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05 Mar 2021 04:12:56
RIP to the Greatest Hockey Dad of all time.. although he never played in the NHL Walter Gretzky was always one of the most recognizable faces of hockey in Canada, and the NHL..

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05 Mar 2021 12:44:40
Just like Wayne, a class guy all around.

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05 Mar 2021 01:14:03
Anyone think Nick Foligno would waive for Toronto?

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05 Mar 2021 04:14:27
Yes., he would want a chance at the cup. however, I don't know his contract ect. would this be even possible for the Leafs? What kind of trade do you see happening?

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05 Mar 2021 04:14:55
Oh. you answered that on the other page lol.

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04 Mar 2021 14:21:27
The Oilers last 3 games have made it clear that they are still not good enough. Their weakest areas are the same every year ... Defense and Goal !!

Players that might be available?


ANA - Lindholm
(team is going to be rebuilding)

NAS - Ekholm

CAR - Hamilton
(read that both sides are far apart on a new contract. I would be good with giving him 5yrs @ $8M)


ARZ - Kuemper

CBJ - Korpisalo
(hasn't been great this year but he has been and is young)

ANA - Gibson
(he probably isn't available but he would be the best goalie to get)

MTL - Price
(read rumors that the Oilers are interest in him)

I feel the Oilers need 2 better D-men and a Goalie. So which ones could they get and who would they need to trade?? (realistic trade)

Like they say ...."Offence wins you games but Defense wins you Championships!!"

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04 Mar 2021 17:48:57
You could’ve added all 6 peices and still lost last night.

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04 Mar 2021 17:57:16
Problem is they don’t have the prospects and assets along with cap to really do anything.

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04 Mar 2021 20:46:03
The Oil have there 1st this year and a bunch of good prospects. I think Korpisalo is the guy they should go after. Maybe a 1st, Skinner and Marody? Good pick and a couple middling prospects.
There D isn’t great but there fine and young, personally not to worried about them.

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05 Mar 2021 18:41:11
Oilers went on a tear before the 3 leafs games where they obviously fell apart (not to say the leafs didn’t also play well, but Oilers had their chances too and just didn’t finish) and then the leafs went and lost to Vancouver, who (sorry) Edmonton is obv better than this year.
So try and do the math on that. 🤷🏼‍♂️

While the leafs played well I really think the Oilers also just had a string of wildly sh*tty games and are still in a fine position overall. It’s not time to tear the lineup apart. I am in support of Bear or Jones moved for a scoring winger, however. And it sure would be nice if Lagesson would return soon.

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06 Mar 2021 01:40:16
I could see Edmonton getting in on the Bernier trade sweepstakes if those goalies don’t work.

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03 Mar 2021 16:19:24
Out of curiosity, what would be a realistic package for Buffalo to give up to move off the skinner contract.

9M AAV through to 2027.

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04 Mar 2021 03:29:51
Way too much like Cozens and multiple 1sts.

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04 Mar 2021 04:28:55
This could possibly be the worst UFA contract in history. there have been some really bad ones. , but this could potentially be the worst. I don't know how Buffalo gets out of this, I don't think its possible.
Can you guys think of other examples UFA signings that have been this bad.? Maybe the Erickson one is up there , Alzners was bad as well. I like the Lucic one more than Skinner one .

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04 Mar 2021 11:54:54
My thoughts on this is that the adds would have to be significant and more than they would like to give.

So chances are they are better off holding onto it until the term is lower for teams to consider.

The other factor is how many teams who can afford his salary and surround him with the right environment to motivate him.

Buffalo doesn’t seem to be able to motivate him to produce what he’s capable of. So you have to wonder which teams can.

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04 Mar 2021 17:59:14
At this point they need to fire their coach and they need to play skinner with the big boys and try and get him going and maybe you can get rid of him but it’s still going to cost and arm and leg.

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03 Mar 2021 15:22:28
Just curious to see who you'd guys would take on your team

Rasmus Dahlin or Austin Mathews

Personally I'm very on Dahlin becoming a top 5 dman in NHL history so I definitely take him.

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03 Mar 2021 15:44:03
Matthews. Dahlin is overhyped. he's good, but not as great as he's made out to be. Let's see what happens in a few years, as dmen take longer to hit prime.

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04 Mar 2021 18:01:32
Matthews best pure goal scorer Dahlin was pumped up going into the draft and i think he’s good he just need to play in a different market.

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05 Mar 2021 18:43:27
It’s way too early to decide on this. Dmen take longer to develop. Unfair comparison at this point.

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03 Mar 2021 13:06:20
Oilers Rumors .....

Read some rumors and wanted to see what people thought and what it would take for the trades to work.

Rumor #1 - Rakell

Rumor #2 - Price

What are your thoughts??

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03 Mar 2021 15:50:07
Neal and Koskinen for Price. No clue if he has value but 10.5M for 5 and a half seasons is crazy. Montreal probably needs to add something for someone to take that risk.

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04 Mar 2021 18:05:43
If I’m Edmonton I wouldn’t touch price he’s and aging player on the back side of his career but rackell for Chaisson and a 1st.

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02 Mar 2021 19:43:56
What if Johnny Gaudreau was 6’1 190lbs ? Do you guys think he’d be one of the Top 20 players in the league?

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03 Mar 2021 01:55:32
Probably. his skill set and that size, he'd be a force.

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03 Mar 2021 04:33:47
Doesn’t work like that. If Nathen Gerbe was 6 foot 2 with his skill set he’d be a top 5 player in the NHL but scientifically he wouldn’t have the same level as skill as his body would prohibit that.

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03 Mar 2021 12:08:28
Elaborate Nylander? Hypothetical if he kept his skill level but just grows 4 inches, do you think he’d be a top player in the nhl. His size has nothing to do with his skill, but his size makes him overthink and scared to make plays or contact.

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04 Mar 2021 18:07:20
I’d say no he’s been a real streaky player and Calgary is a dumpster fire.

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02 Mar 2021 06:08:08
Calgary trades somebody for something.

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02 Mar 2021 13:31:48
How about anybody for anything? With various picks from either side to even out value.

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05 Mar 2021 04:56:08
I like it, seems like a good trade for both teams.

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