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02 Jul 2024 01:49:40
Shane Pinto offer. 3 years at 4.5 million. Who offers.

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01 Jul 2024 23:11:43
Nice to see Habs improved their team.
While Jets did basically nothing to improve their team. I guess Chevy is banking on Lambert and Chibrikov on not only making the team but already being impact players.
Big day in signing 2 back up goalies!!!!!!
Missed out Stephenson or Monahan.
Sad you trade a first round pick not sign the player you traded for. I know it's not, But it looks like he is willing to just give draft picks away. Sad.

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01 Jul 2024 22:07:27
Really happy with the Habs last few days of work, ( sad to see Kovacevic go but I get it.)

They didn't do anything stupid at ( so far) on a UFA , they signed Slafkovsky to what will look like an amazing deal by year 3 or sooner , and IMO, selected the best player in the draft ( at least a challenger to Celebrini)
I think this team is one year away from making a lot of noise in the East.

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27 Jun 2024 03:23:03
Second round next year, sorry.

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27 Jun 2024 03:16:16
So now chicago has 3 2nds again, I'm wondering if they're gonna try to move up the 18th or use plus 18th in a trade.... necas, mcgroaty. Some good options but I've read if you're in the top 2 rounds it should be a good draft, 2 1st, 3 2nds. Or trade for help now.

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25 Jun 2024 00:35:50
Sweeney gonna Sween,

Ullmark to Ottawa for Korpisalo, Kastelic and 2024 1st round pick (25th overall, Bostons pick)

Senators retaining 25% of Korpisalos contract and Bruins are saving $1.165m in team salary.


I can't believe Ottawa picked up a Vezina winning goalie for such a small package while getting rid of Korpisalos contact AND they managed to keep their 7th overall pick and Chychrun.

Sweeney got goofed

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25 Jun 2024 03:57:05
Empty prospect cupboard and not wanting to take on any salary played a big part I feel. Korpisalo likely gets flipped for another pick. The need for a goalie marker wasn't the greatest and when you add that he had a NTC this very well could've been the best he could do.

Interested to see if Ullmark stays at his Vezina level or if he returns to his Buffalo Sabres form.

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26 Jun 2024 20:54:35
Korpisalo at 3mil is a steal. He is a very over qualified backup to Swayman. Absolutely phenomenal asset managemet by Boston imo. Swayman is the number 1 there and Ullmark was not needed.

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30 Jun 2024 00:59:35
It's not going to matter who's in the net if there isn't major improvements to the team's defensive structure.

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21 Jun 2024 21:01:59
So we heard from multiple sources that the deadline deal for Markstrom was Holtz + + for Markstrom, now we’re hearing the deal was Bahl + conditional 3rd wtf. We had like 7 people saying different things, quite happy with the deal. Doesn’t blow me away but glad he waited it out if that’s the case.

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14 Jun 2024 15:53:08
New Jersey Trades
10th Overall Pick 2024
2nd Round Pick 2025

Toronto Trades

*Marner would have to both waive his NMC and do a sign and trade otherwise Marner and NJ say no.

IF Marner agrees to a trade and signing long term with NJ and The Leafs willing to make this bold move, it will definitely change things for both teams.

Mercer is no Marner but a solid Winger, Liljegren is no Nemec either and that's the improvement for Toronto, I see NJ pursuing Guentzel and should have just enough to sign him and have a full roster imo.

Thoughts ?

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13 Jun 2024 15:35:37
Montreal Trades
5th Overall Pick 2024
57th Overall Pick 2024

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026

*Marner would have to both waive his NTC and do a sign and trade.

Montreal wants Marner this should be the asking price if Marner agrees to going to Montreal.

Thoughts ?

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13 Jun 2024 19:58:48
Not even sure why I am responding to this. bur Pinball, maybe this is why you get so much negative backlash on this site. This is horrible. I might be bias, but this is one of the more rediculous trades I've seen from you.

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02 Jun 2024 05:18:24
I know the NHL has many awards, however, I think there is room for more? Why not celebrate the talent in the NHL. A few id like to see

The Gretzky award.. most Assists
The Orr.. most points by a Dman
The ( maybe) Langway?? Best Deffensive D man( they have a best defensive forward award)

I dont really care for the Norris , as I think they award points over Defense. If its an award for best overall Dman.. then sure.. but its usually for one who is most flashy.

The Western Conference Playoff MVP.. not sure who to name it after lol.. maybe the Gordie Howe??

The Eastern Conference.. After Patrick Roy??
Would also like to see an award to the guys who play tough.. great player , but can scrap, hit , play with an edge, but also play respectful.. think like a Bob Probert or John Feguson award.

Obviously probably other guys who could be named for awards.. and maybe we have to many . I dunno.. just a thought.

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07 Jun 2024 03:41:21
I think the Marcel Dionne award is the obvious choice for western conference MVP. Absolutely elevated his game in playoffs.

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24 May 2024 21:25:52
Do we think this is the year that the Habs look to get "revenge" on Carolina and offer sheet ones of Jarvis or Necas?

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25 May 2024 13:19:50
I dont think so. That's all over and it's a new regime. It would be nice to add one of those guys, especially Jarvis. But don't think Gorton and Hughes will be doing any offer sheets.

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28 May 2024 22:58:07
I forgot it was due to the Habs offer sheeting Aho. But I do think Necas or Jarvis would be a great add for the Habs or any team on the cusp of being a playoff team.

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