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03 Dec 2019 18:40:54
So rumor has it the isles are seriously persuing pageau and borowieski and willing to part with their 1st to get them. Here's a link for those who are doubtful. So I propose this as an upgrade on a deal.

NYI : 2020 1st, Dobson

OTT : pageau, borowieski, demelo, abramov, tychonic, 2020 3rd

Isles get a playoff performer middle 6 guy, some toughness in Boro, a solid shutdown 3/ 4 dman in demelo, a b prospect dman in tychonic, a b+ forward prospect in abramov, and turn their 1st into a 3rd

Ottawa makes offseason a bit easier on themselves as most of those guys are in last year of contract anyway, also picks up an extra 1st in what is supposed to be a deep draft that they can use themselves or package with the sharks pick to move up further if something big remains available, and they get an upgrade for the future of the Blueline in Dobson who could compliment branstrom or Chabot for years to come.


Boadker and zaitsev could be traded as well for a 3rd and a 2nd respectively to contenders looking for a little something extra at the deadline where teams are known to overpay at times, like with the Ryan Hartman deal, if he can get a 1st then no reason those 2 can't get a 2nd and a 3rd as boadker around same level as Hartman while zaitsev is a dman who is having a decent rebound year, and dman always carry more value than forwards of similar skill.

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03 Dec 2019 20:51:53
Ew omg no way the Islanders move Dobson for that garbage.

03 Dec 2019 23:29:13
Lmao. Rambo! Still delusional as ever. Classic.

04 Dec 2019 03:53:21
I thought Zaitsev went back to Russia? Dobson is worth more than Abromov and all that other junk. A 1st can get a good player, not Boro and Pageau. Those clinkers can be had for scraps. lol.

04 Dec 2019 15:45:24
The only part of this I bothered to read was "boedker and zaitsev are worth a 2nd and 3rd respectively" lol awesome stuff ram.

04 Dec 2019 19:19:50
At the trade deadline Facelift39? Name 1 contending team ever that's not been guilty of over paying for a player to make a run at the cup? And I'm not just talking about blockbusters for superstars.

The hartman deal, the Stastny to Vegas deal, even the Fisher to Nashville deal. All over payments. And seeing how San Jose got a 4th, 5th, and a 2nd for Hoffman in the offseason who was basically traded straight up for boadker who has played better with Ottawa than he had with San Jose, there is no reason to believe he can't get at least a 2nd especially if that 2nd is a late one from a contending team. Even for someone as dense as the people on here.

And zaitsev just back in Russia temporarily dealing with personal issues, he'll be back. And a 3rd is exactly what his value was said to be when he was still in Toronto and playing like trash. Since in Ottawa he has upped his game massively so exactly how could his trade value possibly go down after his success has increased? Let alone at the trade deadline. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

ottawa receives offer for jg

you'll see that a real offer of the isles 1st in 2020 has In fact been made for pageau.

06 Dec 2019 13:47:40
I could also put this in a better way as well. Obviously the pageau for a 1st part is proven from a much more reliable source than the people on here.

As for the Dobson part let's compare to the Duchene deal.

Duchene = a former 3rd overall pick, proven NHL star power

Dobson = a former 11th / 12th overall pick, has yet to be an NHL main stay or prove anything outside hype

Duchene got Ottawa abramov, davidson, and a late 1st

And you're literally trying to say that Dobson is worth that or more? Feel your head.

Let me break that down for you using the cbj Ott deal and this proposal in comparison ok?

Abramov = abramov
Davidson demelo


06 Dec 2019 17:09:18
You do realize that boedker is a healthy scratch more often than not hey Rambo? With years attached to boedker that would be a prime example of a cap dump, it will cost the sens to move him. the same way it cost the leafs Connor brown to dump zaitsev at the start of the year. Zaitsev never was worth a 3rd, he was a dump so the leafs could sign marner.

06 Dec 2019 17:13:27
Wheres your source for zaitsev being worth the 3rd when he was still a leaf? You're showing sources for JG pageau, how about posting a source for where you read zaitsevs value? Because I'm calling your bluff Rambo, you're talking out your ass again.

10 Dec 2019 10:06:56
Facelift39 boadker I never had more than a comparison to the Hoffman to Florida deal as proof.

And I figured I only needed proof for pageau so I disregarded the proof I had for zaitsev worth and now I can't seem to find a value indicator now but what I can give you is the Ottawa Toronto trade. Zaitsev contract and Toronto Marner situation forced Toronto to add Conner brown to move him. Basically in a breakdown you could say it was brown for ceci as ceci was a throw away they could have let walk away with no contract making ceci no value one way or another. Meaning zaitsev got Toronto not just a 3rd but also b- / c+ prospects harpur and luchuck. So a 3rd or late 2nd for a contender desperate enough at the deadline is not out of the question. Hec Ottawa flipped a has been like Ian Cole to Columbus for a 2nd. Cole is a close comparable is he not?



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