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01 Jan 2021 16:29:07


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01 Jan 2021 16:45:44
I don't believe that Columbus would want to trade for Nylander who is a soft, timid, overpaid player that rarely is seen in his own zone.

01 Jan 2021 18:23:11
Easy no from Columbus. Nylander and crap doesn't get Dubois.

01 Jan 2021 18:38:11
Columbus doesn't do that trade simply because Dubois as a centre has more value.

Island jet. Player A stats 369 games played 257 points for .69 points per game. Player b stats 307 games played 221 points for .72 points per game. Player b makes 900,000 more than player a but the contract is heavily front loaded.

You say player A is a first line player on a fantastic contract and player B is a timid player with a terrible contract.

Player A is Ehlers

Player B is Nylander.

Nylander better career stats on a contract that pays him less a year than Ehlers. And you talk about people being homers for there own players?

01 Jan 2021 18:59:38
William Nylander, age 24:
2019/ 20 - 68/ 31/ 59, 59.3% Corsi with 5/ 2/ 4 in the playoffs.

Career - 307/ 86/ 221, 58.2% Corsi; 0.28 G/ GP, 0.72 PPG with 25/ 5/ 15 in the playoffs.

Patrik Laine, age 22:
2019/ 20 - 68/ 28/ 63, 48.4% Corsi with 1/ 0/ 1 in the playoffs.

Career - 305/ 138/ 247, 48.4% Corsi; 0.45 G/ GP, 0.81 PPG with 24/ 8/ 16 in the playoffs.

Sure, Laine hits more than Nylander, I haven't listed that since its fairly obvious, Laine's hit total nearly triples Nylander's, but Nylander's advanced metrics are also 10% greater than Laine's, not just over one year, but over their entire career, proving that despite Nylander being called a one-dimensional player, Nylander's team plays a lot more in the offensive zone than in the defensive zone when he is on the ice, comparative to Laine at least. I could go into WAR, RPM and other metrics but corsi's the easiest to follow so I just listed it, but Nylander beats Laine in almost every metric, even takeaways which I chose not to list either.

In terms of contract situation, Nylander is locked up for the next 4 years at 6.9 Million, taking him to the age of 28. Laine is locked up for the next year only, at 6.5 million, taking him to age 23, where he'll likely sign another, larger contract.

After next year, Laine will for sure being making more than Nylander, and that isn't to slight Laine, if I had the choice, Laine would be the pick over Nylander 10 times out of 10, bar none. Laine is the superior player for sure, I'm just here to make a point that Nylander isn't a 'soft, timid, overpaid player who is rarely seen in his own zone', while Laine for Dubois is a 'good trade for both teams' and the value in a Laine/ Dubois swap is 'fair'. Nylander isn't overpaid by any means, I don't know why that narrative still exists, and just because Nylander doesn't hit doesn't mean he isn't a good player, hell, last year he had more goals than Laine, and that's the one thing Laine's supposed to be king at.

Again, I'm not saying Nylander is even at the same value as Laine. He isn't. Laine is the better player, but Nylander is still a very good player in his own right. This post was just to show that despite everything that the Jets fans say, they are biased towards the Jets, and have a passion for hating on the Leafs.

01 Jan 2021 19:00:49
As far as the trade goes as well, no from CBJ. Especially cause you're adding Texier as a throwin. That offer doesn't get Dubois by himself tbf, and Texier is easily more valuable than both of Korshkov and Engvall combined.

01 Jan 2021 19:13:47
Topshelf, now you should do one on how Leaf fans are biased towards Leaf players and have a passion for hating on the Jets.

But, yeah, it's JUST Jets fans that are biased. Lol.

01 Jan 2021 19:27:31
Although Topshelf the Nylander being overpaid thing Islandjet points out is still valid. Due to contract length, Nylander shouldn't be getting paid more than Ehlers. Hence he is overpaid.

I also like how you conveniently ignore age when trying to compare Nylander to Laine, but I do give you props for admitting that Nylander is not as good as the younger Laine.

I'm just posting this to illustrate how, even though you try to pass yourself off as impartial, you always write your posts with an anti-Jets bias. The same thing you accuse Jets posters of.

01 Jan 2021 19:48:30
I legit mention age, lol. I mention age, i mention hits, i mention contract, i mention ppg, i mention corsi, i mention everything . I don’t make statemenrs such as ‘timid, overpaid’ or whatever else u guys accuse Nylander of.

And what Leaf poster, besides Pinball, or Pinhead, is biased on this site? They’ve all left or don’t post lol. I made a factual statemenr above, haha.

01 Jan 2021 19:51:09
As well, Ehlers makes 800k less than Nylander, and Nylander scored far more goals in the last season. Being paid an extra 800k is not being overpaid. Andrew Ladd is overpaid. Milan Lucic is overpaid. Not Nylander, haha.

01 Jan 2021 22:39:49
No Topshelf, you're comparing Laine at 22 to Nylander at 24. Why? Is it because at 22 Nylander was nowhere close to the player Laine is at 22? You want to set it up so you can compare an older, more experienced player to a younger, less experienced player to try and slant it to your narrative as much as possible.

As for Leaf homers you forgot about Nylander, Barrie, JAnderson off the top of my head.

So, I'll be waiting for your moral outrage again when one of then makes their normal biased post against a Jet player. Somehow, I don't think that will fit your narrative either.

For the Nylander contract, you once again have chosen to ignore contract term.

So, when comparing Nylander to Ehlers, goal scoring needs to be taken into account, but when comparing Laine to anyone else, goal scoring is meaningless and only defensive stats matter. Is that correct?

01 Jan 2021 22:59:47
Sorry Topshelf, I don't mean to be picking on you, but I just wanted to point out how hypocritical you are being when you make your posts.

Calling out all Jet fans and trying to paint them as homers for one post you deem as biased while ignoring biased posts made by fans of other teams and then posting information yourself written with a biased agenda, needed to be pointed out IMO.

It's been a lot calmer here the last few weeks with far fewer "hot takes" with the exception of a few trolls. So I'm hoping we can keep it that way and keep productive discussions, like this one, going.

If you don't agree with a post, why don't you discuss that post instead of making generalised statements on entire fan bases based on your own biases against that particular team.



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