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15 Jan 2024 19:58:55

- Campbell
- Gagner (pending UFA/CPP/OAS)
- 1st (2025)
- 2nd (2024)
- 3rd (2026)


- Allen (50% Retained)
- Armia


- rid of Campbell's ridiculous contract for this season & 3 more.

- a quality 1B G who is good in the room and will help stabilize the net this year and next.

- a RW with size who performs well in the playoffs to help fill out their bottom 6.


- 3 picks and for their final retention slot over the coming 3 years.

- an open roster spot for another prospect while solving their crease dilemma.

- the fun of buying out the final 3 seasons of Campbell's ridiculous deal in the summer. (6 years = 1.1M, 2.3M, 2.6M, 1.5M, 1.5M & 1.5M)

IN SHORT: EDM pays some future to have a shot now, while MTL plays the long game and adds futures.

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16 Jan 2024 11:40:38
a bit high for Allen and Armia.

16 Jan 2024 13:44:05
BALSAM: You are 100% correct that it's a high price to pay.  

- It's estimated it will cost a 1st & 3rd to move Campbell's contract alone.

- EDM is currently 12th in Goals Against, and 6th in Goals for. With upgrading their goaltending to "average" they'll win a lot more games and give themselves a shot post-season.

- Draisaitl is signed for one more season before he's a UFA. EDM can't wait to buy out Campbell till the summer. The clock is ticking on their stars. They need to play some meaningful playoff hockey THIS postseason to believe there's a reason to re-sign in the City of Champions.

- Allen & Armia can help the team, and like Draisaitl, are signed for one more season after this. EDM can't wait, and cap relief will be expensive this trade deadline in a capped-out league. It will be interesting to see what Kenny decides to do in his final trade deadline with EDM.

16 Jan 2024 18:03:21
I don’t mind it but wouldn’t it make more sense for the Oilers to buy out Campbell themselves? I’d be more willing to cough up all the picks if Armia wasn’t in the deal. Take out the 2nd if Armia is involved maybe?

16 Jan 2024 18:36:25
Hey Ebs, long time no chat. Good to hear from you.

- This could be EDM's last full year with Draisaitl. They'll be forced to trade him this summer or next season if they can't extend him. He's too valuable to risk losing for nothing.

- If EDM risks losing one of their 2 superstars, it behooves them to make some kind of move for the present.

- Frank Seravalli (and others) have reported it will take a 1st and a 3rd to move Campbell's contract. If you take out Armia, EDM takes out Gagner (who was only included to make the numbers work), you're essentially left with Allen for a 2nd. MTL can make that deal with a few other teams and not have to take on Campbell deal.

- MTL may or may not move Allen. They like him. Apparently they've set their price for him, and if they don't get it, they're not in a position where they HAVE to trade him.

- EDM simply HAS to make a move and not waste one more year. EDM would look very different without Draisaitl, and they need a good playoff run to make him want to stay and forego unrestricted free agency.

- They say "when NHL GM's really need a life vest, all anyone throws them is anchors. " There's some really good teams that need to free up cap space to make additions for the playoffs, and EDM has more reasons than most to make something happen this year.

- You'll notice I didn't include any EDM prospects in this trade. I just don't like their prospect pool.

- Whatever EDM decides to do, it will be interesting, and potentially very expensive in futures, because all that matters is now and the next 2 seasons. Enjoy the games Ebs!

16 Jan 2024 20:50:49
Allen would be a really solid get for the Oil because he has another year, he’s a vet and still capable of playing a good chunk of games. But when’s the last time a goalie got a 2nd? That would be a high return for him.

I know Oil have to make moves for today but trading a 1st, 2nd, 3rd to dump Campbell while taking on a lesser camp dump and a back up goalie isn’t worth it IMO. They can buyout Campbell and keep all their picks.

Hard to say what the right move is and I generally agree with taking on a bad contract to lessen the price of dumping Campbell but I don’t think this is a lesser price.

17 Jan 2024 12:44:24
EBS: Fair comment on goalies getting a 2nd, but this year is a bit different. Supply and demand, and the fact he's under contract for an extra year, I suspect will influence his trade value "if" he gets moved. You may well be right, but the Habs like him too, so it is said that he won't move unless their price is met.

Regarding the buyout of Campbell, that can't happen until June. You know as well as I do that as soon as EDM's season is done, the talk will revert to "do we trade Draisaitl now, mid-season, or risk losing him for nothing? " EDM is on a heater, but they need a solid playoff run to make Leon want to stick around. I think they have to undo the Campbell contract and make their move asap so that they can target and acquire the help they feel they need before names start disappearing from the trade boards.

Regardless, EDM & Kenny will be very interesting to watch in the coming 7 1/ 2 weeks. Their comeback last night, while predictable, was a truly solid outing. Their defensive play looks playoff-ready to my eyes.

17 Jan 2024 13:07:47
I'd like the habs to take a shot at a young forward instead of those 2nd and 3rd round picks. Maybe a player like Holloway or Bourgault

17 Jan 2024 18:38:20
I hear you Matador, but I don’t see either of those picks having much upside. That’s why I’d favor picks over EDM prospects.

17 Jan 2024 18:41:45
Oilers goalie issue has switched to needing a competent back up IMO. It’s not as scary in net as it was early in the season that’s for sure. I don’t even think the crazy media in Edmonton will suggest trading Drai. Cup or bust with him until he signs or leaves.

18 Jan 2024 10:31:25

- EDM are on a fantastic heater, and Skinner is playing great. But championships are won with depth, including in net. Allen would complement Skinner without making him uncomfortable.

- I respectfully disagree with the idea that it won’t be a HUGE distraction if Leon isn’t re-signed. He is arguably the second best player in the NHL, and you can’t risk losing an asset like that. He’s too valuable to keep as an own rental if he doesn’t re-sign.



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