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21 Jun 2022 16:53:59
Flames fans how would you feel about a Monahan + 2023 1st for Connor Brown + Austin Watson + 3rd.
Essentially exchanging two UFAs (assuming both teams can't arrange long term deals prior to the season starting) with Calgary paying their 1st to get the better one and save 4M in cap.
Ottawa gets a 1st and can give Monahan more minutes

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21 Jun 2022 17:47:47
Connor Brown for Monahan sure but no way Calgary adds their 2023 first. Calgary doesn't have a first or many picks at all this year, the 2023 first is one they'll be keeping unless it's part of a package for a top 6 center or something.

21 Jun 2022 18:18:02
Get real monix. Monahan is trash. Wouldn't be worth a Connor Brown autograph without adding a 1st so they can get rid of him.

Don't mind this guy Hockey Dad, he always underrated sens players values by a mile. Your trade here ain't bad, the only thing I'd change is switch Watson with Teirney or another 3rd. Otherwise it's a decent trade.

21 Jun 2022 18:18:37
Monahan + a late pick/ Prospect for Connor Brown maybe, but I agree with @MoxNix, definitely not giving up the 1st.

21 Jun 2022 19:19:10
MyBad how many accounts do you have now? 10?

21 Jun 2022 19:19:36
@TrevorA exactly.

21 Jun 2022 21:28:42
Calgary already traded it for Toffoli no? Otherwise I don’t mind it, maybe even Monahan, 1st (26th? ) for Brown, 2nd (64th)

21 Jun 2022 21:30:47
Pretty easy to quickly say Brown is more valuable based on statistics/ more assist this season, but they both had a down year (8G in 65GP for Monahan vs. 10G in 64GP for Brown) and both missed the remainder of the season due to injury, so they're both a bit of risk, but if Monahan can get back healthy, he can be WAY better than Brown.

I'd say Brown likely played with better scoring partners as well, since Monahan was relegated to 3rd/ 4th line duties. Monahan is a Centre and is good at Faceoffs whereas Brown Kills Penalties. So in the end they're close, but to shed cap space and reunite Brown with Mangiapane, I would offer Monahan + a mid-to-late Pick or Prospect

Austin Watson is better than I thought (Hits, Kills Penalties and has decent Takeaway Giveaway Stats and Shot%), my concern is that we don't want another Tyler Pitlick and @$1.5mil/ yr, it might be best to go with Duehr. Watson's a rental worth probably a 5th RD Pick = exactly what they received for Zack Sanford

In the end, I'd do this trade if CGY sent Monahan + their 2nd and 5th RD Picks instead and received Brown + Austin + OTT's 3rd RD Pick in return.

21 Jun 2022 22:50:36
@Ebsolutely Calgary traded this year's pick for Tofolli, not next year's.

21 Jun 2022 23:25:27
So are @MyBad and @HockeyDad actually the same person with 2 accounts!? Is that what we are insinuating here, cause I could definitely see that being the case lol.

22 Jun 2022 02:31:30
A lot more than just 2 accounts.

22 Jun 2022 12:11:57
I’m not myBad. I’m just me haha.
Definitely wouldn’t do straight up. 4M more for the worse player.
It would be if Calgary wanted to sign a free agent for 4M ish and we’re cap strapped.
Ottawa will likely trade Brown for a late 1st if they can’t reach a deal with him.

22 Jun 2022 12:14:14
@myBad Monahan is trash, but he’d just be a rental. That’s why I wouldn’t do it unless there was a 1st involved.
Tierney is a ufa so we don’t have his rights anymore.

22 Jun 2022 14:26:07
Ottawa might get a late first for Brown but they aren't getting Monahan AND a late first.

In fact considering the chemistry Brown had with Mangiapane at the World Cup Calgary would trade a late first for him if they still had this year's first round pick. But it still wouldn't be Monahan AND a late first.

22 Jun 2022 17:39:52
Monahan + a 2023-4th-CGY OR Dube + a a 2023-4th-CGY with Brown 50% Ret.

They can try to get a late 1st, but I doubt Brown brings back more than a 2nd or high 3rd given he's currently a rental, only scored 10 Goals last season and is coming off a season ending wrist injury.

22 Jun 2022 18:00:57
A 1st would get you RFA C/ LW Pavel Zacha who’s >>> much greater value than Connor Brown.

23 Jun 2022 00:04:35
Nick Foligno got a 1st. Trevor I’ll bet you any money that Brown gets a late 1st.

23 Jun 2022 01:15:49
Dubass overpaying for Foligno is completely irrelevant. Connor Brown could fetch a late first but there's no chance he returns Monahan and a first.

23 Jun 2022 02:11:15
Not sure how we’d go about exchanging money, but for bragging rights, sure it’s a bet. I’m fine being wrong from time to time, it just doesn’t happen very often. I like Brown, especially when he plays with Mangiapane, but if he plays like he did this year, I just don’t see him getting a 1st Round Pick, especially as a pending UFA.

23 Jun 2022 03:51:13
So if Connor Brown is worth a 1st, than Alexander Kerfoot must be as well right!? They’re similar players with similar stats… ?

I don’t think so, they’re just not worth a 1st.

23 Jun 2022 05:02:30
I’d say these players almost have more value as UFA’s to cup contenders because they don’t effect the cap for the following season or maybe just 50% retained? Retained or UFA I could see both Kerfoot and Brown getting a 1st. Copp got a conditional 1st/ 2nd and a 2ndI believe.

23 Jun 2022 05:28:06
Good example with Copp @Ebs. I think that was an over payment for him, but did it ever work out well for Copp and the Rangers. He was a stud for the rest of the season after that trade. Definitely increased his value. Will probably demand $5.5-$6m/ yr+ On his next contract, whereas I’d say Kerfoot and Brown have probably already peaked and aren’t as desirable.

23 Jun 2022 15:24:36
Brown > Kerfoot.

24 Jun 2022 04:48:39
Here's a concept that works! Put all 3 of them together (although for the price, Dube at Centre is likely better) . Could you imagine Mangiapane with 2 Set Up Guys and if Brown got his wrist healed and shot back!?

C. Brown-A. Kerfoot-Mangiapane.



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