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10 Apr 2024 13:18:01
Ottawa Trades
3rd Round Pick 2025 (Florida's Pick)

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2026 (Lottery Protected)

Leafs will be looking to upgrade Defence and adding Chychrun would fit into what they would be looking at.

Unless Chychrun is committed long term on a new contract it would be better to get assets back before he walks for nothing after next season, NRobertson would be either on the second or third line in Ottawa, Liljegren though not Chychrun would play in Ottawa full time, DeWar fills in the 4th line nicely and Sens also get a 1st Rounder out of this deal

Remember everyone Chychrun was traded for a 1st and two 2nd Rounders when Arizona traded him to Ottawa and had more contract as well, so my proposal imo is similar to that transaction.

Thoughts ?

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10 Apr 2024 20:25:35
- explain it any way you like, and upvote yourself till the cows come home, but these one-sided trades you post incessantly are a waste of everyone’s time.

- OTT isn’t going to help your leafs out like this for that yard sale of a return. Their new owner would fire any GM that even suggested something like this.

11 Apr 2024 01:40:21
So chychrun for a bag of pucks turns ottawa's 3rd into a 1st? No thanks.

11 Apr 2024 14:13:34
Chickenfoot and Facelift39.
I guess none of those Leaf Players are NHLers in your world unless they play for another team got it.
What did Ottawa trade to get Chychrun from Arizona again with 3 years compared to an expiring contract next season?
If you don't know it was a 1st and two 2nd Rounders, so all of a sudden Chychrun is worth much much more?
Very odd way of thinking don't you think.

11 Apr 2024 22:03:07
Chychrun with one year left is much more valuable than the three players with zero years left.
Ottawa has their own RFA's to work on this summer.
What value does 4th liner dewar have to ottawa? (McEwen still under contract, kastelic still under contract, affordable RFA's kelly and katchouk)
What about bottom pair d liljegren? (Hamonic still under contract, zub under contract)
3rd liner NRobertson? (Matthieu joseph still under contract)
Maybe it's an odd way of thinking to you, but how about just keeping your RFA's and ottawa keeps their 3rd? This would make the trade chychrun to the leafs for a 1st. I'm fairly certain this offer won't work for you, because it doesn't heavily favor the leafs.

12 Apr 2024 03:59:00
Facelift39 N
Robertson gives Ottawa another young winger that has proven he can score playing limited minutes, that's why The Sens would want him.
DeWar is better than any of the 4th line forwards you mentioned, isn't Ottawa trying to get better?
Hamonic is in the same class as Liljegren? Ya sure he is in your world.
All the players in my proposal are RFAs not UFAs so they aren't going anywhere.
Again facts are facts Chychrun with 2 extra years on his contract went for a 1st and two 2nd Rounders.
For some reason you believe Chychrun is worth more than his going rate.
So if The Leafs had two 2nd Rounders and Ottawa kept their 3rd Rounder and NRobertson, Liljegren and DeWar were not part of the deal then it's fair?

13 Apr 2024 13:37:45
YES pinball, I would 100% click believable on chychrun to toronto for two 2nd's. I am certainly not trying to convince you or anybody that hamonic is equivalent to liljegren or that Parker kelly is equivalent to NRobertson, my point is that hamonic is under contract and likewise with zub. is ottawa really going to improve by having zub and liljegren in their top 4 on the right side and hamonic on the bottom pair? At forward, stutzle, Tkachuk, giroux, batherson, pinto, norris. would NRobertson be in their top 6? I'm going to go ahead and say no.
Joseph, kastelic, Greig, McEwen under contract for next year in the bottom 6 - I'm not suggesting these players are superior to dewar, I'm sure he's amazing on the leafs 4th line. I'm simply pointing out that they are under contract for next season. So unless ottawa can pull off a trade similar to some of the proposals you make on here, then these players will be taking spots.
To suggest ottawa would give up assets for fringe RFA's is absurd. Why not make a proposal where each of these players is involved in a sign-and-trade? I'm sure teams would be lining up around block. Ridiculous.

18 Apr 2024 22:57:03
I'd do this - puts Toronto in a salary cap bind after next season when Chychrun will want 8 mil per season.

19 Apr 2024 14:15:52
Seriously the ratio of likes to dislikes on all of your posts through all these years isn't enough evidence to suggest you know nothing?

When are you going to pay attention to the 31 other teams in this league and what their position is on their players? You come at every trade with the same statement "the Leafs will be looking to do ___".

Assuming Ottawa is even shopping Chychrun, why would they settle for the worst return Toronto can offer just to help a division rival?

And lottery protected 1st round pick is absolutely hilarious, assuming the Leafs might potentially finish bottom 5 with the team they already have plus adding Chychrun?

19 Apr 2024 14:38:11
Adding Chychruns $4.6m would put the Leafs salary at $72.89m for players already signed til next season, out of a possible $87.7m.

You've offered 3 RFAs so there's no salary being sent back to Ottawa, and that's also 2 extra roster spots to fill out on the team.

Which means the Leafs would have $14.81 million left to complete their 22 man roster. They still don't have a starting goalie signed, they'd still need 1 more NHL defenseman, and they'd still need 5 more NHL forwards (10 forwards, 4 defenseman and 1 goalie are already signed for next season. )

$14.81m to sign 7 players, unless the Leafs want to ice AHLers to fill in those gaps which I'm sure you can agree would make them worse than they currently are.

Marner needs and extension, Tavares needs an extension, Knies needs an extension, Woll needs an extension. Oh, and Chychrun will need an extension after next season.

Lastly with this trade the Leafs would have no 1st round picks in the next 2 years which is brutal since they already have no 2nd round picks in the next 2 years. No cap space to extend and keep all the talent already there, and not enough quality prospects to fill in the rest of the gaps.



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