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16 Jul 2021 21:35:25
Trade mariner to Seattle for 2 first round picks and a 2nd.

Then sign landeskog and Hamilton for 8 million times 6 years.
They should have enough cap room with hyman leaving and who ever Seattle takes from them and Mariners miney.

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17 Jul 2021 11:18:51
Why not deal reilly elsewhere too and sign hyman aswell. we won't need him with:

dermott/ liljgren/ holl/ bogo/ whoever we decide will play on a cheap contract.

I agree that landeskog would be an amazing heart and soul addition, but not at the 8m he wants. hymans want that 8 year security because his body is wearing down. but teams only want shorter 5yr max deals due to the cap issues. ill actuallly not be surp[rised if some big names hold out from free agency before signing short term maybe better waters next year situation like taylor hall did.

17 Jul 2021 12:25:58
Let me understand this. landeskog, who you have said would have a lot of heart and soul, you won't pay 8 million. yet you are paying someone 11 million for no heart and soul.

17 Jul 2021 12:52:04
Just a TAD much for Marner. TWO FIRSTS? lol.

17 Jul 2021 13:01:37
Balsam with that logic pat Maroon is worth 11mil @Balsam. Don’t want to see Landy of Hamilton on leafs would rather target jones.

17 Jul 2021 14:46:43
we have a left shot jones already in reilly, hamilton brings a difference presence, skill set, and a tad more physicality. the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expect a different result. since he's verbally commited himself to the front 4, change needs to happen on the back end. hamilton is a solid balance between muzzin physicality, and reilly offensive prowess.

17 Jul 2021 16:21:45
I said 8 for landesgog only because of nylanders money. Yes he's a bit older but has so many elements to his game, he fights hits and will produce the same points as willy maybe even more.

And the two firsts for mariner would only make sense to an expansion team. They won't find a player like mRner in the next few drafts.

19 Jul 2021 14:03:21
Marner is a 6-7M player. TOPS!

To trade Marner you'd need to hold back 4M or throw in picks to make a Marner deal remotely possible.



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