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05 Jun 2024 17:35:34
Marner and Liljegren for Hronek and Garland.

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05 Jun 2024 18:39:55
Great trade for Vancouver not Toronto.

05 Jun 2024 19:29:55
Exactly Pinball, why would Toronto need a top 2 right handed defenseman and a top 6 winger when they could keep an overpaid top line winger and a bottom pair right handed defenseman?

Its not like having a a 40-50 point right handed defenseman and a 40-50 point right winger is going to improve the Leafs. They're better off trying to trade both their pending RFAs and their 1st round pick for a 32 year old Cam Fowler with a no movement clause.

05 Jun 2024 20:25:37
I am a Leaf fan Pinball and I do that trade without thinking twice. Helps to get the Leafs out of cap hell, improves the team defense and Garland can improve in a new setting. Teams are not lining up to help the Leafs so most likely they will have to lose a little in an effort to trade him.

05 Jun 2024 21:02:49
Quiet Guy
Marner will not be traded, everyone seems to forget a few things.

First of all Treliving isn't trading an elite forward for a package like that, he is too smart to pull that proposal, Treliving is looking to get better not worse and trading Marner doesn't make them better.
Second Marner has stated he is playing out his final year of his contract with TORONTO, he has a NMC in his contract and he has complete control of being traded.
Thirdly The Leafs have 19,405.333 million in Cap Space to improve, players like Cowan, Grebyonkin and Quillan or Minton are options at forward if they focus on Defense and or Goaltending.
Marner didn't have a very good playoff we all know that, but in the previous playoffs he did perform.
Trust me when I say Marner won't be traded, he won't.

05 Jun 2024 22:21:43
I never said they would trade him. but if they don't or can't they won't improve. So as long as your good with 1st round exits that will keep ya happy I guess.

05 Jun 2024 23:14:22
If you're so sure Marner won't be traded, then why were you trying to convince everyone on here that Marner would be trade to Ottawa for Chychrun, Pinto and the 7th overall pick?

Or that he would be traded to Anaheim for Carlsson, Strome, and the 3rd overall pick?

Or that he would be traded to Utah for Keller, Schmaltz, Ingram and the 6th overall pick?

You were pretty insecure and stressed out when everyone disagreed that any of those 3 trades could happen.

I agree with Quiet Guy. He's a smarter Leafs fan than you and is pretty realistic about what the actual return for Marner would be.

06 Jun 2024 01:39:51
Quiet Guy
It has been confirmed in the last 24 hours Treliving isn't looking to make a trade to just make a trade, and Marner with a NMC isn't give his 8 team trade list available, and also confirmed he will honor his contract for The Leafs.
Treliving will improve this team I truly believe that, Toronto didn't win or lose because of Marner it's still a team game not a one player sport.

06 Jun 2024 21:20:50
Another assumption by you. Never said he was at fault. Said they are in cap hell and one of the big contracts needs to go and Marner is the most logical. But keep spinning things Pinball.

11 Jun 2024 04:36:29
Hey Pinball

Treliving traded M Tkachuk for Huberdeau. never say never.



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