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31 Oct 2022 15:28:55
what would it take to get timo meier
and first (23)

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02 Nov 2022 02:44:32
Wouldn’t trade Miere for any single player on the flames roster. Probably a similar return to what Tkachuk got.

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27 Oct 2022 08:07:21
Okay Hans fans what are you're takes?

I was playing pool at my local watering hole and asked around.

Some agreed with my win periods not game approach.

Some were hell-bent on making moves to show steady progression.

To be fair I'm torn.

St-Louis said he'd coach mistakes if it's a habit and I agree with that.

But when we watch night after night making the same mistakes on the power play is that not a habit?

We're not suppose to be good, we are suppose to show a pattern of grow.

Arber stole widemans job. Good, for how long?

We want our youth to make mistakes but grow and learn when we capitalize.

Jurah should be in the ahl playing big minutes and making mistakes. At least he will be in a winning environment.

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27 Oct 2022 09:00:18
Need some adjustments on PP forsure. I'd Slahkovsky is gonna play in a game. let him play! . Im fine with how things are going. Obviously wanna see some improvements. But also wanna be patient.
Some guys I'd like to see gone
With Wideman im 50/ 50. But he does nothing for the PP. not sure why he's the man. Id like to see Harris given a shot. He's not flashy, but is good at getting the puck on net.

Winning a period, sure I guess. I just want to see overall progression. I have liked the effort in just about every game, except maybe the last one against Wild.

I got all caught up in excitement with the win over the Leafs in game 1. However now that I've calmed down from that emotional win, I can see this team needs alot of work, but also, just needs to grow. Won't happen this year or even next, but the future is bright.

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27 Oct 2022 16:49:20
I’m surprised you didn’t say Drouin Sosa. I’ve only watched the habs play minasota and Toronto this year but to me they didn’t look bad. They should offer one of Hoffman/ Dadanov for Barrie as a cap dump for cap dump deal. Having a vet QB would build confidence on that PP.

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27 Oct 2022 19:41:37
I have a soft spot for Drouin. Lol. I know now he will never live up to what I was hoping he would be. I think I'm so worried he's gonna go somewhere else and that he will put it all together. , which, I dont think he ever will now. But.

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02 Nov 2022 02:45:45
I always wanted to see Drouin on Colorado I think he could do some damage there.

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02 Nov 2022 17:14:03
I agree VB.
I've also thought that maybe Pittsburgh would be good for him, veterans like Crosby and Malkin helping him. However didn't work for Galchenyuk. so who knows.

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20 Oct 2022 15:29:27
The Habs are a wild this year. I'm happy there letting the kids play. They will ultimately be competing for bottom 5 in the league however I really believe certain kids will thrive. Take the pittsburgh game. We lost two games in a row where we couldn't score, and went 2 periods without a break. We started the 3rd and showed some heart. As long as we try and win and show some fight i'm 100% in. Let's see how our d play 82 games, build chemistry and show some promise. Ghule and Harris look good, Arber looks a little lost out there, however I'm convinced once edmunston returns He will be paired with him.
On Offense Dadanov seems like he fucked around all offseason and needed to lose weight. He's slowly looking better and better he kinda reminds me of armia but with more upside. Slavfkovsky should go to the AHL. He's 18 and should play big minutes and get used to winning. Monahan hasn't missed a beat, He's standing out in all the right ways. If he can stay healthy I think we're going to resign him. Dach scored the other night on the powerplay to finish the comeback in overtime. Thank you chicago. Goaltending is alright, Allen and Montembault both have a win so that's a start.

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16 Oct 2022 17:41:03
Anyone else hate those new TV advertising on the Boards.. I find it irritating. I didn't mind the somimple one behind the Net on the glass , but the one on the boards I find way to distracting. What do you guys think??

Maybe I'm just on old cranky man who hates change,??

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16 Oct 2022 17:32:48
Hey VB. I think I may recant some of my previous post comments haha

That was obvious 1st game , beating the Leafs emotions haha🤣🤣.

Deffenitley not gonna contend for a playoff spot, and , I think Slahkovsky needs a little work down in Laval. He's very hesitant, which, he's 18, so im not concerned.

The other things I said, I still believe., but I dont think Habs are gonna suprise to manypeople.. Habs will battle Arizona, Chicago for the best odds at Bedard ..
I'm just gonna pump the Brakes on my high expectations of this team.. hahah

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16 Oct 2022 19:25:01
Big players take longer to develop I agree that he needs time in AHL I think habs fans will be disappointed for the 1st few years seeing Wright and even Cooley making a bigger impact but his time will come.

One player that has impressed me so far on the habs is Allen he’s having a good start to the season.

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16 Oct 2022 23:58:03
Ya, I'm not sure if he will need that much time. (but I've been wrong all year so far🤣🤣🙄) .

Ya, Allen has been good. He's a good 1B goalie. I know he's not a Price or anything , but I really like the guys attitude. He knows he won't win a cup, but wanted to be one of guys who were here when ( maybe) this team became really good.
Great character and leadership for the kids.

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19 Oct 2022 02:02:09
That’s true he’s one of the few guys from New Brunswick who made it to the show so nice to see him do well.

Just in general look at Kakko and Byfield. I’d put Slafkovsky in the same category as those 2 in terms of development path.

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13 Oct 2022 05:41:02
So Habs fans.. what do you think after watching game 1 of the season?
Obviously, they won't be a contender, or a playoff team. However , I think they contend for one. I also believe they will not win the Connor Bedard sweepstakes( unless the lottery balls in an awesome way)..
My takes from game 1..
St.Loius, has an exciting game plan
Suzuki is a leader
Caufield is a potential Rocket contender.
Slahkovsky belongs
A Healthy Monohan is really good..

There is alot of promise. It's nice after watching years and years of of mediocre teams, to just chill are watch a team grow. There are no Cup aspirations, no playoff ones either. It's a year of really not alot of pressure ( from a fans view).. just go play and get better.!..

Gonna be fun to watch.. hard at times forsure, but future is good

This team is a starting goalie.. a dman or 2 as well as 2 more years experience from being Very good

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13 Oct 2022 12:28:30
The thing is the east is just so stacked that they will probably be deep in Wright sweep stakes. Who realistically are they better then in the east?

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13 Oct 2022 13:18:40
I'm not sure, I think they have Philly beat, could push a couple of the other guys. deffinetley not a playoff contender yet, but they have some good peices for the future. I think ya mean Bedard sweepstakes?
Anyway, last night's game was my equivalent to a Stanley Cup lol. Maybe the one and only time they beat Leafs this year, but was nice to see a different club than last year, with alot of good peices for the future .

What was your take VB on the Leafs? Obviously only one game, but just seems to be something missing,

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15 Oct 2022 03:09:39
Yes I meant Bedard. Philly looked really good against ottawa.

The leafs didn’t play great Wednesday malgrin looked good but I feel like it was just a pretty bad game mixed with a great effort from the habs. I don’t think anything is missing with the leafs in particular I guess you can say Murray wasn’t great but Samsonov played well Thursday so we will see.

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15 Oct 2022 22:04:43
To me, it feels like they are missing someone like Spezza, a veteran presence who can add some leadership.

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15 Oct 2022 22:06:41
I know they have Gio, but wonder if they need more of that loud kinda guy, I actually thought PK Subban woulda been a good fit.

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19 Oct 2022 02:03:35
I’m not really to sure about that sossa. A guy like Gallagher or Foligno would be nice I think.

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05 Oct 2022 01:12:55
My 22/23 Predections

Hart McDavid
Art Ross McDavid
Richard Mathews
Norris Makar
Vezina Demko
Selke Lindholm ( Flames)
Calder Shane Pimto Ottawa

50 goal men

100 pts
Elias Petterson

Just miss

Stanley Cup

Carolina over Colorado

Suprise team Ottawa

Disappointment. Pittsburgh

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05 Oct 2022 01:49:14
Carolina is a good bet here I’m with you on that. Bold predictions with Pete in the 100 point territory.

Hart: Makar
Art Ross: Leon Draistle
Richard: Ovie/ Mathews
Norris: Makar
Vezina: Andersen
Selke: Bergeron
Calder: Nick Robertson or Andrei Kuzmenko.

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05 Oct 2022 02:51:06
Lol , ya I'm stretching with Petterson. with all the talent in the league, I know I've missed some .
Is Kuzmenko eligible? If so, he's a good bet. Also, watching Robertson in preseason , he looks to have turned the corner, however, its pre season, so see what things look like after 20 games.
Taking Draisitle to win Art Ross? Are you thinking McDavid has injuries.? Or he just had a better year?

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05 Oct 2022 23:45:52
I just feel like Drais will out score McDavid. Just a gut feeling. Pete is unreal there’s definitely a chance especially with Kuzmenko on the wing.


That’s a very good top 6.

Robertson has really came alive in the preseason I’m hoping he follows in his bros footsteps. Already has the 2nd to best shot on the leafs.

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12 Oct 2022 03:08:04
Was shocked when i heard Robertson was sent down. What was that all about?

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19 Oct 2022 02:03:58
Just a cap space move.

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05 Oct 2022 00:36:18
If you guys are building a team thinking long term who do you take between

Rasmus Dahlin and Adam Fox?

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05 Oct 2022 03:52:03
I think Dahlin. Better all around.

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05 Oct 2022 23:46:04

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