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19 May 2019 20:22:19
Not really a proposal but would this make both teams better? Columbus has STACKED defence and Toronto has stacked forwards.

Toronto: Austin Mathews, Timothy Lilijgren And Nikita Zaitsev

Columbus: Seth Jones, Josh Andersson And Brandon Dubinsky ( cap )

* works out cap wise
*Kappanen/Johnsson would then be on block for possible 3C

Toronto- Jones is one of the best young dman in the nhl And is on a great contract he would be insane with Rielly. Josh Andersson is a beast/ hard worker/ physical presence with a scoring touch. Brandon Dubinsky is a cap dump who can play 3C if not bought out.

Columbus- Mathews is one of the best young players in the game and Instantly transforms the forward group. Columbus can live with losing Jones because of their Defensive depth. Timothy Lilijgren provides a potential replacement down the road and zaitsev provides a current 3rd pairing plug.

19 May 2019 23:27:58
I think there are maybe 3 or 4 true untouchables in the game. except for the Vets like Crosby and Ovi.
McDavid, MacKinnon and I'd say Mathews are the 3 true untouchables.
Personally VB. I think it's a good trade. I just don't see Toronto trading Mathews.
However, I think for both teams this would be great.

20 May 2019 00:53:49
Ohh I 100% agree Mathews will be a leaf until he’s 30+ ( he’ll sign a huge extension) like I said it’s not really a proposal. It won’t happen but it’s a nice idea. Especially if the leafs could squeeze in abit extra like foligno instead of Dubinsky.

20 May 2019 04:03:53
I agree with sosa, its a pretty even trade but Jones & Matthews are probably untouchables to their teams

20 May 2019 14:14:00
Center>>defenceman no from Leafs.

20 May 2019 14:16:39
Why is Matthews untouchable.

21 May 2019 23:51:37
Why is Elias Pettersson untouchable?

19 May 2019 15:38:08
S. Jones D
B. Jenner C
A. Texier RW

W. Nylander C
N. Kadri C
T. Liljegren D

19 May 2019 17:03:38
Columbus doesn’t do that for Jones alone.

20 May 2019 19:26:10
Maybe look at dumba in minny.

09 May 2019 18:01:47
Oilers Trades.

EDM: Sutter, Leivo, 2019 1st rp (10th overall)
VAN: Lucic, ($1,500,000 retained)
Russell, 2019 1st rp (8th overall)

EDM: Boedker, 2019 1st rp (CBJ)
OTT: Manning, 2019 1st rp (VAN-10th overall)

EDM: Parayko
STL: Puljujärvi, Benning, Rattie, 2020 2nd rp

EDM: Kapanen, Brown, 2019 4th rp
TOR: Larsson, Khaira

EDM: Barrie
COL: Sekera, Bear, Gambardella

Then Sign;
McElhinney - 2yrs @ $2M per

09 May 2019 18:13:31
I missed additional info on the last trade;
EDM: Barrie
COL: Sekera, Bear, Gambardella,
** Conditional Pick (2020 1st rp if Barrie re-signs or it's a 2021 2nd rp if he doesn't)

09 May 2019 19:15:25
The three that stick out for me are 2,3 and 5. No way from Edmonton that pick has a lot of value. No from St. Louis and no from Colorado.

09 May 2019 20:35:44
Huge Edmonton fan eh? 1st deal is absolutely atrocious Lucic is is unmovable unless 50% retained. But honestly I don’t mind the leafs trade.

09 May 2019 22:33:34
I'd say Russell and Sutter are about even, that makes Lucic and 8 for Leivo and 10. Realistically, I'd think Lucic would drop you back to about 20 in the draft, so I'd think that's a no from Vancouver. Again, I think Eriksson-Lucic is a much closer deal between Van/ Edm.

The Ottawa deal is pretty brutal, dumping Manning isn't worth that, considering Boedker is pretty much a cap dump himself. Definite no from Edmonton.

I don't think that St. Louis deal happens. Its basically Pulj for Parayko. The rest are spares/ scraps, so its realistically a nodice at all from STL.

The Toronto one is intriguing as a Leaf fan, and I've seen rumors of Brown/ Khaira swaps and Kapanen/ Larsson swaps. I don't mind tbh.

The Barrie one is essentially a conditional pick and some pieces for Barrie, cause as much as Bear is solid, Sekera is a pretty big contract dump, so he'd negate a chunk of Bears value. So no from COL imo.

10 May 2019 02:55:56
I can’t even comment on this oh boy lol.

11 May 2019 02:14:24
So many very good trades. We must make all these trades. Except #4. #4 is not good trade for Edmonton. Larsson is very good player. Yes. He is so much worth more than Kapanen.

11 May 2019 18:25:39
Stl asks you politely to lose there number. God awefull trade prop. Bad hips pool party isn't worth parayko skates.

11 May 2019 19:53:56
ottawa gladly accepts! if manning doesn't Crack the top 6, put him on waivers. still would be a great deal for the sens lol.

09 May 2019 03:15:46
Columbus- Zach Wereneski

Vancover: Brock Boeser

Columbus- deals from a position of strength ( very strong ) NHL dman strong for a position of especially if Paniran leaves.

Vancover- gets a number 1 dman who reminds me of Roman Josi. He is already a top pairing guy.

09 May 2019 13:20:22
Boeser is not enough, need to add a first atleast for werenski but they won't trade for werenski? Hughes will be their no1 LD in 1-2 years.

09 May 2019 15:55:02
I think it's pretty even. However, neither team would do this.

09 May 2019 18:03:28
Vancouver adds number 1 D man are more valuable then top line wingers.

09 May 2019 23:21:56
I love Werenski but there’s no point when we have Hughes. I’m not saying he’s going to be a good as Werenski, it’s too early to say that, but I’d rather have Boeser and Hughes than Hughes and Werenski.

10 May 2019 05:58:29
This is so incredible proposal. Is Werenski not worth Boeser? But he must be. What if Columbus does not resign any Duchene or the Panarin? They will so very bad need Boeser. They need forwards more then defense. Yes they would make this trade. Werenski is not Seth Jones.

11 May 2019 02:09:45
Werenski isn't a #1 Dmen. He is a a no2 but I do see him maybe becoming a #1 one day.

27 Apr 2019 15:24:17
WPG: Trouba, Roslovic
CLB: Jones

Jones is obviously a better player but Trouba is still very good just not at the same level. Roslovic is a hometown boy that makes the difference here.

27 Apr 2019 16:20:49
lmao no from columbus, jones is an absolute stud.

27 Apr 2019 16:36:53
CBJ has no reason to move Jones.

27 Apr 2019 20:31:36
A trade proposal that has very little chance happening.

28 Apr 2019 04:10:20
Jets add Schifele and Columbus still dosent Trade Jones he’s the best Dman in the game.

28 Apr 2019 08:07:17
Vbbb he is pretty close to the best I'd have to agree with you.

28 Apr 2019 16:01:34
He’s also quite abit younger/ cheaper then Karlsson, Doughty And Hedman so i'd easily prefer Jones only dman I might take over him is Dahlin. Slavin could also make a case but I’d prefer Jones.

28 Apr 2019 21:42:17
Lmao slavin.

29 Apr 2019 01:23:42
Slavin has the best defensive ability in the game hands down but obviously you wouldn’t know that since you still think Lucic is an Elite player. @Mjesus.

29 Apr 2019 01:31:18
I do not think Roslovic makes up the difference for Trouba and Jones. I know both Winnipeg players are very good, but Jones is so very much better. Maybe if Laine but not Roslovic?

Mr. Vbbb always makes so very funny comments. Slavin is very good, yes, but Jones is so very much better. Maybe not the best as some say here. But oh so very good, yes.

29 Apr 2019 06:08:07
Jones is better then slavin by a fair margin.

29 Apr 2019 13:42:57
Slavin is underrated.

29 Apr 2019 14:24:25
Slavin is underrated but at this point so is Jones. I like them both but I see Jones as the safer choice to become a future hall of gamer.

03 Apr 2019 18:56:45
Edmonton: Lucic , 2019 1st , + some prospect

Ottawa: 2019 1st (from columbus)

(This trade is just if oilers don't win the lottery)

Ottawa get to move up in draft + get a prospect

04 Apr 2019 01:48:50
You forgot to say and they take on a horrible contract lol.

07 Apr 2019 13:11:05
Hahahahaha dream on no way ottawa does this you would have to add a 1st + to lucic if you want a team to take him.

07 Apr 2019 13:12:11
or that lucic would agree to go.

28 Mar 2019 11:38:17
Three team trade proposal

Toronto Maple Leafs - William Nylander
Minnesota Wild - Jason Zucker, Jonas Brodin & Kevin Fiala
Edmonton Oilers - Jesse Puljujärvi, 2019 1st-Round Pick, Matt Benning & Kailer Yamamoto

Leafs - Jonas Brodin & Matt Benning

Wild - Jesse Puljujärvi, Kailer Yamamoto & 2019 1st-Round Pick

Oilers - William Nylander, Jason Zucker & Kevin Fiala


Edmonton Oilers - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Columbus Blue Jackets - Josh Anderson & Riley Nash

Oilers Line-Up

Kevin Fiala - Connor McDavid - William Nylander
Jason Zucker - Leon Draisaitl - Josh Anderson
Milan Lucic - Riley Nash - Sam Gagner
Jujhar Khaira - Colby Cave - Zack Kassian

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Darnell Nurse - Kris Russell
Andrej Sekera - Ethan Bear

28 Mar 2019 15:16:25
Since when would that minny package get 3 first round picks. no way. This is pretyy brutal man, i get the thought process behind it but these do not work out unfortunately. Then the nuge trade is just dumb for oil that's terrible.

28 Mar 2019 23:30:30
First trade is tilted to the Oilers so hard.

29 Mar 2019 17:41:01
Awful for everyone not named Edmonton.

31 Mar 2019 00:02:47
Is very good trade for Edmonton, yes. We must make this trade now. Is good. Call now please before is too late.

22 Mar 2019 21:24:43
FLA - Michael Matheson + 1st-Round Pick + Maxwell Gildon + James Reimer
CLB - Sergei Brobovsky

22 Mar 2019 22:09:09
why tho.

23 Mar 2019 21:28:21
You're aware he's a UFA in 3 months?

24 Mar 2019 21:32:30
This is brutal.

28 Feb 2019 09:13:05
Oilers trade: sekera, Puljujarvi, Benson, 2nd round pick 2019

Wild trade: Zucker, Spurgeon

Oilers trade: Nuge, Yamamoto, Reider, 3rd round pick 2020

Blue jackets trade: Jenner, Anderson, Milano

Zucker Mcdavid Rattie
Lucic Draisaitl Anderson
Milano Jenner Gagner
Khaira broziak Kassian

Nurse Spurgeon
Kelfbom Larsson
Russell Benning


Are these almost fair at least?

28 Feb 2019 11:08:24
As long as Koskinen is #1 goalie they're should be no future mortgaging deals for Edmonton. This team needs a rebuild at everypostion except center.

28 Feb 2019 17:20:03
The wild trade is one of the worst I've seen on here. i know they have been getting ripped off on trades lately but not to the point where they would even consider this.

01 Mar 2019 15:09:11
I think we are better off keeping RNH right now. Nothing wrong with Jenner, but Milano sucks and is probably never going to make the nhl full time, and Anderson isn’t worth taking a downgrade at center and losing all those other guys, including a very recent 1st rd pick.

01 Mar 2019 15:12:33
i mean if minny wants to keep trading for younger players (besides sekera) that works but honestly no from oilers we don't got the cap for those two player. Pool we just got to hope recovers from hisn surgery quickly and can train all summer and benson could be a player one day, looks great in the A as a rookie.

28 Feb 2019 09:12:00
Off season

Mtl: 3rd pick

Clb: Panarin

Mtl gets early conversation going to try and convince him to sign to a 9.9 million deal for 7 years

28 Feb 2019 15:00:03
well that will be a waste of a 3rd lol.

28 Feb 2019 15:00:50
and 9.9 lol man he's going to make like 5mil if he took that in montreal due to their taxes.

28 Feb 2019 19:01:20
He might sign in Florida for 9.9 mil it would have to be 12 mil in Montreal.

28 Feb 2019 20:34:14
I don’t think Paniran is worth more the Mark Stone. Extremely close but not more.

01 Mar 2019 15:16:39
Panarin wouldn’t have any interest in playing in Montreal.

There’s a lot of free agents available this year. It’s a buyer’s market. Prices might be pushed down just due to the overwhelming amount of high quality players available. It would be nice to see salaries come back to reality after being pushed up so much the last couple years.

23 Feb 2019 00:44:52
I am hearing Mike Hoffman is about to be to traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets along with Derrick Brassard, Aleksi Heponiemi, James Reimer and a 2019 1st round pick for Sergei Bobrovsky and Alexander Wennberg.

Very shocking Artemi Panarin is not part of the deal. I am hearing Florida is in on the Bobrovsky and Wennberg package instead now.

23 Feb 2019 02:10:04
Do you have a source on this one?

23 Feb 2019 18:47:22
Would be crazy.

23 Feb 2019 18:49:54
Oh please be true lol massive downgrade on goaltending for Columbus with wenberg Hoffman cancelling each other out and Brassard sucks lol this will be a win for Ottawa in my view lol.

Reimer won't steal games like Bobrovsky can for Columbus making the pick and conditional pick from Duchene deal that much better while Bobrovsky helps Florida steal a few and move up the rankings.

Please make this happen lol.

23 Feb 2019 19:58:05
'Hoffman cancelling out Wennberg' 'Brassard sucks'

When they were on Ottawa, they were worth Brayden Point and Mikhail Sergachev tho?

23 Feb 2019 21:52:28
That would be a gross overpayment.

22 Feb 2019 00:53:29
Ott- Tolvanen, Wennberg, clb 1st 2019
Nash - duchene
Clb- fiala, ott 3rd 2019.

22 Feb 2019 01:23:33
Make the 1st coming from Nashville instead of Columbus makes more sense to me. Otherwise Nsh gains Duchene and all they give up is Tolvanen?

22 Feb 2019 01:26:52
What the how does Ottawa get Wennberg, Tolvanen and a 1st just for Duch? Lol def no from Columbus and Nashville.

22 Feb 2019 18:36:12
Zamboni in this trade Nashvile is giving up Fiala and Tolvanen to acquire Duchene wich is not bad. Its slot to give up for a rental yes but that rental is over a ppg this season and Tolvanen, for all we know could never pan out in the nhl. Or become a beast. Fiala is going to be a 50 point player imo. Good top 6 player a better Marcus Johanson imo.

22 Feb 2019 18:45:32
Sens give up Duchene and a 3rd
Nash gives up Tolvanen, Fiala
Clb gives up Wennberg and a 1st

Sens get Tolvanen, Wennberg and a 1st
Wennberg is descent and in need of a change of scenery and will help Ottawa hit cap floor next year

Nash gets Duchene

Clb gets Fiala and 3rd.

22 Feb 2019 00:50:47
Another Duchene 3 way

Nash- Duchene
Ott- Eeli Tolvanen, Wennberg, clb 1st 2019
Clb- Fiala,

22 Feb 2019 05:34:29
i like this deal, though i'd think ottawa would give up duchene and dzingle at min, probably dzingle to columbus, add in nashville's 1st to ottawa?

21 Feb 2019 20:25:54
Ottawa Senators:

•) Matt Duchene

Columbus Blue Jackets:

•) Josh Anderson

•) Veini Vehvilainen

•) 1st Round Pick 2019

•) 4th Round Pick 2019 (2nd if Duchene Resigns)

20 Feb 2019 22:21:52
NYR: Kevin Hayes


CLB: 2019 2nd, Gabriel Carlsson, & Oliver Bjorkstrand

21 Feb 2019 18:27:56
Carlsson is looking like a bust. He can’t even make Columbus, who don't even have very good defense past that top line. Rangers might want a 1st instead so they draft their own guy. But otherwise it looks like a pretty straightforward offer that could benefit both teams.

20 Feb 2019 22:07:29
Ott trades:
-Matt Duchene

Clb trades:
-2019 1st rnd pick
-Alexander Wennberg
-2019 3rd rnd pick.

20 Feb 2019 10:37:38
Ottawa Senators:

•) Matt Duchene

Columbus Blue Jackets:

•) 1st Round Pick

•) Josh Anderson

•) Veini Vehvilainen

•) 3rd Round Pick (1st if Duchene Resigns)

20 Feb 2019 16:39:58
I'd do it, another goalie prospect for the future (I'd love to see a Vehvilainen and Gustavsson combo), Josh Anderson gives them a roster player to play now and the 2 picks (potentially both first if duchene resigns) give them good picks for rebuild.

20 Feb 2019 17:14:17
Doesnt make any sense for Columbus UNLESS Panarin was already traded.

20 Feb 2019 18:17:25
Even if Panarin is traded, Columbus isn’t going to bring in another UFA. Same situation applies in Columbus as in both Ottawa and Colorado that Duchene wanted out from to begin: too much instability. Duchene doesn’t want to be on a team that is reorganizing.

20 Feb 2019 18:54:12
Good point zamboni.

20 Feb 2019 19:26:48
If they made this trade they wouldn’t trade Panarin. I think it’s a little too much though personally.

20 Feb 2019 19:41:21
Teams are probably looking into sign and trade options to not make it a rental, if it was then would be a fair trade imo.

20 Feb 2019 19:42:46
But not an extra 1st, maybe a lower draft pick with no conditions.

22 Feb 2019 15:05:08
If Duchene resigns shootsmcgee? Absolutely another first

With Gustafson already in the system there's no guarantee vehvilainen will make it big

And Columbus 1st is a mid to late pick

Jos Anderson is good but he don't make up that kind of difference on resigned Duchene

Trade is good as it with condition and all.

18 Feb 2019 02:05:30
Trade proposal that might still be in talks with Columbus Blue Jackets and Florida Panthers

Columbus gets Forward Mike Hoffman, Forward Derrick Brassard, Goalie James Reimer, and 2019 2nd round draft pick (acquired by Pittsburgh)

Florida gets Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky

Columbus would get a top goal scorer in Mike Hoffman to help them in the playoffs as well as Derrick Brassard in the 3rd of 4th line. 2nd rounder added to take James Reimer.

18 Feb 2019 03:43:50
I like it, florida gets some time with bob to possibly sign extension or at least negotiate and he gets a trial till end of season to see if he likes it type thing.
columbus gets some pieces to help them compete in playoffs. i'd imagine this would be around the right package for bob.
Only concern i'd have is does columbus have cap space for this deal?

18 Feb 2019 04:15:55
That’s a lot coming from Florida, so iffy on that one. Don’t think they are that desperate to get just Bob but oh yes from Columbus.

18 Feb 2019 07:02:42
Don’t see how this even close and I don’t understand the Bobrovsky and Panarin trades to Florida. Why would they trade a 60 point player with term left for a UFA goalie when there 10 points out of a playoff spot?

18 Feb 2019 16:30:06
Between Panarin and Bobrovsky I think Bob’s is the one Columbus really wants to keep.

17 Feb 2019 18:48:31
Ott -duchene, Anderson
Columbus - Bobrovski, jenner

17 Feb 2019 21:03:23
I can’t think of any reason why either team makes this trade.

18 Feb 2019 03:28:10
Rumour has it ottawa wants a roster player, a good prospect and a pick for duchene, and i'm assuming you could at least get a 2nd or 3rd for anderson alone. i doubt ottawa would want to swap ufas and likely lose the ufa they trade for. value wise is fair but makes no sense for ottawa if they are rebuilding.

16 Feb 2019 21:25:23
Three-Way Trade Idea:

Columbus Blue Jackets Trade: Artemi Panarin [6.00 Million x 1 Year] + 2020 2nd Round Draft Pick.
Ottawa Senators Trade: Mark Stone [7.350 Million x 1 Year] + Ryan Dzingel [2.10 Million x 1 Year]
Nashville Predators Trade: Dante Fabbro [Unsigned] + Craig Smith [4.25 Million x 2 Years] + 2019 1st Round Draft Pick

Columbus Blue Jackets Acquire: Mark Stone
Ottawa Senators Acquire: Dante Fabbro Craig Smith + 2019 1st Round Draft Pick + 2020 2nd Round Draft Pick
Nashville Predators Acquire: Artemi Panarin + Ryan Dzingel

- Ottawa picks up a ton of valuable young pieces, and essentially swaps Dzingel for Smith since Smith has the extra year and could be in play next year.
- Nashville picks up a star caliber player for their top six and a middle six to help them against the Flames, Jets and Sharks: giving them an elite forward core and a chance at the cup this year.
- Columbus essentially swaps Stone for Panarin, and gives up the 2nd to do so since imo, Stone is better than Panarin. However, it is entirely possible that Stone resigns while Panarin does not.

16 Feb 2019 23:05:48
Stone is not better than Panarin in any universe.

17 Feb 2019 00:06:19
Columbus won’t take a chance swapping free agents. If they think they can sign Stone they will wait to do so in the summer. In the meantime, they collect what they can for Panarin. Way too risky to chance ending up with only a 2nd for Panarin.

17 Feb 2019 02:15:08
I'll take stone over bread man every time easily
There is more to the game then points.

17 Feb 2019 13:26:24
Panarin and a 2nd for stone? Laughabl, how many times stone set records for his team? People said panarin was a product of playing with kane and his first year in Columbus set team record for assists and points. And he's not a liability defensively, just doesn't hit, nothing else wrong with his game. Stone is a good player but not the same level.

18 Feb 2019 06:06:37
This is a joke right?

21 Feb 2019 04:04:52
Shootsmcgee your joking right in what universe is stone ever a defencive liability? LMFAO he's literally one of the top 4 to 5 defensive forwards in today's game, something panarin simply is not! Plus his numbers continue to improve every year on a weak team and currently are right there with panarin this year. You can claim it's cause he played with Duchene that his numbers went up but you'd be wrong again as they were on separate lines all season.

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