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08 Jun 2021 03:25:35
Memarcusjoe, what did you think of game 4 for your Jets. Are you satisfied with the play of your team as they were facing elimination? I thought they played better tonight but still lacked some willingness to get in front of the net. The credit should be given to Montreal for making it hard and painful to get there tho.

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08 Jun 2021 03:48:56
Montreal played a really good series just like they did in the last half of the Toronto series and deserve the credit for sticking to a good game plan.

Effort wise, the Jets threw in the towel after the Scheifele suspension and just decided not to put in any effort to try and break Montreal's system. I don't mind losing when they give it their all and are just outplayed, but games like this where they don't want to compete are disappointing, especially when it is 3 in a row.

08 Jun 2021 12:55:27
Did Maurice give a reason why he and the coaching staff didn’t shake hands with the players at the end of the game? It doesn’t matter of course but just wondering.

08 Jun 2021 13:16:42
I haven't heard anything on that yet.

08 Jun 2021 01:07:57
Howdy yall, this isn't really a plan but just some thoughts about the oilers off-season.

I think Seb Cossa should be their 1st rounder this year. The kid is unreal and looking at recent top goalie draft picks they have been tracking well (Hart,knight). Also, Cossa plus 1 of the 3 current top goalie prospects would give the oilers options in the future.

I think Danult is a great option if Nuge leaves. Similar players but Philly D is better on the dot and defensivly. Hopefully he's available if Nuge costs too much. (Coleman, and tatar are also interesting to me)

Lastly, I think myles wood is great if NJ ever wants to give him up. Great speed and tenacity that I think every team needs. (Would NJ take a young dman for him?)

Anyway that's just some base stuff I've been thinking about. Let me know your thoughts.

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07 Jun 2021 02:13:39
Is the biggest playoff chocker in sports history Mathew Tkachuk?

GP-15 G-3 A-2 PIM-33

Mathew Tkachuk on a powerhouse flames roster has never made it past the 1st round and only has 3 goals + a whack of penalties that hurt his team.

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07 Jun 2021 05:23:38
A leaf fan accusing someone else of being a choker lol. that’s rich man. no offense to the sensible leaf fans on here.

07 Jun 2021 05:46:48
The leafs don’t have half of the roster as the Flames tho ( apparently ) the leafs can’t win with a soft Marner and a no show Mathews so they aren’t chocking they are actually just overachieving by making playoffs.

07 Jun 2021 19:27:27
In a few months the short term memory of some leaf fans will have Nylander planning the parade again. Yes Nylander, I will still be pessimistic. Until they at least give me a round, that won’t change. Back to Nylander’s post, Kadri has to be up there for ruining your teams chances of advancing. I don’t know playoff point totals, I’m sure they’re ok, but he can’t control himself. He took stupid penalties and suspensions to hurt the leafs, now he’s doing it again.

08 Jun 2021 01:02:24
The leafs.

08 Jun 2021 03:20:56
I agree Kadris emotions hurt the team.

09 Jun 2021 09:09:55
Leafs didn’t choke, Montreal came to play hockey that's the difference.

05 Jun 2021 16:23:56
What should the Oilers do in net?

Option A - keep Koskinen (1YR @ 4.5M) and trade for an upgrade at the trade deadline.

Option B - buyout Koskinen and sign a UFA. (Grubauer, Raanta, Andersen)

Option C - buyout Koskinen and trade for a goalie. (Korpisalo/ Merzlikins, Kuemper, Allen)

Option D - pay whatever the price is to dump Koskinen. (1st or 2nd round pick)

Does Konovalov make the team? He’s 22 and had a .923% in his 3rd year in the KHL.
How about Skinner? He’s 22 and had a breakout year in his second season in the AHL.

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06 Jun 2021 01:32:45
No neither of them do. Andersen would be a good buy low option.

06 Jun 2021 15:12:13
I think Option B. I agree with Nylander on this.
I think Andersen is still a good goalie, and he will have a lot of doubters to prove wrong, he could be a great signing for Edmonton.

06 Jun 2021 22:39:07
That would be great. I remember one specific oiler fan bashing Anderson when he was signed by Toronto.

07 Jun 2021 03:20:17
I think there’s a few good free agents out there so that is a likely option. Also with the expansion draft coming there might be a few good goalies available for trade. But I have a feeling the Oilers will stick with the same two goalies until the deadline where Koskinen becomes tradeable.

07 Jun 2021 15:08:31
Ebs, is Koskinen tradeable though? I see him back in Europe soon.

07 Jun 2021 15:56:35
At the trade deadline when he only has a couple months left on his contract I don’t see why not. He did have a .917 save percentage last year. I think he’d be a steal at say 2M playing 25-30 games a year.

04 Jun 2021 22:15:22
Spezza on resigning with the leafs- " Yeah, I would. I feel like there's a lot of unfinished business. I feel very invested in the group here, and I'm hopeful that I get another opportunity to do that again next year and push this team over the top,"

Looks like he won't be going anywhere else.

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05 Jun 2021 03:08:57
He had a great year, I’d love Spezza back. I like Simmonds and they need at least one guy like him so I’m ok with him coming back. I love Jumbo but he’s looking like he needs to retire.

05 Jun 2021 05:18:17
I agree. I just can’t wait until John Tavares leaves. We could have Kadri, Bozak and JVR instead of him

Kadri ( 4.25 mil ), Bozak ( 4 mil discount ) and JVR ( 6 mil ) JVR openly stated he’d take a discount to stay in Toronto. Without Tavares Mathews would look at the other players on his team not making 11 mil and couldn’t say “hey I’m better then Tavares so I deserve more “ then he probably signs something like Eichels contract 8 years 10.5 mil. Term is key.

Mikheyev-Kadri-Simmonds Etc.

05 Jun 2021 06:23:11
I like that line up but who knows? Kadri is obviously a liability in the playoffs. Tavares is a very good player, yes overpaid. It’s a a lot easier for us armchair GM’s.

04 Jun 2021 01:13:43

Replace Thornton, Mikheyev, Engvall


Komarov, Martin, Brown

Would leafs still be playing atm?

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04 Jun 2021 05:53:24
Connor Brown? If so he’d help. Mikheyev is good he’s be a loss. Engravil is okay. The other 3 suck.

04 Jun 2021 23:08:58
Connor Brown is better than the other three combined, pretty handidly. Martin and Komarov don’t really do much, but neither do Mikheyev and Engvall, so its essentially a wash with a downgrade on the defensive end but who really cares. If it meant *this* version of Connor Brown came back to the Leafs, it’s an easy yes from me.

03 Jun 2021 04:37:12
Fans on this sites logic-

Fan x sees leafs lose in playoffs multiple years in a row.

Fan x see leafs have great players ( Ted Lindsay finalist and Rocket Richard winner + 95 point winger )

Fan x makes offer of teams outcasts and scraps for one of the top 20 players in NHL

Fan x is told how leafs logically won't trade these franchise players for their teams out casts

Fan x says well you know what I didn't want your player anyway they suck. D

Yeah the leafs won't be trading Marner or Mathews for anything short of a massive haul Marner is a top 5 winger who is a million overpaid and Mathews is being paid accordingly. ANY team in the nhl would love these 2 players. The NHLPA rated Mathews over Mackinnon and Drais. Should Dubas move Marner? If the right offer came around then sure they need depth but not for crap. The leafs will lose with Marner/Mathews until they mature. It took Ovechkin how many years to win?

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03 Jun 2021 14:06:28
Your description sounds exactly like a Leaf fan's proposal for opposing players.

03 Jun 2021 02:23:15
Schiefele better be suspended.

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03 Jun 2021 02:39:07
I really want to see mm joe arguments.

03 Jun 2021 02:40:30
That was an obvious intent to injure scheiffle was frustrated from the previous shift and if he was really trying to stop the goal a stick check was the correct play, on the replay it almost looks like he hauled his stick back when he still had a slight chance of hitting the puck. i think it should be at least 8 games but I’m expecting a 5000$ fine.

03 Jun 2021 02:41:32
Habs Should get them to take a look at Stanley’s forearm shiver on perry in the 1st period too.

03 Jun 2021 04:39:45
I actually don’t want to see him suspended if anything change the icing rule. It was bound to happen sooner rather then later. I would’ve done the same thing.

03 Jun 2021 04:57:31
It wasnt icing. how does changing the rule change what happened? they already changed the icing rule because too many players were getting hurt. you do realize half the goals that are scored in this league could have the goal scorer getting hit in a similar fashion if the opposing player went in with the intent to hit and hurt the other player instead of focusing on trying to prevent the goal. when would you like to see a suspension nylander? When it’s matthew’s or marner getting brought out on the slab? It was a totally gutless, dangerous and stupid play if that’s mcdavid instead of evans scheifle never plays another game.

03 Jun 2021 12:06:34
He should be banned from the league. If he didn’t slowed down once he entered his own zone he would of had ample time to poke check the puck away before Evans even gets back to the net. His team could of tried one last O- zone entry and possibly tied the game. Instead he went for the body and as a right handed player he usually would of hit from his left side but he shifted to the right side knowing that he has more power and more chance of ending Evans career. This was a career ending hit that hopefully does not bring that repercussion even with Evan’s concussion history. No place for this in hockey.

03 Jun 2021 15:45:00
IMO I think the check itself was clean. But people talking about him trying to stop a goal are crazy, clearly the intent was to run a guy over. I’d be okay with a game but considering he got hurt, it was the end of the game and they were losing I think 2 or 3 games is fair. Kick him out of the league for making a hit? Lol get outta here. And the McDavid comment is bs. McDavid didn’t draw a single penalty in there 4 games and he took a clear dirty knee in one of them.

03 Jun 2021 16:47:23
Did mcdavid get hit like that ebs? Until he does you or anyone else are in no place to call that comment B. S. the never plays another game was a slight over react I admit. but I bet it’s 20 games for schefile. I’ll be shocked if he gets more then 4 games in this situation though. hopefully he at least gets something though unlike the last time an opposing player tried to kill a habs player because he was sookie.

03 Jun 2021 16:50:44
Respect to the class shown by ehlers though.

03 Jun 2021 16:57:47
Ebsolutely is bang on and the puck was iced it should’ve been icing. Getting hit is apart of the game it was clean and Schifele obviously meant to lay him out but not injuring him. My 2nd year of midget we were losing pretty bad ( midget AAA ) and the best player on the other team was skating behind our net after a neutral zone entry at full speed. Our goalie 2 handed him front on in the neck as he went around the net. He was helped off the ice and our goalie got 26 games. He had a neck guard on but it looked like he literally died when that happened. That’s a incident that deserves a suspension not Schifeles little hit. If it were McDavid he’d deserve 5 games because he intentionally went overboard on a hit that resulted in a injury of a star player.

03 Jun 2021 17:23:40
I hope he gets 4 games but doubt it. probably a $5k fine or at most 2 games.

03 Jun 2021 17:43:19
Ok so nylander you admit there is a double standard and the punishment would be 5 times worse if it was mcdavid instead of evans, that’s at least a start to show the hypocrisy which there would be if it was a player on your own team. now we know your butthurt after your team blowed another 1st round series and would like nothing more then every hab to be injured before this series is over but you should start talking some sense here for once. I don’t think even you could argue it was charging right? Now you also admitted he obviously Meant to lay him out which in turn means his intent was not to stop the goal and give his team a chance to still win the game that probably could have been done with a stick check that he didn’t even attempt. so in your own thoughts on this we have him for an obvious charge and a predatory hit right? But he shouldn’t be suspended? See the hypocrisy? Wake the fk up.

03 Jun 2021 17:47:43
The fact it’s a suspension is not even an issue only absolute morons are arguing it’s not, the issue is how many games and what parros decides is the standard he wants to place for this type of play going forward. if it’s a game, 2 games, 5 games so be it. but if the department of player safety is actually for maintaining player safety he better choice wisely.

03 Jun 2021 18:22:30
Panarin getting thrown on his head didn’t get a suspension. I’m sure being a star plays into a little but not that much.

03 Jun 2021 19:32:53
@ebs panarin initiated with Wilson he didn’t have to jump on Wilson’s back panarin also continued to go at Wilson after Wilson turned around commendable on his part but not very smart. that being said Wilson should have got a lot more then he did but neither his punch to buchnevich or his rag dolling of panarin was as an obvious intent to injure as the scheiffle hit imo. but if your argument is that player safety department is a joke then yes I agree with you. Shefflie doesn’t have the reputation as wilson does so that should be a factor in determining his punishment too. but he clearly had difficulty controlling his emotions which lead to him having bad intentions which then lead to a player getting seriously hurt. Reminds me of something kadri would do and usually does do every time he’s in the playoffs. scheiffle is talented enough he doesn’t have to do that garbage and I’m sure he knows he screwed up. but let’s hope it’s a one time mistake by him and he gets punished accordingly to the point where it doesn't result in retaliation and more players have to get injured because of it. On top of that I mean reeves can change the complexion of their series by doing this on Mackinnon if he sees it’s only going to cost him a game or two.

03 Jun 2021 20:06:18
I don’t think Scheifele has a history so he probably won’t get much. I think he deserves at least a game, more if there are prior incidents. What I don’t agree with is how they make decisions based on whether the player is hurt or not. If the intent to injure is there, the discipline should be the same. So a guy gets off because the player skates off on the ice on his own, maybe next time he breaks someone’s neck?

03 Jun 2021 20:42:43
I do think star players being injured matters ( I think ) I have no clue how the suspension system works but for PR I’d assume so unless it’s similar to court where people unconnected to the NHL determine the cases. I do think 1 game is fair because he meant to light him up. It wasn’t a viscous hit tho in the sense it wasn’t dirty just a old school Scott Stevens hit.

I just wish there was more Scott Stevens hits now days.

03 Jun 2021 20:45:14
I know it’s a broad definition (like all NHL rules) but how is it a charge? The angles I saw he didn’t leave his feet until after contact (which is how it works) and he glided for a long distance before the hit. Also I’d like to add to my 2 or 3 game punishment, I think Anderson or Edmonson should probably fight him, maybe both.

03 Jun 2021 23:09:27
The fact of the matter is Mark was pissed off that the game was being controlled by the Canadiens and he was angry and frustrated all game. He got a 2 minute penalty in the 3rd period for punching Chiarot in the face when Ben was laying on the ice helpless. That is 2 plays in the same game where Mark took advantage of a player’s vulnerability to induce some pain. He was a angry coward last night who made some terrible decisions and is lucky to not be criminally charged as well. He could of paralyzed Jake neck/ head/ upper body for life or worse.

04 Jun 2021 04:58:01
There was a good explanation given on the player safety video for those who don’t know what charging is and or can’t see how it was a horrible play. 4 games wasn’t enough imo but when you factor in scheiffle has a pretty much squeaky clean record and it’s the playoffs and probably means it would have been at least 7 games for someone with a history or if it happened in the regular season I think the league got it almost right. at least now a guy like Tom Wilson can assume he’d probably get at least 7 or 8 games for doing it.

04 Jun 2021 05:46:55
Nylander you do know if a player made a lot of those Scott stevens hits today he would have been suspended multiple times by now right? Possibly to the point where he would be out of the league all together. a prime candidate for one of the first ones to have their career ended because of the way they play would be Mitch marner. crossing over between the blue line and the top of the circles like he does would be easy pickings for stevens. Also I’ll give you something else to ponder. Why did the vast majority of stevens most devastating hits happen after say 1991 especially when you consider he was even more aggressive the previous 8 or 9 years he was in the league before that? also why were there so many players knocked out in his later years but very few if any in his early years? When you figure out the correct answer to this you will know why the type of hits you are asking for are frowned upon now.

04 Jun 2021 13:31:59
Criminal charges? Let’s not go calling 911 again just yet.

04 Jun 2021 15:20:32
JAndersson- You seem like the kid who’d tell the teacher when a kid swore in class. Soft as butter

Habby- yes I get it hockey has changed and everyone is soft now.

04 Jun 2021 15:44:03
I don’t think it’s soft for pushing to get these types of plays out of the league. Also suspending one if not the best player on Winnipeg for most of the series for running a guy with his head down doesn’t seem totally fair either. I can live with there 4 game decision though.

04 Jun 2021 15:46:23
Has nothing to do with that nylander.

05 Jun 2021 00:30:33
Nylander has said he wants them to fight with their sticks like gladiators, lol. I’d love to put a face to the name Nylander, you must be a teenage warrior.

05 Jun 2021 05:33:47
Lol I’m a goalie so I never been able to hit people unfortunately. I watched a video of hockey a long time ago way before I was born I think it was Steve Shut or Doug Harvey maybe Bob gainey a historical player on the habs full on having a stick fight in the middle of ice and buddy gets knocked out by a wooden stick to the face. When my grandfather played Junior back in the late 60s he was playing a exabition game against a senior A team and the junior team was winning and I guess one of the guys on the senior team two handed my grandfather in the back of my head. Personally I think the most entertaining moment I’ve seen in hockey was phill Kessel skating circles around John Scott two handing him in a preseason game lol. I’ve gotten a 1 game suspension for spearing but that’s it i also got kicked out of my ball hockey league because someone ( old teammate ) slashed me in the ankle ( hurts extremely bad without protection it was stick to skin ) and I retaliated by using all my might to two hand him. Luckily for both of us I got him on his quad and didn’t do to much damage.

05 Jun 2021 06:15:29
Why didn’t you riddle off some more names in hopes of landing on a player that actually had a stick swinging incident on the habs. let me guess you loved that mcsorley incident too right?

05 Jun 2021 06:44:39
I appreciate the honesty but you understand that is not hockey, right?


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