2020 12:29:12
Ya, I’m not even saying Sergschev WONT be gone, they fact they haven’t cleared any space yet means it’s been a lot harder than anticipated. But he’s not the easiest to replace, I’d argue he’s the hardest and moving Sergachev will make it extremely difficult to be a legit cup contender next year. Their RD is so weak I expect him to move over and get big minutes on the right side this year, likely with Hedman.

13 Oct 2020 13:47:16
I never heard of Johnson being open to waiving that is news to me I’d wager against that. I highly doubt any player would be willing to leave the lightning.

13 Oct 2020 16:41:00
Nylander it’s been reported by multiple sources since before the draft he’s waived to at least 8 teams and has been working with the Lightning on a trade. They haven’t been willing to include the incentives it looks like they might need to to move him. Guys know they can’t keep everyone and certain players won’t be there much longer if they don’t waive now anyway. Have more control now and guys waive all the time when they know they aren’t wanted.

14 Oct 2020 04:25:44
Sergachev for DeAngelo.

14 Oct 2020 09:05:20
Just shows how badly informed you are, Nylander. Literally every credible source out there has reported on that multiple times since the draft, as jbs said. He's waived for 7-8 teams already and it's very likely imo that he'll expand that list before having to go to Syracuse or whatever.

And yes, Sergachev would definitely be the hardest to replace. Cirelli, while a superb player and future Selke winner, can better be replaced due to the offensive depth we have.

14 Oct 2020 14:53:43
Who did Sergechev play with in playoffs 5v5?

15 Oct 2020 01:42:42
They played 7D a lot and he was getting 23 min a night so he played every 3rd pair shift as well as shifts up with Hedman and McDonagh on the right side. He was getting the 3rd most minutes of Tampa D men (more than Cernak and Shattenkirk) . Losing Shattenkirk means they’ll likely need him on the right side full time next year, without him there it’s extremely weak. I know because the response is long people will think I’m being aggressive or defensive, but I just don’t think he’s as expendable as stated here. He’s a star in the making and currently their second or third best dman. Obviously could be gone with problem they’re having moving cap but I think he’s the most important RFA because he’s the best, with highest ceiling and they have no D coming up.

12 Oct 2020 00:48:33
Taylor Hall signs with Sabres. 1X8m

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11 Oct 2020 20:10:16
Seeing as Benning didn't sign markstrom and tanev... but said he wants to add a top 6 forward, I would not be surprised if he chases after Taylor Hall, who would take a short term deal for a contending team. The holes in the defense are obvious as well. If Benning goes after Hall, he should try landing Sami Vatanen as well... these two would account for a 10 million cap hit... then with the rest of the defense to fill in the holes from the farm...

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09 Oct 2020 23:38:18
Brutal signing with Brodie. I don't care if he has a experience on the right side, they needed a big RD shut down defenseman. Too much money too

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09 Oct 2020 23:58:20
RD, fast, puck moving defensemen. He’ll be solid with Rielly. Y’all Leaf’s fans too picky. How and the heck did you guys think you’d be able to afford Pietrangelo, absolutely brutal. Ya’ll are so used to the media overrating your team and putting into the fans brains that Toronto can take every superstar in. I think it’s a solid signing. He was arguably the flames best defensemen last season.

10 Oct 2020 02:34:14
He’s solid I wouldn’t have give him that contract at this point but very few contracts look good these days.

10 Oct 2020 06:18:29
I hope he’s solid. I would’ve rather seen a big, physical RD. Sorry for being picky for 5 million.

10 Oct 2020 10:56:20
@toronto17 A lot of people are hating on the signing rn but I guarantee you he’ll be the Leafs 2nd best defensemen behind Rielly.

10 Oct 2020 14:23:03
I didn’t mean to sound mean/rude I’m sorry btw

10 Oct 2020 16:05:52
No big deal casual. I don’t doubt whether he’s good or not. I just think it’s too much for a left shooting Defenceman. I understand that he’s played RD for a lot of his career. Personally, I don’t even want Pietrangelo. Only because he would cost too much. Brodie may be a very good partner for Reilly. Holl and Muzzin looked good together last year. I’d be happy with a cheap, mean RD for the 3rd pairing and one more gritty forward.

11 Oct 2020 15:19:13
He is not the leafs 2nd best dman
1. Rielly
2. Muzzin
3. Brodie
4. Sandin ( will move up to the two spot soon )

Also the leafs “could’ve” signed Pietrangelo If they were willing to move Nylander which they weren’t.

12 Oct 2020 08:59:27
@nylander why would it be smart to tie up an estimated 50mil between 5 players. Signing Pietrangelo would put them in cap hell. Would not be smart

12 Oct 2020 15:33:08
No one said it would’ve been smart but they couldve.

09 Oct 2020 21:18:54
My Predictions that came true.

- CGY-CAR Trade : Elias Lindholm, Noah Hanifin for Dougie Hamilton, Micheal Ferland & Adam Fox
( Original Prediction : Exact Trade )

- CGY-NYI : Travis Hamonic for 1ST, 2ND & 2ND
( Original Prediction : Travis Hamonic for a 1ST )

- CGY signing Jacob Markstrom to a 6 year deal @ 6.0 AAV
( Original Prediction : Markstrom signs 5 year deal @ 5.25 AAV )

- CGY-EDM : Milan Lucic (retained), 3RD for James Neal
( Original Prediction : Milan Lucic for James Neal (no retention) )

So cool, I even have proof of my predictions from my old account on this site. :))

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09 Oct 2020 21:44:29
What was your old account?

09 Oct 2020 23:59:01
JohnnyGODreau69 haha, I forgot my password to it :) a name I haven’t seen in a while is McJesus Christ & Shankar. I’ve been around for a while

13 Oct 2020 15:03:36
They haven't been on this site in a long time. Same with the other EDM guy. can't remember his name but it was short, lol.


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